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 Aug 28 2023, 07:00:50 PM

Sutton Ross said: "Dear lord. Take a minute to check ticket prices before you reply and get proven wrong. This show is selling tickets for $134 total ($119 + $15 fees)."

Oh, sweetheart. Check a random Monday or Tuesday in November. Its 99 bux plus fees which equals......110. For front row. Yikes. How embarrassing. Was it about men around here not being able to deal with being dead ass wrong? LOLZ.


LOLZ it’s cute you think I

 Aug 28 2023, 06:16:33 PM

n2nbaby said: "perfectpenguin said: "Has anyone seen one for Dracula - A Comedy of Terrors? Cheapest tickets are $134 including fees. I’m surprised a discount code hasn’t been released yet."

I keep checking for this too on TDF or discount sites. I don’t think it has been selling out.

Not on show score either which I thought it would be. The date I’m looking at has a handful is seats sold but all remaining tickets

 Aug 28 2023, 06:11:47 PM

Sutton Ross said: "Why would you want to spend LESS at my friend's show? Ha. But seriously, the seats are $110, so don't make sh*t up. Thanks!


Dear lord. Take a minute to check ticket prices before you reply and get proven wrong. This show is selling tickets for $134 total ($119 + $15 fees). 

 Aug 28 2023, 05:08:59 PM

Has anyone seen one for Dracula - A Comedy of Terrors? Cheapest tickets are $134 including fees. I’m surprised a discount code hasn’t been released yet. 

Stage Door situation 2023
 Aug 28 2023, 12:56:08 PM

ghostlight2 said: "Just a reminder that there is still at least a death every day in NYC from Covid."

Also a reminder that there’s an overdose death from fentanyl nearly every hour and a shooting related homicide almost daily in Philly. These are things we learn to deal with, just like COVID. 

Stage Door situation 2023
 Aug 27 2023, 09:38:14 PM

The only remaining COVID thing in my company is if you test positive via doctor testing / urgent care, you get 5 days automatically off work with COVID sick days. No need for a negative test to return but if you need to be out past 5 days, you have to use your sick time for day 6, 7, etc.

I also lump COVID in with flu and colds. Flu mutates each year. So does the cold virus. And so will COVID. They’re all endemic and we’ve learned to live with them. IN MY OPINION, COVID, li

New Hadestown Casting
 Aug 27 2023, 10:03:53 AM

the.hard.part said: "Solea posted a few days ago that she had a minor injury and would be out this week - not sure who is covering though."

Yaya and Alex Lugo. Both already mentioned. 

Stage Door situation 2023
 Aug 27 2023, 10:02:58 AM

What’s Ptown? 

Stage Door situation 2023
 Aug 27 2023, 08:12:06 AM

I do not stage door. I have no interest. But many fans and performers do and enjoy doing it. That said, if performers are uncomfortable right now because of an increase in cases, that’s their choice. They are protecting their health and making the best decision for them. 

I agree that a universal/industry wide solution is not an option - for performers or audiences. Leave the choice up to the person for them to decide what to do. 

Groban & Ashford in SWEENEY TODD On Broadway
 Aug 23 2023, 12:22:08 PM

dramamama611 said: "I see people wearing masks every single day. It is no more taboo than when we were in the middle of it all."

I see more masks in NYC but locally I’ve seen one maybe once a month. No one’s wearing masks anymore.

Why is the specific theater important?
 Aug 21 2023, 05:29:20 PM

If I’ve been to a theatre and liked my seat, I tend to buy that location again for future shows. Like I have a section I like to sit in at Circle in the Square, always will sit in the mezz at the Lyceum, really enjoy the orch at the Kerr, etc etc. If I haven’t been to that theatre before, then picking my seat becomes a little more challenging. Otherwise, I don’t care which show goes in what theatre. 

Jesus Christ Superstar - Hershey Presale Code
 Aug 20 2023, 02:38:40 PM

Does anyone have it?

New Hadestown Casting
 Aug 20 2023, 02:38:15 PM

Reeve’s out all week.

Understudy dates: 

Brandon Cameron - Aug 22 - Aug 24

Chibueze Ihuoma - Aug 25 - Aug 27

Kate Baldwin and Nicholas Christopher in "The Bridges of Madison County"
 Aug 17 2023, 01:56:43 PM

Voter said: "Now why did we need multiple threads for this"

Website glitch, smartass

OP to answer your question - no.  Bucks County Playhouse is a cute venue. Smaller and no seat is a bad seat. 

New Hadestown Casting
 Aug 15 2023, 04:04:50 PM

I’m waiting until Phillip Boykin starts and go when Reeve is on vacation. I’ve seen two different Orpheus performances - Nick Barasch and Reeve and Nick was 1000 times better than Reeve. I’ve seen Reeve 15 or 16 times now and that’s enough. 

Tysen & Howland’s GATSBY musical team announced
 Aug 14 2023, 12:22:08 PM

Website won’t load for me. So I’ll try again later tonight after the rush. 

Will the Marriott Marquis ever be demolished?
 Aug 13 2023, 05:53:35 PM

Dylan Smith4 said: "I used to go to the lobby on the 8th floor and just chill there before a show, but the security will stop you now and demand to see a room key, otherwise, they will deny you entry."

I didn’t know that! I’ve only gone up once to charge my phone. 

Will the Marriott Marquis ever be demolished?
 Aug 13 2023, 05:33:41 PM

bwaylyric said: "No. Times Square needs it just for the bathrooms."

And they don’t even let you use the bathrooms anymore unless there’s a show. Unless you’re talking about the ones in the lobby on the 8th (?) floor.

 Aug 13 2023, 04:37:17 AM

BorisTomashevsky said: "This was heavily papered tonight, and upstairs was still half empty. The people who were there sounded like they enjoyed it.
Grosses on Tuesday will be telling.

How do you know it was heavily papered? I’m not questioning it, just curious. I know for my show in July there were several rows in center mezz and to the size that were empty too. 

SPAMALOT To Play The St James This Fall
 Aug 12 2023, 06:35:02 PM

It’s possibly that Brightman’s Broken Shark contract wasn’t for the full run anyway if he knew Spamalot was coming during overlapping dates with Broken Shark. Say he’s only contracted through September 24th or 30th, he’ll leave just before Spamalot rehearsals begin in October. If that is his agreed upon contract, it would give Broken Shark reasonable time to get a new Dreyfuss before Brightman leaves. 

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