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COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development  Sep 20 2023, 06:58:12 PM

This was a movie that I was already excited for, but after seeing that special look, my expectations have risen considerably. It's quite interesting that Warner Bros is letting the movie keep its December release date alongside the upcoming movie musical Wonka as well. Especially after the news of Dune: Part Two getting pushed back to 2024.

I wonder if this is what they're going to push for awards consideration this year alongside Barbie.

Gattelli to direct and choreograph industry reading of FEMALE TROUBLES  Sep 20 2023, 06:52:31 PM

"My parents are gonna be real sorry if I don't get them Cha Cha Heels. I asked and I better get!"

The 76th Annual Tony Award Nominations (2023)  May 2 2023, 01:15:07 PM

First of all, Clarke getting snubbed is freaking ridiculous considering the praise she got. The two other surprises for me were Camelot getting in for a nomination for Best Revival of a Musical over Bob Fosse's Dancin' despite the clearly polarizing reviews it got. But I guess it's understandable considering that it is Lincoln Center Theater we're talking about. Second, was Sweeney Todd getting nominations for Best Choreography and Sound Design consi

Sorkin and Sher to revive CAMELOT for Broadway  Apr 13 2023, 11:41:47 PM

Woah... These reviews are extremely mixed/divisive to say the least. Honestly, I agree that the Tony race is between Sweeney Todd and Parade at this point. I'm still seeing it in June to form my own opinion of it, but the reviews are keeping expectations in check.

SWEENEY TODD (2023) Reviews  Mar 27 2023, 01:22:52 AM

Delighted by these very positive reviews tonight! I'm seeing this and Camelot in June so I'm very excited to see them both. 

SWEENEY TODD Revival announces further casting  Mar 20 2023, 01:14:35 PM

For those complaining about how the set is too "minimalistic", just remember that the 1989 and 2006 revivals were extremely small in every sense of the word. Judging from pictures I've seen; Mimi Lien's set is more like Michael Yeargan's set design for The King and I, small but grand for what it's going for. Honestly, the fact that this revival has Jonathan Tunick's original 26-piece orchestra is what sold me for this production, the talented cast and cr

BOB FOSSE’S DANCIN’ Reviews  Mar 20 2023, 01:04:28 PM

Call me pleasantly surprised by how good some of the reviews are, considering the cold reception it got in San Deigo. Maybe they got some of its rougher kinks worked out and improved it, not to mention the cast got a glowing reception which is always good. I agree that the NYT review is mixed but with positive things to say is far better than an "ouch". 

Maybe this might have some Tony Award chances after all; not as much as Sweeney Todd, Camelot, and <

SWEENEY TODD Revival announces further casting  Mar 19 2023, 02:34:19 PM

They both sound wonderful, I'm excited to see it June. One thing though, does Mrs. Lovett only have two outfits during the whole show? I wonder if the promo/Playbill outfits they had were only there for promotional purposes.

Sorkin and Sher to revive CAMELOT for Broadway  Mar 16 2023, 02:47:24 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "I think the set photos are very attractive and emphasize the vast, stately loneliness of being in a castle that you don't necessarily want to be in."

I like that idea as well, and I think that's what Michael Yeargan was going for, similar to his work on The King and I in a way.

SWEENEY TODD Revival announces further casting  Mar 16 2023, 02:45:35 PM

MVintheheartland said: "I didn’t miss the whistle. To folks who still cling to the 1979 production, come on! As annoying as the folks commenting on every production of “Follies” as not as good as the original. Anyway, as a non-musician or vocalist, I loved the show and will go back, dammit. Now have to get another plane ticket."

I think the whistle is something that's used very effectively if done right and not spammed to no end like some produc

DANCIN' Previews  Mar 15 2023, 02:52:58 AM

That's probably how I would feel if I saw it, a perfectly fine revival that is enjoyable for what it is. But considering the other big three musical revivals this season, this one is going to be eaten alive and sort of forgotten about.

SWEENEY TODD Revival announces further casting  Mar 13 2023, 01:32:04 PM

I'm going to see this during the summer, so it's nice to read other reactions that the show is improving as the weeks go by. Not to mention the 2 weeks of previews left until opening night. Good to hear that there is indeed a whistle at some point during the show instead of cutting it all together, which would've been a choice.

SWEENEY TODD Revival announces further casting  Mar 10 2023, 04:03:46 PM

It's going to be pretty interesting once the show opens and reviews start showing up. I'm still very excited to see this eventually, honestly between this and Camelot, it's going to be hard for me to choose between them.

Sorkin and Sher to revive CAMELOT for Broadway  Mar 10 2023, 03:58:54 PM

It's nice to hear that Bartlett Sher has once again used is magic touch on a musical revival. Typically, Sher's revivals do run a bit long when the first previews begins but they do iron themselves out by the time opening comes. Between this and the Sweeney Todd revival, it's going to be pretty hard to choose which one I want to watch, which is a very good sign in my book.

The one thing I am wondering about is how Aaron Sorkin handles not only the new revisions, bu

SWEENEY TODD Revival announces further casting  Mar 2 2023, 03:19:32 AM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "This Factory Whistle saga feels like Sally's red dress all over again!"

If this "Whistle Saga" becomes as funny as "Sally's Red Dress", then I'm getting my popcorn ready.

DANCIN' Previews  Mar 2 2023, 03:17:56 AM

I'm hoping for the best for this revival, and I'm certainly crossing my fingers that they have improved things since it's San Diego production. But I'm not holding my breath.

SWEENEY TODD Revival announces further casting  Feb 28 2023, 04:13:25 AM

I'm personally glad that the set we did get is actually a good looking one. Plus, it's Sweeney Todd for heaven's sake! All that show needs is really talented actors and Jonathan Tunick's original 26-member orchestra to carry it. I'm just happy that this revival has this strong of a start; in spite of some issues that will probably be fixed/improved as the weeks go on.

SWEENEY TODD Revival announces further casting  Feb 26 2023, 07:14:27 PM

It's awesome to read the thoughts on here that the show is already in great shape. I can only imagine that it's going to get better and better as the weeks go on. I heard from somewhere after the preview was over that someone said that that the set(s) were well designed and interesting but that it "comes to life" during the second act. I wonder what they meant by that,

Between this and how well Parade's first preview went (minus what happened outside

BOB FOSSE'S DANCIN' at the Music Box?  Feb 25 2023, 05:23:36 PM

It's sad really, because the cast and crew from the interviews clearly have a lot of love for Bob Fosse and what he did for the art form of dance. But at the same time, seeing the footage from the San Diego production doesn't give me a lot of hope for this. Oh well, it wouldn't be a Broadway season without a disappointing musical revival or two.

SWEENEY TODD Revival announces further casting  Feb 25 2023, 05:19:03 PM

blaxx said: "Musical Master said: "Guess I was one orchestra member off, but 26 is still a very large number. Especially in comparison to Parade's 16-member orchestra."

With due respect, Parade's score is no Sweeney Todd.

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