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LEMPICKA Reviews  Apr 15 2024, 01:39:53 AM

BorisTomashevsky said: "What time does the “This show deserves to be SEEN!” effort begin tomorrow?"


What time does the "What's next for the Longacre?" thread begin tomorrow?

2024 Tony Awards  Apr 7 2024, 09:33:05 PM

They really need to get rid of this above/below the title BS and just focus on the roles. Then they can replace Featured categories with “Supporting.”

THE OUTSIDERS Broadway Previews  Apr 4 2024, 12:30:48 AM

Are those seated in the first row of the orchestra warned beforehand that they may be pelted with pebble pellets during the show?  Not sure what the material is, but that cannot be pleasant.  I saw some of them shielding their faces with playbills.

What's The Next Mamma Mia?!  Mar 22 2024, 02:26:48 PM

When are we getting an Air Supply musical?

HEART OF ROCK & ROLL to open on Broadway this season?  Mar 19 2024, 06:32:26 PM

uncageg said: "Huey Lewis was also on the show and Jimmy interviewed him about the show. They discuss changes being made at one point.


Can't believe they chose that song to showcase the show.  Meh!

THE NOTEBOOK Opening Night Critics’ Reviews  Mar 14 2024, 11:38:46 PM

HenryTDobson said: "I'm surprised by these reviews, much more negative than I expected. This season is crazy - what's winning best musical?!?!"

Back to the Future.  Ask the Brits lol

THE NOTEBOOK Opening Night Critics’ Reviews  Mar 14 2024, 11:00:51 PM

Some of these are brutal.  I cannot wait for the Water for Elephants reviews next week!

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Broadway Previews  Mar 9 2024, 01:46:06 PM

I saw this and The Notebook on back-to-back nights. I still can’t decide which I liked better because I found both to be underwhelming. 
I just didn’t care for any of the characters in W4E, except for maybe the ringmaster. The score was forgettable.  Hard to believe Gustin was the best they could find for the lead role. As many have mentioned, the circus elements dazzled, Paul Nolan shined, great sound and lighting designs.

As for The Notebook

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Broadway Previews  Mar 9 2024, 12:49:44 AM

When the elephant’s front legs first appeared, I couldn’t help but think of the giant in Into the Woods. I really thought that all we’d ever see of Rosie was her trunk, so I was surprised when the full animal came out. 

AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE 2024 Previews  Mar 6 2024, 03:50:45 PM

How is the view from the upper rows (G)?  Is there any seat section I should avoid for this show?

Denzel Washington to return to Broadway in OTHELLO?  Mar 6 2024, 10:52:17 AM

TotallyEffed said: "I can’t imagine what terrifying ticket prices they’ll cook up forthis one."

$300 for rear mezz (last row)!

FORBIDDEN BROADWAY Coming to Broadway This Summer?  Feb 28 2024, 10:15:46 PM

With cheap-looking costumes and props and no sets, who’d wanna shell out more than $40 to see this?

DOUBT 2024 Previews  Feb 18 2024, 06:14:42 PM

I would love to see Brendan Fraser take on the role of Fr Flynn.

Disney developing TANGLED stage musical  Feb 13 2024, 10:41:33 AM

Should be Encanto

Tyne Daly Withdraws From DOUBT, Amy Ryan To Replace  Feb 6 2024, 06:30:59 PM

I would’ve like to see Laurie Metcalf tackle this role. 

DOUBT 2024 Previews  Feb 4 2024, 03:07:21 PM

I would love to see Brendan Fraser tackle the role of Fr Flynn.

The Search for Dolly Parton  Jan 30 2024, 06:23:30 PM

D, DD, and DDD

Gloria and Emily Estefan working on a new musical with Greif and Lacamoire  Jan 25 2024, 12:21:00 PM

Stomp Harmony

Memorable Younger Broadway Performers  Jan 17 2024, 09:23:35 PM

Who can ever forget Fun Home’s Tony-nominated Sidney Lucas?  Now 20, she revealed on the recent virtual concert that she’s now attending medical school. 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 1/7/24  Jan 10 2024, 11:43:08 PM

I'm sure the actors can tell by the sea of empty seats in front of them.

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