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 Jun 3 2024, 01:21:40 PM

SmokeyLady said: "Comps again available for performances this week through the normal channels. New York University student Union, actors equity lounge, Manhattan Plaza. etc…"

Can you shoot me a PM? I have a question for you but you're not accepting them.

Mr. Burns @ Playwrights
 Mar 26 2024, 12:58:38 PM

Scarywarhol said: "It would be hard to get excited for this unless it were a full revival. The staging is half the show."

I don't totally disagree but it's my all time favorite play so not going to miss this one. Tickets are on sale now. Prices are kinda steep if you're not a member but it's only two days.

Quarantine play WINDOWS aims for Spring 2022 Bway
 Mar 26 2024, 12:52:19 PM

Theater3232 said: "What time did the 7.30pm show end?"

I can't say for certainty because I left mid-performance but I will say it didn't start until at least 7:45. I dipped out at 9pm and there were still 3 more vignettes left. 

Quarantine play WINDOWS aims for Spring 2022 Bway
 Mar 26 2024, 10:40:57 AM

I would highly recommend staying away from this even if free (which I'm sure no one is paying money to see it). As other people have said, the writing is awful no matter how talented the actors are and how they try to elevate it. I must admit that I left after the Mommy scene because it was so cloying and aggressively straight, especially when following the Tony Danza one. The next one I assume was going to be about the BLM protest which I don't need a straight, white woman's

Show-Score Discontinuing Member Nights
 Feb 1 2024, 10:12:48 AM

I just received an email from Show-Score that they're discontinuing their Member Nights (basically comp tickets given so members can review shows) and paid memberships effective immediately.

I'm guessing this has something to do with the fact that TodayTix acquired them so they're looking to sell tickets for actual money instead of a reservation fee. Now it doesn't seem like there's much need for the site any longer and it'll probably just die off.

This r

ROCK & ROLL MAN to close September 1st
 Aug 15 2023, 10:41:42 AM

A Broadway run when they papered what I would assume to be every single performance? Sure, Jan.

 May 16 2023, 10:24:14 AM

veronicamae said: "the.hard.part said: "Is the filming in NY? Or West coast?"

It's filming in Bushwick

I'm assuming they'll film at 3 Dollar Bill like every other gay music video.

Esparza out of Oliver! on 5/7 7PM show......
 May 15 2023, 02:38:15 PM

UWS10023 said: "My buddy who works there said that the majority of the patrons were patient but a few had just returned from the January 6 riots."

Excuse me, what?

World Premiere of Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs' TEETH & More Set for Playwrights Horizons 2023-24 Season
 May 9 2023, 02:44:38 PM

Never mind.

PARADE 2023 Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Mar 24 2023, 11:19:09 AM

Did anyone else notice that in Funeral Sequence Jake Pedersen says "To put her in the cold and lonely gwwound" instead of ground? 

Sing Street?
 Jan 9 2023, 03:35:49 PM

Let It Go - Go GIF - Frozen Elsa Let It Go - Discover & Share GIFs

 Nov 11 2022, 02:44:23 PM

I really enjoyed this more than I thought I would and it feels like more than a one man show because the characters are fully realized and there are projections to flesh out the staging at certain points.

That being said the audience was HORRIBLE. I was in the front of the mezz so didn't see people leaving mid-show. I wished the people around me would have left though. A woman with her two children, one of which was CONSTANTLY sucking on something and both were talking non-stop. Th

Evanston Salt Costs Climbing
 Nov 9 2022, 12:32:09 PM

annang said: "SouthernCakes said: "Weird title"

If it's as good as his last play with a weird title, I'll be delighted.

It's not. As much as I loved Heroes and Corsicana, this was a miss. I think it might be good after a few rounds of rewrites but I didn't find it successful. Wasn't as bad as You Will Get Sick or Catch As Catch Can though (not related but just some of the current Off-Broadway offerings on now).

Becky Nurse of Salem Tickets
 Sep 30 2022, 11:18:58 AM

People want to pay money to see a Sarah Ruhl play? Yikes!

Little Shop...Who Leads? Anyone know?
 Jul 27 2022, 12:59:35 PM

Tammy's reign of terror will finally come to an end! Bring on Celina Carvajal.

ABC to present BEAUTY & THE BEAST Live film with performances
 Jul 20 2022, 01:50:43 PM

jacobsnchz14 said: "H.E.R. will star as Belle"

I couldn't imagine someone with less personality or energy.

The Official TDF Thread
 Jul 12 2022, 05:17:52 PM

Melissa25 said: "Funny Girl is up with dates 7/19 -24."

Last chance to see Beanie...if she shows up.

THE BUTCHER BOY Musical at Irish Rep
 Jul 7 2022, 04:00:26 PM

Thanks for the tip. Just got some tickets. It's weird though because you have to pick seats but then you don't know if there's any left and they're actually $22 until checkout.

STRANGER THINGS stage play in development
 Jul 6 2022, 06:12:23 PM

Answering the age old question of "what should I take a straight man to see?"

BAM Next Wave Festival
 Jun 23 2022, 06:08:29 PM

So by "stage seating" they just mean seats on the other side of where the audience normally sits? Mkay.

I also feared that partial view would have an impact on the subtitles which seem pretty important. I opted for the cheap seats in the rear mezz because they didn't look terrible from the seat view on the site. 

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