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How do shows assign dressing rooms?  Apr 12 2024, 05:16:59 AM

fashionguru_23 said: "Beth Level at Mamma Mia"

I enjoyed watching that, thank you.  Seeing her choose between the rooms now occupied by Roger and Casey. 


Stage Door Experiences Lately  Apr 10 2024, 06:11:35 AM

Broadway61004 said: "I see Broadway Flash has recruited you to work for Back to the Future too?"

It's disappointing that some of you frown upon those of us who tend to obsess over one show in particular rather than going to see lots of different shows.  I'm not going to apologise for loving this show, no matter how many times I get spoken down to about it on this forum.  I saw three other shows while I was in NY so it's not as if I am total

Stage Door Experiences Lately  Apr 8 2024, 06:00:55 PM

Looking at your list, I don't imagine you would be interested in seeing Back To The Future, but I want to mention their stage door experience anyway because they are superb at it.  Almost everyone comes out to sign and have a chat and they occasionally do backstage tours.

2024 Tony Awards  Apr 7 2024, 05:18:32 PM

Falsettolands said: "May it run for years and years. Just don't give it a Tony Award :)"


That's ok.  It wasn't designed for that.


2024 Tony Awards  Apr 7 2024, 01:29:53 PM

Falsettolands said: "that constantly burning dumpster fire sitting in the Winter Garden."

The longer BTTF runs, the happier I am that it is peeing off all the snooty gits who don't like it. 

BroadwayWorld Announces Ultimate Best Musical March Madness Bracket - Vote Now!  Apr 5 2024, 05:22:52 AM

Why do some of you hate The Sound Of Music?  Why does it not deserve to do well in a poll?

THE HEART OF ROCK AND ROLL Previews  Apr 2 2024, 05:15:04 AM

The synopsis for this show makes it sound very chick flick and I tend to be allergic to those.  Those of you who have seen it, would you call it a schmaltzy romance or is there plenty to distract from that?

BroadwayWorld Announces Ultimate Best Musical March Madness Bracket - Vote Now!  Mar 30 2024, 05:56:07 AM

I kept getting an error message when I tried voting in the second round.  I waited a day or so and then it worked.

Show That Have Sat Down  Mar 27 2024, 04:38:18 PM

LuckyDipster said: "I've not heard of this before. What is a sit down show?"

Ok, I'll take a guess.  Is it a show that has an extended run in a non Broadway theatre?

Who Deserves the Next Lifetime Achievement Tony Award?  Mar 27 2024, 04:27:51 PM

How old does an actor usually have to be before they are considered a veteran?

BACK TO THE FUTURE Reviews  Mar 27 2024, 04:26:04 PM

I'm in the UK.  Does The Kelly Clarkson Show usually have performers in the studio?  I did think it odd when I saw the performance.

BroadwayWorld Announces Ultimate Best Musical March Madness Bracket - Vote Now!  Mar 27 2024, 04:12:24 PM

I do apologise, but I have never seen Fiddler On The Roof.  When I was a child I played my Sound Of Music album a million times.  I still love those songs.

*votes for TSOM*

It looks like my Carmen Ghia is going out in this round so that will be my major interest in this poll gone.

Show That Have Sat Down  Mar 25 2024, 06:07:49 PM

I've not heard of this before.  What is a sit down show?

Have you ever seen a musical on Broadway that didn't get a standing ovation?  Mar 24 2024, 06:46:58 AM

I agree that the standing ovation has become almost part of a performance now in the same way that music artists have planned encores at the end of gigs.  However, I'm almost always happy to stand for a show or a performer, especially if it is someone I am a very big fan of.  It means a lot to me to be able to see them do their thing, so yes, I will gladly give them the S.O. even if the show itself isn't necessarily worthy of one.  We also have to consider people w

BACK TO THE FUTURE Reviews  Mar 18 2024, 05:25:08 PM

They are indeed very accommodating and helpful.  I bought front row tickets six months before my trip, but a week before I flew over I discovered that my fave, Roger, would be on holiday for that performance.  They allowed us to swap our tickets for an earlier date when Roger would be appearing.

BACK TO THE FUTURE will transfer to Broadway in 2023  Mar 11 2024, 06:14:17 PM

My general rule of thumb for this show is that front row is wonderful for subsequent viewings and especially if you want interactions with the cast during the curtain call, but the effects work much better when you are able to see the full stage (and sides) like it was a cinema screen.  It is a VERY cinematic show.  The $40 rush seats I had near the back of the orchestra were ideal for that.

MERRILY WE ROLL tALONG Reviews  Mar 7 2024, 05:59:15 AM

Springtime said: "She has missed 55 shows in the Broadway run."

I should try that with my place of work and see how it flies.


Why do so many shows conform to the typical Tue-Sun performance schedule?  Mar 7 2024, 05:56:20 AM

Mr. Wormwood said: "Actors would adjust to being in a show with a non traditional performance schedule just fine."

I agree.  I have always worked in retail and the days/hours we're expected to work have changed dramatically over the past few decades.  I got used to it and theatre workers would too.  Variety is the spice of life and all that.

BACK TO THE FUTURE will transfer to Broadway in 2023  Mar 1 2024, 06:09:02 AM

Dylan Smith4 said: "Roger Bart and Casey Likes were on Morning Joe today, promoting the show."

I very much enjoyed their bit on their bit.  "We never go off script."


BACK TO THE FUTURE will transfer to Broadway in 2023  Feb 16 2024, 04:59:56 PM


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