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Quarantine play WINDOWS aims for Spring 2022 Bway  Mar 18 2024, 05:43:37 PM

In case anyone happens to be looking for closure on this thread: this play is being performed at Town Hall next week, with a fairly impressive cast

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 8/20/23  Aug 22 2023, 11:31:57 PM

RE: Lea Salonga 

We've seen several times in recent years that the right role/show has the potential to amplify an actor's star power. Particularly when it comes to musicals. You'd think that if a star has a fan base, the specific show would be arbitrary, but precedent has shown that's simply not the case. Narrative/context often plays a part.

In this case - yes, it's true that Salonga hasn't demonstrated meaningful box office power in the past - but

Jeffrey Seller's Home in Architectural Digest  Feb 6 2023, 11:35:27 PM

VernonGersch said: "how utterly tone deaf in this guy? such an obnoxious display of self importance. specifically in this very fragile time for theater."


I'm usually not one to defend the rich, but I think it's sort of unfair to pin that on him. Let's not forget which producer we're talking about here: he produced Hamilton. Hamilton probably paid for this home, and Hamilton is still going strong. And now he's working on Sweeney Todd,

High Noon Updates?  Jan 27 2023, 03:21:25 PM

A few things about this: 

Firstly, I looked back at the articles and they said "2023," not specifying Spring or Fall. And with Parade now happening this spring, I think it's pretty safe to assume it's not coming in this season. 

Secondly, let's not forget that plenty of things get developed for Broadway, and even announced for a particular year, and end up coming in several years later - or as the case often is, never manage to get to Broa

WAY TOO EARLY 2023 Tony Award Predictions  Jan 24 2023, 02:36:01 PM

I've spent the past 5 years advocating for gender-neutral categories on this board, and one thing I've said multiple times:

The Tonys could've and should've seen this coming from miles away. It was so obvious that they were going to end up in this exact situation, and they just plowed forward with a willful lack of foresight. Like walking into a hurricane with their hands over their eyes. 

Even if you ignore all the logical reasons for it, and all the inclus

Lack of variety in show's schedules.  Jan 23 2023, 02:29:13 PM

hearthemsing22 said: "I'm genuinely curious as to why the schedules are such a big deal."

If you're genuinely curious:

Many die-hard theatre fans come to a big theatre city like NY or London with the plan to squeeze in as many shows as possible. So, if there are some shows playing Monday night, Sunday night, Thursday Matinee, etc. that's 3 more shows you can see on your trip than if every show were on the regular schedule.

Lack of variety in show's schedules.  Jan 23 2023, 10:19:29 AM

Hairspray0901 said: "heathkliff said: "The only lost time I could envision is that the standard schedule gives most performers a Sunday evening off and all day on Monday, whereas some alternative schedules could make that harder to achieve."

Thank you for bringing this up! As is, most have off Sunday night, all day Monday, and most of the day Tuesday (if they have a 3pm Sunday and a 7pm Tuesday). Switching to the proposed schedule I had earlier made woul

Lack of variety in show's schedules.  Jan 23 2023, 09:48:23 AM

I'm really confused by your argument, @herethemsing - if its a net positive for audiences, and net-neutral for employees, what's the problem?

Unless you're saying that it's NOT neutral for the employees, but you have yet to explain what the detriment would be for them. They still have the same number of performances, and the same number of two-show days, and the same number of days off. If there's something else I'm missing here, I'm happy to hear it.

Musings on which shows have received big "save us" campaigns and which haven't (on the heels of January closings)  Jan 17 2023, 06:03:14 PM

^ good point, and the un-cynical way of looking at it is: every week of performances is it another paycheck for the artists. And every ticket sold is another $50-$100 that the investors DON’T lose. So even if these campaigns don’t save the shows, they’re still net-positive for the bottom line.

FUNNY GIRL “Special Announcement” Coming Wednesday, January 18  Jan 17 2023, 01:30:20 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "The tour hasn't even auditioned yet and doesn't begin until September, so I doubt it would have ANYTHING to do with the tour."


You may very well be right, but I'm confused by this logic. It's not so uncommon for a headlining star to commit to a run 9+ months out, especially if the run is predicated on the star's involvement. And naturally, if that's the case, it would inevitably be decided well befo

Musings on which shows have received big "save us" campaigns and which haven't (on the heels of January closings)  Jan 17 2023, 12:54:27 PM

Yeah, as Ke3 said: these campaigns were mostly fueled by the artists of the shows themselves. And in both those cases, they were also artists who hadn’t done a lot of commercial theatre, whereas everyone involved with OSM has been around the block, and are maybe more realistic. 

Speaking of being “realistic” it’s also possible that fans saw what happened with KPOP and ANM and just….realized it didn’t work? And reading/listening to interviews wi

A STRANGE LOOP On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread  Jan 16 2023, 06:19:52 PM

forfivemoreminutes said: "in many Black community spaces, engaging with performances/presentations more vocally is encouraged and a community norm (note the differences in norms and expected behaviour at a predominantly white church vs a historically Black church, for example). Other shows like Ain’t No Mo’ incorporated these norms explicitly into their structure, and it’s clear that the Black cast and creative team were visibly moved and appreciative of the vocal s

AUGUST WILSON'S THE PIANO LESSON Reviews  Jan 14 2023, 06:56:54 PM

@troynow - maybe I’m wrong, but I have literally never heard of tickets to a show getting automatically refunded, as long as the performance hasn’t been canceled. Seems a little unfair to lash out at that user for passing along information straight from the box office, when your “information” is more of an inference, and quite possibly an incorrect one. 

I guess tomorrow we’ll find out for sure


WAY TOO EARLY 2023 Tony Award Predictions  Jan 12 2023, 07:10:46 PM

kdogg36 said: "Alex M said: "With the amount of revivals we are getting this season I very interested as to what will happen at the Tonys. I guess its hard to say since no one has seen three of them yet."

Actually four (at least) - it seems like just about everyone has forgotten about Dancin'.


Wasn’t Danin’ included in those 3? 6 musical revivals eligible, 3 of which have been seen (Parade, ITW, 17

DOWNSTATE - reviews  Jan 8 2023, 02:37:46 AM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "BoringBoredBoard40 said: "I wonder if there is a universe where 2ST might partner with PH on a transfer, considering they also have produce Bruce in the past it would make sense"

I just don't think there's single ticket demand for this play with the current cast. The PH run did not sell exceptionally well until the very end of the run, it's tough tough subject matter for Broadway, and no stars. It would go into

A Christmas Carol - Is this a joke?  Dec 27 2022, 09:45:41 AM

Since you asked - that's the price with fees. Price without fees is $129, which is still a lot for the last row. 

I'm thinking it's some combination of:

(1) a miscalculated carryover over the holiday surge pricing; I think they've been selling quite well leading up to Christmas, and maybe they expected the demand to carry over into this week more than it has. 

(2) maybe the hiked up the price because they're banking on day-of TKTS sales - in

Best & Worst Best Book of a Musical Tony Winners?  Dec 20 2022, 10:41:12 PM

JBroadway said: "I haven’t looked through a list (maybe I will later and amend), but Jagged Little Pill immediately jumped to mind. One of the worst pieces of writing I’ve ever seen, let alone worst musical books, let alone Tony winning-musical books."

For the record, I did end up looking through the list of winners in this category: Out of the 56 winners, there are only about 11 that I'm not familiar with (i.e, I've never seen the show in any for

THE COLLABORATION Reviews & Extension  Dec 20 2022, 10:27:04 PM

JSquared2 said: "Well for one thing, the person out sick would not be Tony eligible"


This isn't really accurate, in practice. That rule exists to prevent replacements and understudies from being eligible, it doesn't exist for situations like this. The committee would just make an official ruling to make an exception (which there's precedent for) - and they wouldn't even bat an eye to do so, as long as the voters/nominators get a chance

Best & Worst Best Book of a Musical Tony Winners?  Dec 19 2022, 08:37:52 AM

I haven’t looked through a list (maybe I will later and amend), but Jagged Little Pill immediately jumped to mind. One of the worst pieces of writing I’ve ever seen, let alone worst musical books, let alone Tony winning-musical books. 

SQUARE ONE On Broadway Announcement Teased?  Dec 15 2022, 10:10:33 AM

I posted this in the other thread, but posting again here: 

I think we should hold off on this. This looks very suspicious to me. If it ends up being true I’ll happily admit to being wrong, but I really think everyone should wait for a more reliable confirmation. 

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