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DOUBT 2024 Previews  Feb 18 2024, 08:15:26 AM

I've yet to see a charismatic Father Flynn. Cherry Jones's flinty Sister steamrolled her bland co-star (Ron Eldard?) on tour. And I'm so used to seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman play creeps that I couldn't give him the benefit of the "doubt" in Meryl's film. I've read great things about Brian O'Byrne's performance in the original production. I'd like to see a sunny Father who could win over his flock while maintaining the sinister subtext of his

Anything Goes  Feb 18 2024, 08:08:10 AM

I saw Porchlight Theatre's production of Anything Goes in Chicago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Meghan Murphy's Reno brought back the vaudeville vulgarity that I've missed from others in the role. 

I was pleased by the book rewrites which replace the caricatured Chinese missionaries with two bratty kids and disguise Reno as a Hollywood actress rather than a Chinese maiden. These revisions are cited on the Tams Whitmark website but don't appear to have been used in the Sutton Foster production. Does anyone know when they were first introduced?

Anything Goes (2022 Revision) | Concord Theatricals

THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews  Feb 14 2024, 09:48:51 AM

I saw this in Chicago. I thought it was a workmanlike and well sung. The story didn't move me as the characters felt generic. Splitting them in three didn't help. Poor boy loves rich girl and nothing else in their lives seems to matter. They never sing about jobs, aspirations, their kids, anything but their monotonous low stakes romance. I needed some fun side characters to wake things up. An Ado Annie or Nicely Nicely. But all we got was the stuffy mother.

Musical or Play for Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman  Feb 12 2024, 11:44:29 AM

La Cage Aux Folles. Hugh as Georges. Ryan as Albin.

Duet Musical Numbers that have a gay guy and straight girl well any girl. (We’re both NOT poc)  Feb 12 2024, 10:10:57 AM

Avenue Q - Fantasies Come True - Kate and Rod
Boy from Oz - You and Me - Liza and Peter
Kiss of the Spider Woman - A Visit - Aurora and Molina
Taboo - Sexual Confusion - Philip and Sue
Don't You Wish? - Zanna Don't - Roberta and Mike

EDIT - Missed the part about comedic. Only the Taboo one really counts there.

Musical adaptation of TRICK rom-com in the works by film writer  Feb 2 2024, 04:52:02 PM

He's been trying to produce a film sequel for years. Is a stage adaptation easier to fundraise for than a new film?

“Trick” Sequel in the Works for Gay Classic’s 20th Anniversary | News | Logo TV

NY City Center Encores 2024 season: ONCE UPON A MATTRESS with Sutton Foster (adapted by Amy Sherman-Palladino), JELLY'S LAST JAM, and TITANIC  Jan 30 2024, 10:22:51 AM

Mary Rogers recounts in her memoir how Once Upon a Mattress was originally written for a theater camp. Thus the emphasis on a large ensemble. It's great to have extraneous roles when you're directing a school play. But their material is dull in a professional production. Winnifred's the only character I'm interested in. 

Sutton's always struck me as a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. I've yet to be truly wowed by her work.

Tim Minchin on why Groundhog Day Failed in New York  Jan 9 2024, 09:08:39 AM

I recall the film being a laugh riot but I found the musical depressing. It's the same plot but it really dials down on the grim aspects of the story. The second act got bogged down in mournful ballads.

Andy Karl is a capable actor but he was also too leading man handsome to find the humor in the character's misogyny. I just didn't take Bill Murray's awful behavior as seriously as I did Karls. I wasn't able to root for him like I was the more vulnerable Evan Hansen

Harry Potter Cursed Child - One Show  Jan 3 2024, 01:32:53 PM

I'm guessing keeping it a "close male friendship" lets them appeal to conservative tourists. Actor Anthony Boyle has said in interviews that the original cast did not play it as a romance. While later actors explicitly state that they did. It reminds me of the discourse about the homo-romanticism in Disney's Luca. 

Harry Potter Cursed Child - One Show  Jan 3 2024, 09:34:12 AM

I read the 2 part and attended the 1 parter. They cut the dream sequences and flashbacks, focusing on the journey of Albus and Scorpius. The opening scenes were rough as the actors raced through montages and exposition. Things improved when the script settled down and let the characters have a conversation. The understudy for Harry was underwhelming but actors James Romney and Brady Dalton Richards did lovely work as the two leads.

The new script also increases the LGBT subtex

First Look - Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein  Dec 21 2023, 09:40:58 AM

Carrie's acting up a storm in a cliched "long suffering wife" role. Cooper's showing us his homework but the script gives me no idea of who Lenny is or what the film is about. 

The film's not interested in his music so it's got to be about the marriage. But the marriage never makes sense. Why would a gay man in the theater feel pressured to marry a woman? Why stay with her after Stonewall? If he's bisexual and genuinely attracted to her, than what

Wonka really is a musical!  Dec 18 2023, 08:54:28 AM

The Wonka soundtrack makes the film sound gloomy. Several sad and wistful ballads, some mean villain songs and one peppy song about chocolate. Critics say it's cheerful though so my impression must be mistaken.

THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA Off-Broadway with Tim Daly, Daphne Rubin-Vega and Lea DeLaria  Dec 18 2023, 08:50:30 AM

"Tom Daly acts."

I hope they keep the typo. Olympic diver Tom Daley in Night of the Iguana is the type of camp I'd pay to see.

Mean Girls Movie / Song List?  Dec 18 2023, 08:27:31 AM

I hope we get a better song than It Roars.

STRANGER THINGS: THE FIRST SHADOW Play - News & Discussion Thread  Dec 15 2023, 10:45:06 AM

Johnny Oleksinski, New York Post
"Louis McCartney... who’s making his professional stage debut, is tortured, terrifying, and mesmeric as the future all-powerful villain. He unnaturally contorts his body as if he’s being exorcized by Father Karras, is emotionally gripping, and makes an unshakable impression on his audience. A new star. McCartney deserves a far, far better first play than the abysmal “First Shadow.”"

STRANGER THINGS: THE FIRST SHADOW Play - News & Discussion Thread  Dec 15 2023, 10:33:53 AM

Mickey Jo Theatre: 
"I found this to be a little bit disappointing... It was a little bit inconsequential. A lot of the cleverness of the series wasn't really reflected in the writing of the play."

(Full review contains spoilers)

STRANGER THINGS: THE FIRST SHADOW Play - News & Discussion Thread  Dec 15 2023, 10:26:26 AM

New York Times. Houman Barekat.
"It’s a gaudy, vertiginous fairground ride of a play, exactly what you’d expect from a show co-produced by Netflix: Cheap thrills, expensively made.... Haven’t television and cinema already got these bases covered? Is this what theater is for?"

STEPHEN SONDHEIM’S OLD FRIENDS recording…  Dec 13 2023, 10:16:28 AM

This recording is making a poor first impression. Many of the veteran performers have lost their voices. They have to whisper or speak their way through their songs. Several tracks are downright unpleasant to listen to.

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chi  Dec 5 2023, 12:21:55 PM

It may be something they're still toying with. There wasn't a lot of emphasis on it.

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chi  Dec 5 2023, 11:08:01 AM

Dear Balcony Club, I'm curious about the subplot for the two gay film directors. On Sunday they started singing about Betty ("She's sunlight") but ended up holding hands with each other. They held hands again in the finale. Has there been more or less of their relationships in previews? I appreciate sneaking some m/m rep in for LGBTQ+ audiences. But right now, it feels timid. Especially compared to Faith Princes' overt horniness. 

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