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Filipino musical MA BUHAY? Coming to Broadway?
 Jul 8 2024, 04:45:35 PM

Maybe Off-Broadway.  

Nicole Scherzinger writing musical 'Loosely based on her Life'
 Jun 30 2024, 11:48:36 PM

Dontcha wish your musical was hot like me? Dontcha!

Disney’s HERCULES will transfer to the West End in 2025
 Jun 24 2024, 02:56:24 PM

Why is Disney so high on this property?  There are other titles that are more worthy of development and production.  I'd rather see Hunchback on stage.

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 17 2024, 10:23:45 PM

ucjrdude902 said: "I've always loved to watch the marketing change at the theaters following award season. If anyone happens to grab pics of new marquees, posters, etc. I'd love to see them!"

With their LED marquees, I can see the Broadway Theatre flashing “Tony Winner!”  Blink and you’ll miss the fine print lol

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 08:25:27 PM

Regardless how you feel about Hell’s Kitchen (I’m not a fan), I thought their performance would’ve made for a better opening number than that DeBose mess. 

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 08:07:29 PM

Her delivery is grating. Time for a new host next year. 

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 07:17:30 PM

Every time they cut to Ben Platt, we need to drink a shot.

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 07:06:41 PM

That background is giving me Gong Show vibes

Nick Jonas and Adrienne Warren to star in THE LAST FIVE YEARS Broadway Revival
 Jun 16 2024, 02:14:20 PM

Just bring back Norbert and Sherie and call it “The Last 25 Years”

The Drama Desk Awards 2024
 Jun 11 2024, 12:00:30 AM

I know the acting categories are non-gender specific, but I see no point in having two winners.  If one winner gets more than 90% of votes, the runner-up still gets an award?

George Clooney is coming to Broadway.
 May 13 2024, 01:11:54 PM

Get ready for $300 rear mezz seats!

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews
 May 9 2024, 04:14:35 PM

Has anyone seen this with Adam Jacobs (Captain Walker) recently?  I've seen the show twice in the past two weeks, and he was out both times.  Any explanation for these absences?

The Who's Tommy - Tony winner: 1993 Best Original Score
 May 3 2024, 12:12:24 PM

How was this eligible for best original score considering there was the 1975 film adaptation?

NY City Center Encores 2024 season: ONCE UPON A MATTRESS with Sutton Foster (adapted by Amy Sherman-Palladino), JELLY'S LAST JAM, and TITANIC
 May 3 2024, 11:55:12 AM

and both played Lun Tha in the last King and I revivals. 

2024 Tony Predictions
 Apr 30 2024, 04:49:18 PM

Do the Tony voters only get to pick one in each category or do they have the preferential (ranked) voting system like they do with the Oscars?

 Apr 30 2024, 03:46:01 PM

I saw the show from the right orchestra sides and could not see any of the female vocalists until the final bow.  I wish i did.  Their voices were gorgeous.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 4/28/24
 Apr 30 2024, 03:42:19 PM

Jarethan said: "I continue to be really surprised that SUFFS has not caught on yet. I figured the solid (if not spectacular) reviews, coupled with the subject matter, would have resulted in much more comfortable grosses."

I think it's Suff's subject matter that is giving potential ticket buyers some pause.  Between the other IP choices (some bad ones) vs a history lesson (albeit an important one), most may go for the former.

(Insert Name or Show) Was Robbed!
 Apr 29 2024, 11:19:32 PM

Corey Cott's arms were robbed of Best Featured!

2024 Tony Predictions
 Apr 29 2024, 10:11:04 PM

MayAudraBlessYou2 said: "I'm most perplexed by trying to predict Best Book of a Musical. Other than Suffs...I really didn't love ANY book this season. Are we really to understand that Hell's Kitchen is getting a nomination for BOOK?? (The book can be summed up as the main character saying "and then this happened? I felt this way. And then this happened. And it was alright. And then this happened..."). Every single person is predicting it and I DONT get it. But I

What Next For The Majestic?
 Apr 29 2024, 07:27:36 PM

saxpower said: "bwaylyric said: "The new MAJESTIC sign went up, and it is gorgeous!"

I suppose the installation of a "MAJESTIC" sign signals the rumored renaming isn't happening.

…unless they plan on adding a secondary sign and call it “MAJESTIC Hal Prince”

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