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KIMBERLY AKIMBO to close in April
 Jan 5 2024, 02:08:16 PM

This season ends April 25, they're closing 3 days after. I'm glad they're not trying to rush anything else in this season, it's already a bit crowded. 

Movie Adaptions that Got Stuck Out-of-Town
 Oct 3 2023, 09:51:01 AM

Australia- An Officer and a Gentleman

George Street Playhouse, NJ- The Fields of Ambrosia, Joy

Hamilton Stage, NJ-Bubble Boy

Magic Theatre, CA-The Opposite of Sex

Papermill Playhouse, NJ- A Wonderful Life

UK/Ireland Tour-Bedknobs and Broomsticks

US Tour-Busker Alley, Flashdance: The Musical, Selena Forever

West End-Bend It Like Beckham: The Musical, The Bodyguard, Calendar Girls, Fame, Made in Dagenham, Metropolis, Mrs Henderson Presents, Peggy

The Official TDF Thread
 Sep 22 2023, 04:19:33 PM

I was trying to also get them through TDF for this weekend and all month, they have only been doing weekday shows on TDF. With next weekend being Broadway Flea, I doubt they will have many discounts up. TodayTix does have $62 tickets for the Mezz that are supposed to be best seat available 12 hours before the show. I'm going tomorrow night, will let you know how that worked out for me seat wise. 

 Sep 22 2023, 10:45:21 AM

Their online store is open now with some of the current merch. Window cards are not currently on here.

EVITA at the ART - Reviews
 Sep 19 2023, 01:52:11 PM

Not sure about this - I saw the show in June in Boston and there was no diary. IIRC, the mistress sat next to her suitcase and sang while Eva (or her double? I don't remember) reenacted her various evictions through the arches.

Thank you for clarifying, without seeing it before I had trouble describing how it used to be staged. Shereen commented she was in the scene before so I believe it was Eva. Sammi described her vision for the initial staging as the mistress writin

EVITA at the ART - Reviews
 Sep 19 2023, 01:23:18 PM

I saw Evita last Wednesday and attended the talk-back after with Shereen, Caesar, Omar, Alysia, Naomi, and Marissa from the cast plus Sammi Cannold and one other individual from the production team. Iain Armitage, who plays Young Sheldon, was in the audience and got to ask the first question at the talkback. Apparently his god-father was in one of the Broadway productions and he knew a fair amount about the show. Shereen and Caesar were definitely standouts for me and enough of a reason to ma

Stephen Sondheim's Old Friends to run in the West End with Bernadette Peters and Lea Salonga
 Sep 12 2023, 04:52:44 PM

I'm 99% sure the Old Friends SEC filing is for Merrily's Broadway run. Sonia Friedman is listed as the main producer and Cameron Macintosh is the lead producer for Old Friends in London. I doubt he would give that up in the states. Every member of the Old Friends SEC filing is attached to Merrily. The Chocolate Factory Productions points to Menier Chocolate Factory, where the London revival initially played. Considering Old Friends is one of the main songs in Merrily, I think they jus

What are the Differences between Moulin Rouge on tour V Broadway
 Sep 12 2023, 12:08:29 PM

Both are at the Kennedy Center currently

What are the Differences between Moulin Rouge on tour V Broadway
 Sep 12 2023, 11:06:19 AM

They transferred a lot more than I thought they would and it plays very well in this theatre. No catwalk but most of the scenic elements are there. I got $45 rush tickets the day of and ended up in row S orchestra. John Cardozza and Yvette were very well cast and were worth seeing alone. 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 7/16/23
 Jul 19 2023, 09:15:17 AM

Chicago moved to the Ambassador in 2003. Broadway was in a tough spot post 9/11 and they probably worried about having unfilled houses and saw this as a good opportunity to fill one of their least profitable/desirable houses. At one point in the 80-90s, the Ambassador sat vacant for 5 years. They could either keep using it as a play house (and probably lose a bit of money on it) or transfer something small into it and that seems to have worked out well for all involved. 

HERE LIES LOVE - Broadway Previews
 Jul 14 2023, 06:52:10 PM

I saw the show on Wednesday and got $99 floor tickets at 11 am at the box office. I asked when I was buying them and they said sales had picked up quite a bit this week with Lea joining the cast. 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 6/25/23
 Jun 27 2023, 03:57:09 PM

Weren't they also heavily discounting previews to try to help with word of mount, similar to what Shucked did earlier this year? The coming weeks will be a lot more telling

 Jun 21 2023, 04:32:45 PM

It has a very small set done by David Korins, there's some photos on their insta story. Looks like they made a small proscenium for the back of the stage with a black backdrop and then back stage wall is exposed behind the small proscenium. 

Prima Facie recoups investment
 Jun 20 2023, 02:06:18 PM

I mean, the Golden is primarily a play house with only like 2 small musicals playing there in the last 30 years. Some theatres work better with small plays in them and there is an audience for those shows out there. I tend to appreciate the fact that most one-person shows are pretty limited runs. We need shows to recoup if we want to keep seeing new works get produced. 

The Official TDF Thread
 Jun 2 2023, 11:48:48 AM

Someone on TikTok last week posted their TDF tickets were front row center mezz. I sat in the box at the Kerr and honestly, for a partial view seat, I'd do it again. The Kerr is not a very deep theatre making most views pretty solid. 

Actors having their contracts terminated on their first Broadway show
 May 30 2023, 01:31:57 PM

It's a slightly different circumstance but Sam definitely got the short end of the stick. Sam had a year long contract from Sept 2022-Sept 2023 and it was announced in February at the same time as Ben Levi Ross, Zachary Noah, and Stephen Christopher Anthony. Ben, Zachary, and Stephen all got at least a month if not more in their runs. Sam got to do 12 days out of a planned year long Broadway contract after waiting months after having been a tour and Broadway understudy since 2019. 

Actors having their contracts terminated on their first Broadway show
 May 30 2023, 10:22:29 AM

Sam Primack signed to lead Dear Evan Hansen for a year after being with the tour for several years and only got to play the role for 12 days on Broadway due to the show closing. Considering they gave all of the understudies several month long contracts before Sams, I felt Sam got the short stick of the deal, even if he did get to close the show. 

ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME Broadway Previews Thread
 May 17 2023, 04:26:31 PM

I love when people fight over where Nederlander has their tickets for sale. While Ticketmaster may be their official vendor, they cross post on Telecharge and Ticketmaster and currently, Telecharge is slightly cheaper for Once Upon a One More Time and lists the exact same tickets. 

BAD CINDERELLA On Broadway - Reviews & News Thread
 May 11 2023, 10:54:27 AM

The cast has to be given notice they're closing, I believe it's 10 days or 2 weeks. I don't see the grosses getting worse than this last week. Most shows get a nice bump when people hear they are closing. And advance sales for this week look better then last week. 

Sarah Silverman's THE BEDWETTER musical at Atlantic Theater Company - Previews
 May 9 2023, 01:09:32 PM

From Actors Equity: The Development Agreement is used for the development of new works, usually prior to an intended Production Agreement engagement. The agreement includes three contract tiers: Tiers 1 and 2 are limited to two weeks, with Tier 3 covering two to eight weeks. All three tiers offer pension and health benefits. Tier 3 and, in some circumstances, Tier 2 offer contingent compensation.

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