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 Jul 10 2016, 05:15:19 AM

What about Ed Platt, the actor who played the "Chief" on the old Don Adams sit-com Get Smart? Any relation to any of these Platts?

What about the 50's group The Platters? Any relation? 

School Of Rock Rush
 Jun 7 2016, 01:14:05 AM

PThespian said: "laugard said: "I picked up a rush seat at around 345 for tonight's 7 pm show (Monday). I got partial view in the orchestra, Row D. Hopefully it won't be too bad, and better than the partial view ticket I could've also gotten in the mezzanine. 


What was your seat number? I bet I sat you. "



You might have sat me as well. I got a rush ticket for Monday night a

Theater in LA
 Sep 24 2015, 02:28:34 AM

jbm2 said: "Breaking Through at Pasadena Playhouse looks interesting. They are hoping for a Broadway transfer. 


Agree with you jbm2.  Planning to catch that when I am in L.A. myself in November.  It's already up on Goldstar. Will also catch Guards at the Taj at Geffen, Awake and Sing! at the Odyssey and Kansas City Choir Boy with Courtney Love at the Kirk Douglas.  May also try to

questions re: upcoming musicals
 Sep 11 2015, 12:59:20 AM

There is always Blue Man Group that has a 5pm Saturday show. Also Colin Quinn is bringing back his 1 man show New York Story in late October and he will have 5 pm shows both Saturday and Sunday. If you are familiar with him and his other 1 man shows, you'd probably enjoy this one. I'm not familiar with any others that have performances at that time but you can check the listings on Playbill.  It's by show but it probably wouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes to go thru th

Christina Sajous Suing Cabbie
 Sep 10 2015, 09:06:17 PM

Again, I'm not assuming anything. I've stated what you said and why it was full of factual errors. You simply won't acknowledge you had no idea what you were talking about.


My experience with you is that you have an agenda and will make things up to support it hoping no one calls you on it. When they do, you eithe

Christina Sajous Suing Cabbie
 Sep 10 2015, 07:39:41 PM

@Islanderfan, by giving a lengthy explanation about all the reasons they might not have been able to press charges when this was clearly a civil case, I didn't say you were clueless, your responses portrayed you as not really understanding what action was actually being taken. In one concise, detailed and well written response, Loliveve gave a perfectly understandable explanation as to why they would have waited. Your explanations let's just say, were not as compel

Christina Sajous Suing Cabbie
 Sep 10 2015, 04:22:09 PM

@Islanderfan If they were going to pursue other avenues first, they most likely would have filed a complaint with the Taxi and Limousine Commission but the article at the end made it sound like the TLC had never received a complaint and was waiting to be served. But whatever, we'll see how it ultimately turns out. Loliveve's explanation at least makes sense.

Hand to God sets a closing date
 Sep 10 2015, 02:48:26 PM

I don't think After Eight really cares whether they recoup. It was just a means for him to bash a wonderful, original and clever show. If they recoup, he will no doubt find some other idiotic, negative thing to say about them to replace his being able to say it was a flop.

Christina Sajous Suing Cabbie
 Sep 10 2015, 02:36:16 PM

Islander_fan said: "I was speaking about this to my lawyer brother. He said that while filing charges doesn't take long in and of Itself, there could be things that resulted in them filing when they did. 


He told me that there is a three to five year (depending upon the nature of the incident in question) statute of limitations that one may press charges. He also informed me that it can be harder to press charges against some parties than others.

Christina Sajous Suing Cabbie
 Sep 10 2015, 11:41:53 AM

Islander_fan said: "Mister Matt said: "I wonder why they filed a year after the incident.




I know that filing charges and going to court and all that move at a snails pace. It could very well be that they got the ball rolling soon after the situation happened, but they weren't officially considered filed until recently. 



I don't think that's it. It'

Kristin Chenoweth Tour
 Sep 9 2015, 06:53:08 PM

Pootie2 said: "morosco said: "People With Money reports on Tuesday (September 8, 2015) that Chenoweth is the highest-paid singer in the world, pulling in an astonishing $82 million between August 2014 and August 2015, a nearly $50 million lead over her closest competition.


You guys ever hear of Taylor Swift? Katy Perry? The whole article is a spoof.


People with Money magazine doesn't exist.


The Fat Chenoweth Burger chain??? Come-on.







Performers that were ill on cast recordings.
 Sep 9 2015, 03:54:33 PM

It could just be the way they mixed the sound for each version.  But he is by design supposed to sound at least a little shrill. He is at his breaking point frustrated by congress' inactivity and that's reflected in his tone.


Edit: He may have had a cold. I've never heard that but I have no idea. But if he did, it didn't affect his singing as far as I could tell.

Performers that were ill on cast recordings.
 Sep 9 2015, 03:40:09 PM

I've never heard the rumor about William Daniels being sick. 1776 is one of my favorite shows and I've listened to the OBCR a hundred times over the years. He sounded in perfect voice to me. Perhaps you're confusing him with Howard Da Silva who played Benjamin Franklin. Da Silva suffered a heart attack during previews and was replaced on the OBCR as well as on stage until his return, by his understudy, Rex Everhart.

Annie Baker Question
 Sep 9 2015, 02:39:27 PM

Old Hats played at A.C.T. in San Francisco but as a general rule, the shows not transferring is almost always true. Wonder if that's because of the way the shows are set up or because their shows can, at least in my experience vary greatly in quality and their shows tend to be more suited to smaller houses. Once they've played one 250 seat theatre in New York, there really isn't usually a compelling need to play another.

Remy Zaken too Old for Anne Frank?
 Sep 9 2015, 12:14:08 PM

Been checking to see if the theater has seen this thread, realized the error of their ways and recast. Unfortunately, looks like they're going ahead as planned. Well Bob, you fought the good fight. Bummer.

GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE Sets Closing Date!
 Sep 8 2015, 10:59:36 PM

Many people really liking the show because it's clever and funny and very entertaining and it winning the Tony does not mean it's overhyped if you don't share their opinion.

GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE Sets Closing Date!
 Sep 8 2015, 10:50:05 PM

Jeffrey Karasarides said: "^I said the show 'looks' overhyped, NOT is overhyped. Which is why I'm planning to catch the show on tour to see it for myself.


Exactly how would a show you haven't seen "look" overhyped to you? I' m really curious.





New Spring Awakening Rewards Now Available
 Sep 8 2015, 08:32:33 PM

Dude, we know. This is the 3rd thread you've started on this in the last week. There's plenty of opportunity to pimp your code by bumping the other two. We don't need another TodayTix circus with 5 threads running simultaneously.

Jujamcyn Online Lotteries -
 Sep 7 2015, 10:25:22 PM

It seems to me if people care enough to schlep all the way down to the theater and line up early in the morning they would deserve front row over people sitting on their duffs clicking a couple computer buttons. But, maybe that's just me. LOL!


Please, it's not about caring more. If they wanted to show how much they care about the show, they'd buy a full price ticket.They decide to "schlep" down there cause they think they&#3

Remy Zaken too Old for Anne Frank?
 Sep 7 2015, 12:37:16 PM

@jemjeb2 I wasn't the one who said she was actually 16 at the time. That was a quote from someone else. Please try harder to keep up.

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