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Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Jan 26 2022, 08:59:13 PM

If they're going off the book Fiyero will be a POC. I can see them wanting to respect that especially with how they've went about casting Nessa and Elphaba.

It'd be a shame to take away the chance to offer roles that allow for representation, I still get sad when I think of the ratio of famous white actors I can name compared to BAME ones. I think they should cast this film like they did with Cinderella back in the 90s. 



Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Jan 16 2022, 07:44:48 PM

I'd still love the Morrible role to go to Julie Andrews, that would be a dream come true.


I think it's probably more likely to go to the likes of Pfeiffer though. There are a few great actresses that would suit. I imagine they'd reach out to Meryl though she doesn't like witch roles.


Here is a mad thought, Angelina Jolie has been spotted numerous times going to see Wicked over the years and certainly has the acting chops to pull of the

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Nov 9 2021, 05:57:11 PM

Waiting for Corden's inevitable self indulgent "bit" were he tries to make a joke out of this. frown

On a side note though let's keep in mind that he books a lot of auditions for these roles and this is still pretty huge publicity for the film. :p

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Nov 6 2021, 06:21:52 AM
I would LOVE to see Julie Andrews as Morrible. She can speak sing her lines and her voice performance in Aquaman was pretty menacing so we know she could deliver Morrible's "Wicked Witch" monologue.

As far as casting goes I am on board with Erivo, she will do the role justice. I've not heard Ariana sing as an operatic soprano but the range is there. I dunno is she can act or not but her impressions are pretty good.

With the right campaign this will be the next Star is Born and

Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
 Sep 4 2021, 11:02:17 AM
Jojo would pair well with Dove Cameron and Jessie J would pair well with Amanda Seyfried age wise.
Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
 Sep 4 2021, 04:06:21 AM
Jessie J is the most exciting choice I heard yet. I can forsee a lot of disappointment if Elphaba is played by a white woman though.
Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Jun 19 2021, 09:28:24 PM
Ahh, Okay. I seen a lot of chatter on twitter about her hinting at something and people were assuming it was the Wicked film.
Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Jun 19 2021, 07:36:13 PM
Anyone heard any rumors that Dove Cameron is in talks for Glinda?
The IN THE HEIGHTS Film Adaptation Thread
 Jun 15 2021, 03:32:01 AM

I feel like all this controversy is only going to hurt the box office of this film even more. I didn't really like the direction of it and didn't really think it was the spectacle people were making it out to be. It wasn't really mu thing but if others liked it and it made them happy then more power to them. :) 

I hope going forward we get a very colorful version of Oz and they cast an even mix of people of color where they can.

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Jun 14 2021, 07:23:56 AM
I sort of thought the same thing to be honest. I wasn't a fan of the direction of In the Heights and failed to see how any of the work on the could translate to a bigger scale production like Wicked. Maybe I'm just a cynic but I feel like Rob Marshall should've made Wicked.
DEAR EVAN HANSEN film sets September 2021 release
 May 19 2021, 07:45:11 AM
Did they put him in prosthetics for this? He kind of looks like when Harry Potter is cursed by Hermione's stinging jinx in the Deathly Hallows film. Something seems off.
Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 May 5 2021, 04:49:47 AM
I'm starting to think this movie might actually happen now after all. Love Emmy for the part but Ariana DeBose is also who I'd like to see.
Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
 Apr 12 2021, 03:51:51 AM

SporkGoddess said: "Honestly, I think it's really arrogant that Amanda Seyfried assumes one year of lessons makes her ready for Galinda. Especially given how weak her singing was in Les Mis."

In one of the videos I posted she says she started learning extensively after Les Mis because she hated her performance in that film and didn't believe she could sing. So she may have been doing lessons since 2012 which would put eight going on nine years of training

Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
 Apr 11 2021, 02:51:48 PM
I'm not so sure about the rain scenes in this film other than I'm not that girl, Elphaba can't really be shown getting wet or the melting scene might not make much sense.
Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
 Apr 11 2021, 10:35:13 AM

I don't think we should sleep on Emmy Raver-Lampman I think she has a personal connection to Jon M Chu too I've definitely seen them interact on twitter and she'd be age appropriate to pair with Amanda if they go for her.

I think Zendaya could be good for Nessa Rose her star is really on the rise at the minute too and she's become a household name. 

Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
 Apr 10 2021, 03:59:57 AM

My first pick is Arianna DeBose but if they go with Amanda Seyfried then Cynthia is a better fit age and look wise and she has more clout. 

I think Jon M Chu will give us a woman of colour as Elphaba and possibly Madame Morrible in which case someone like Alfre Woodard or Octavia Spencer would be great. Even Oprah could do it and I wouldn't be mad at all. My ultimate pick is Julie Andrews, Angela Langsbury or Streisand though it could be a real gorgeous moment in their later career. 

The cast should be diverse and in my opinion the role of Elphaba would be more poignant and important if she is played by a person of colour but likewise a newcomer could also fit the bill if they pair them with a cast of award nominees and winners.

In terms of the discussion on Amanda's voice I remember she did this rendition a few years back and I think a lot of her voice quibbles have improved her vibrato I'd definitely more in check, there is strength there but she still has a light voice which we have seen many Glinda's have.



Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
 Apr 9 2021, 07:14:29 PM
If she truly has put the work in which I do believe she has then I'm all for her getting the part because I know she will be able to act it so well, HOWEVER they would have to film it before she gets any older and pair her up with a suitable co-star to make her look age appropriate on screen. Realistically if Glinda is suppose to be in her first year of university she is probably petween the ages of 18-21 they'd get away with skewing older for Elphaba because she is legitimately older only there
Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
 Apr 9 2021, 06:50:03 PM

Amanda has put the training in it seems.


Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
 Apr 9 2021, 04:11:01 PM

I've listened to the interview just now and Amanda has stated she has had singing lessons three days a week through out lockdown and its never been better for hitting the notes. She also sings a tiny bit of the intro of No One mourns the wicked "Let us be glad.." nothing at all to judge her by. She also acknowledges that she was not ready to play the part eight years back because her voice wasn't ready for it. 

I think she and Lady Gaga would be a great pairi

Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
 Oct 21 2020, 03:58:46 PM
If not Daldry then surely Bill Condon should be the next choice. If he's able to pull off another Jennifer Hudson moment with Defying Gravity then I'd be for it.

My second choice is Rob Marshall his version of Into the Woods was a very stylish and good adaption in my opinion.

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