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"LONG DAY'S" FILM - WHAT HAPPENED TO IT?...  Jan 6 2024, 11:21:53 PM

Although I never got a chance to come to Broadway to see Jessica Lange in "Long Day's Journey Into Night", I was very happy to hear that they were going to film and she would be starring against Ed Harris, her co-star from "Sweet Dreams".  Since we are starting a New Year, I was anticipating the film to come out at Christmas time for Oscar consideration.  Does anyone know what happened to the film?  I know that they have finished filming and that some fi

Sondheim killed Barbra’s Gypsy.  Nov 10 2023, 06:16:05 PM

Wasn't Laurents that one that said that Patti Lupone would star in a revival of "Gypsy", over my dead body?  I saw her performance at Ravinia and thought after Act One, if he doesn't allow her to do it he's a HUGE idiot!...I don't understand why people are so overly protective of this piece of Broadway history.  I am sure that Barbra would have done a very competent job at work acting and directing this film.  I feel that when she has passion for somet

 Aug 4 2023, 12:07:31 AM

The idea of moving the show up to present day seems like an amazing idea!  You also have to remember that when the original film, "Sunset Boulevard" came out, Norma Desmond was 50 years old and considered old news by Hollywood.  The idea of including the older actresses/singers is an amazing idea, it will also introduce to new audiences to these older actresses that most people have either never heard of or thought were dead.  This was a great idea!...

"FOLLIES" film dream casting  Aug 2 2023, 06:54:03 PM

But the best part would be how she sings it, she's great with Sondheim songs!

"FOLLIES" film dream casting  Aug 2 2023, 06:31:53 PM

Was just sitting here, thinking that I have not anymore news about "Follies" being made into a film.  My thought of who could possibly make it happen would be casting Barbra Streisand as Sally.  I am very sure that her performance of "Losing My Mind", would win her her third Oscar and be a pefect final film for her to be in...

First National Tour  Jul 31 2023, 01:30:18 PM

When I saw Keene Curtis on the first National tour, when he was singing, "I Am What I Am", and he storms off the stage at the end of the song, he stomped down the stairs and fell down the final three steps.  The entire audience gasped and all through the intermission I became worried that he wouldn't return for Act 2.  Ever the trooper, he returned and finished the show with no indication that he had been hurt in any way.  It was an amazing show to see!...

Was Madonna any good in  Jun 7 2023, 06:58:03 PM

I remember seeing her in a preview performance and once the show started, the audience was dead silent waiting for her to appear on stage.  When she did finally show up, there were flashbulbs from cameras lighting up the audience and the show came briefly to a complete standstill for a few minutes.  I think that there was nothing more distracting or unprofessional to have that happen, thankfully, her co-stars acted as if nothing had happened at all...

1987 Into the Woods – Stage Setup Before Prologue  May 29 2023, 10:00:30 PM

The curtain was in three sections, each section told the very beginning of each story.  It would get so far and then it would stop with a ....  It was very inventive and left me imagining what would happen once the show started.  I saw a preview performance and was very impressed.  When I saw it the second time, I didn't realize that a certain major character in the show needed to be sacrificed.  It shocked me and also made me very happy!...

Tina Turner Has Passed Away  May 24 2023, 04:09:52 PM

I read this in my email and immediately burst into tears and have crying ever since!  An amazing woman and performer!  The very first time I saw her, during "Proud Mary", during one of her spins, I caught a drop of her sweat on my right cheek!  She was a fantastic force of nature!...

Walking Out at Intermission - The Thread  May 23 2023, 04:27:31 PM

This is a reference to "Wicked", among the many times that I had the opportunity to see the show through the $25 lottery, I was shocked and surprised by the number of people that would leave at intermission, because the show was not "The Wizard of Oz".  If any of the people had bothered to read the book (which I did), they would know that the show is about the Wicked Witch of the West, not the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and Corwardly Lion.  My shock after reading the

Who will be the next Broadway Madame Rose?  Apr 15 2023, 07:30:05 PM

I feel that she has become a HUGE box office draw, that the perfect casting for Mama Rose should be Jinkx Monsoon from "Drag Race".  She has the comedic chops and her performance of "When Your Good to Mama" on the "Drag Race" finale showed that she has the vocal abilities also!...

Is this a thing? …overly enthusiastic balcony  Mar 29 2023, 03:40:29 PM

I found it incredibly annoying that everytime I saw "RENT", the audience was always giddy before the next upcoming number, especially, "Out Tonight" and "Seasons of Love",  I understand that the songs are all well written, but to me, hooting and hollering is borderline annoying!...

Ryan & Uzele to lead NEW YORK, NEW YORK On Broadway  Feb 26 2023, 04:52:54 PM

I watched the 1:30 commercial on You Tube, and didn't feel any excitement the woman playing Francine does not have a Minnelli voice and doesn't even sound that good.  I will not be rushing to the St. James to see this, the movie was enough...

SUNSET BOULEVARD at the Kennedy Center  Jan 29 2023, 04:04:43 PM

Do you have names of other people that would report on what's going on the Great White Way?...

SUNSET BOULEVARD at the Kennedy Center  Jan 29 2023, 03:57:28 PM

I watched the Richard Ridge piece here on BW, and I love the fact that SB wants to always go inside of the character and give it a much better understanding.  I saw Glenn Close in the original production, and became exhausted by how much running up and down the stairs and costume changing.  I am a HUGE lover of the film and was incredibly disappointed in the musical.  The clip on BW almost makes me wanna go to DC and see how Miss Block is able to interpret the character...

Gypsy in Chicago  Dec 20 2022, 06:53:17 PM

I feel that Sheryl Lee Ralph would be amazing as Rose.  My dream Rose would be Patti Labelle, unfortunately from seeing her in concert sooo many times, she isn't always the best at remembering the exact words to the songs that she sings, not to mention all of the dialogue that her character has to remember.

Gypsy in Chicago  Dec 19 2022, 11:46:14 PM

I think that Keke Palmer would be amazing as Louise.  I am really not sure who I think would be a good Rose.  I don't know if Vanessa Williams would have the vocal range to pull it off.  Although I was really puzzled by the newspaper ads from when Tyne Daly was Rose, until I saw her and she scared the holy hell out of me!...


To me, it seems odd that as many revivals we have had for the musical "Gypsy", we have never had an all-black version of the show.  I know that there, and are today many Black singers that could pull this off, even if one of the young up and coming girl singers would be interested.


Has the lead for a major B'way musical/revival ever been replaced as quickly as Feldstein was in "Funny Girl"?  Sep 21 2022, 04:32:02 PM

I cannot say that I recall a person (I won't use the word "star" being replaced as quickly as Beanie Feldstein was in the revival of "Funny Girl".  I have seen a few pre-Broadway performances and thought that certain actors should have been replaced.  Does anyone know of any other actor that had had this happen to them?...

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA Musical (Chicago Pre-Broadway) - News & Discussion Thread  Aug 8 2022, 07:24:48 PM

First "The First Wives Club", now this.  I think whomever is in charge of musicfying classic films that are beloved by the gay community, should know better.  In the case of "The First Wives Club", should have been shot for not obtaining the rights to "You Don't Own Me", with old Holland-Dozier-Holland songs was very wrong.  The show had an OK rewrite by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, but it was not worth two and a half hours in the theatre. 

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