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FUNNY GIRL on Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Mar 31 2022, 11:37:17 AM

I think the mods are being paid by Funny Girl.

I posted a snarky comment about L** M****** that was deleted because "This thread is not about L** M*******"

The mods are really getting off on their reactionary authority here and it's ruining the site. 

FUNNY GIRL on Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Mar 30 2022, 01:28:13 PM

Don't listen to the haters.

All the Fanny Brice superfans are going to make this a monster hit!

Beanie Feldstein in FUNNY GIRL on Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Mar 25 2022, 10:02:56 AM

All the mean comments about Feldstein and my comment about Lea Michelle gets deleted? 

Beanie Feldstein in FUNNY GIRL on Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Mar 24 2022, 06:58:42 PM

If this infuriates Lea Michelle I support it. 

Beanie Feldstein in FUNNY GIRL on Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Mar 10 2022, 10:48:43 AM

Streisand's Fanny.

Like butt-ahh.

MACBETH 2022 Previews
 Mar 30 2022, 11:00:09 AM

Nicol Williamson

Philip Anglim

F. Murray Abraham

Kelsey Grammar

Ethan Hawke

Well, Daniel.  Welcome to the club of actors who have crashed and burned playing this role on Broadway.

Sorkin and Sher to revive CAMELOT for Broadway
 Mar 29 2022, 01:32:33 PM

I imagine they'd have to have at least one name star for the production if they want to go lavish with this one, which I imagine they will.

Sorkin on the book is encouraging.  The show as it stands now is a suh-LOGG!

94th Oscars: Movie Musical Mania! - News & Discussion Thread
 Mar 28 2022, 12:17:10 PM

It benefits the Oscars, whose ratings have been circling the drain for years. 


I'll take a line from David Sirota:  My thoughts on the Oscar Slap incident are that it’s 70 degrees in Antarctica and what’s left of the livable ecosystem is being destroyed and so we should focus on that.

94th Oscars: Movie Musical Mania! - News & Discussion Thread
 Mar 28 2022, 10:39:41 AM

Y'all...that was so staged.  Come on, now.

Broadway Singing Coach Barbara Maier Gustern Dies After Attack on Street
 Mar 23 2022, 11:09:31 AM

This one just gets weirder.

Not only did she push this woman down and kill her, she apparently stood by afterwards and watched Gustern get loaded into an ambulance.  And then spent the next two weeks scrubbing her social media, quitting her job, and hiding her cellphone at her aunties.  When police showed up at her house, her father refused to let them in.

Oh, and she's a daughter of privilege.  Apparently, she is--get this--a cesspool heiress.

Broadway Singing Coach Barbara Maier Gustern Dies After Attack on Street
 Mar 22 2022, 01:59:26 PM

I was just about to post this.

I'm sure she'll get off with a slap on the wrist because white girl.

Encores’ THE LIFE - Performances & Reviews
 Mar 17 2022, 09:39:31 AM

Is it time to hire people based on their accomplishments and know-how opposed to their identity yet?

Barbara Meier Gustern has died of her injuries
 Mar 16 2022, 10:43:49 AM

Broadway vocal coach was beloved by many.  Lets hope someone comes forward to name her attacker.

TAKE ME OUT Previews
 Mar 14 2022, 10:29:25 AM

Yeah, the casting of Ferguson seemed off to me, at least on paper.

Mason Marzac is supposed to be kind of a schlub.  The kind of gay that gay culture renders invisible.  Denis O'Hare fit this to a tee but when I saw the mini-tour the part was played by the more handsome T. Scott Cunningham and something was lost.  Ferguson, with his great figure and snazzy red hair, doesn't really seem quite right.

Mandates need to end
 Mar 12 2022, 02:25:13 PM

I get my posts deleted for joking about Streisand's butt or mentioning G***h D*******y and this jackhole gets a whole thread?

BWW, you are failing as the purity and correctness gestapo.  

POTUS starring Vanessa Williams, Julianne Hough, Rachel Dratch & More to Open This Spring
 Mar 9 2022, 02:52:42 PM

The LAST thing I would pay money to see is a comedy about an incompetent president.  We've just had two.

Agreed that they need to get cracking with the publicity.  This comes across as the kind of audience-pleasing mainstream comedy that has repeatedly failed on Broadway in the 21st century (Seminar, Dead Accounts, Elling, Chicken & Biscuits, etc etc).

Good luck to them. 

2022 Olivier Award nominations
 Mar 8 2022, 08:45:36 PM

I don't really think the Oliviers are a harbinger for things to come to Broadway.

I mean...We Will Rock You won an Olivier award.  So did Top Hat, Sunny Afternoon, Our House, Honk!, Jerry Springer, Kat and the Kings, Martin Guerre....

THE OUTSIDERS musical set for La Jolla premiere
 Mar 7 2022, 07:29:38 PM

And it goes a little something LIKE THIS.

The Outsiders- Stay Gold - YouTube

Confirmed: Radcliffe to lead MERRILY revival at NYTW
 Mar 7 2022, 11:18:08 AM

He seems a good fit.  I wonder which one of the umpteen versions of this they're going to do.

Elton John & Jake Shears’ TAMMY FAYE to hit the West End this fall
 Mar 4 2022, 11:03:17 AM

Another Tammy Faye saga?  I'm sorry, but is she really that interesting?

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