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Stage Door Experiences Lately  Apr 8 2024, 02:44:55 PM

This was back in January, but I found the Kimberly Akimbo stage door to be very chill. The crowds were small, everyone came out and signed, and we chatted with a few of the cast for a bit.

Mayer-helmed GALILEO musical and more part of Berkeley Rep season  Dec 6 2023, 03:29:25 PM

After the week I've had, this is definitely the good news I've needed.

My first exposure to Raul was listening to cast recordings of tick, tick, Boom and Rocky Horror Show, and I'm excited to be able to see him in person.

Creatives Taking Notes During Previews  Mar 25 2024, 01:53:50 AM

I saw an early preview of The Sound Within back in 2019. My mom and I happened to be seated next to David Cromer and his assistant director. They both introduced themselves, and explained what they were doing and told us in advance that we might hear them whispering or bringing out light to take notes.

I guess it depends on the show, but I didn't find it distracting. If nothing else, it was really cool to see that part of the creative process!

2024-2025 Touring Season  Feb 13 2024, 02:55:39 PM

Broadway San Francisco's 2024-25 season:

  • Wicked (8/28 to 10/13) at the Orpheum 
  • Kimberly Akimbo (11/5 to 12/1) at the Curran
  • Some Like It Hot (1/7/25 to 1/26/25) at the Orpheum
  • Back to the Future (2/12/25 to 3/9/25) at the Orpheum
  • Parade (5/13/25 to 6/8/25) at the Curran
  • A Beautiful Noise (6/3/25 to 6/22/25) at the Golden Gate
  • & Juliet (7/1/25 to 7/27/25) at the Orpheum


Other than Back to the Fut

KIMBERLY AKIMBO Reviews  Jan 17 2024, 12:28:10 AM

For what it's worth, I was pleasantly surprised that Victoria was in at last Tuesday's performance (January 9th). And while I'm sure her understudies are great, her performance was what really tied the show together IMO.


No idea if there's been a schedule change since then.

The Official TDF Thread  Dec 20 2023, 04:26:33 PM

Anyone recent reports of TDF seat locations for Kimberly Akimbo? It's on the list of shows we definitely want to see on our January trip, but I'm debating TDF vs. finding an offer code.

Cross Sex Casting  Dec 12 2023, 05:50:14 PM

Didn't Waitress have a stunt cast for the role of Joe that was a woman? I remember hearing they changed the lines about losing the baby when Joe is reminiscing.

On another note: I've seen a couple of local productions of Guys and Dolls where Arvide Abernathy is a female character. I also recently saw a local production of Anything Goes where Moonface Martin is a woman, who instead disguises herself as a nun (and gets the girl in the end).

The Avett Brothers’ SWEPT AWAY musical at Arena Stage  Nov 27 2023, 11:45:06 PM

I saw Swept Away at Berkeley Rep and really loved it.

For anyone who has seen the DC version, what's the song list? (And if anyone has seen both, I'd love to hear about the differences!)

National Tour Vs Regional Theater  Sep 20 2023, 11:48:40 AM

Scarywarhol said: "Regional theater has as many problems as Broadway, but I nearly always prefer a regional production to a tour. A lot of that has to do with venues--so often tours are in spaces that absolutely dwarf the productions and encourage the kind of flat theme park quality that can creep in over long runs. A regional will almost always be fresher and it is bespoke to the (usually much more intimate) space. Also less likely to get cruise ship-y tribute concert shows taking u

Cursed Child... right or wrong to support?  Sep 14 2023, 07:23:15 PM

I had tickets to Cursed Child in San Francisco pre-Covid shutdown. In the intervening time, Rowling double-downed on her transphobia, and I've since decided I no longer want to see/read anything related to Harry Potter. Rowling killed the magic for me.


That being said, I don't find it personally useful to get in fights with strangers about it. If someone asks why I'm skipping it I'm happy to discuss, but I don't find it the best use of my time or menta

Empty Broadway Houses Summer 2023 Edition  Jul 27 2023, 12:27:50 PM

gibsons2 said: "Any rumors on Suffs? Is Lempicka still happening? Both are original musicals."

I saw Jenn Colella in June in San Francisco. She mentioned that "hopefully by this time next year" Suffs would be on Broadway, and mentioned the recent workshop. 

So it sounds like the will is there, but it'll depend on financing / house availability / etc. 

New West End GUYS AND DOLLS  Jul 24 2023, 12:14:29 PM

Saw this recently as part of our London theater trip, and I'll echo all the raves, particularly for Andrew Richardson as Sky and Marisha Wallace as Adelaide. 

My husband and I opted for the seats, as we'd spent the last two weeks as tourists and our feet were sore from climbing Welsh castle staircases. The view from the standing section looked amazing, but we were probably more comfortable seated.

One bit I haven't seen discussed here:

Charlie Stemp CRAZY FOR YOU West End - P/reviews & Discussion Thread  Jul 10 2023, 10:04:54 AM

My husband and I saw this when we first got into London and were running on about three hours of sleep. The fact that we both came out with positive feelings speaks well of the production.

As others have said, the plot is slight, but the music is wonderful, the production values are high, and the cast is very talented. I can't imagine Crazy For You working without a talent like Charlie Stemp, but when performed at this level, it's a lot of fun.

INTO THE WOODS Tour  Jun 22 2023, 02:23:06 AM

I sat in Row F Orchestra (left) tonight, and the wooden beam was there. It was barely an obstruction, even in the Cinderella's slipper scenes, but I would have been annoyed if I sat closer and had paid more.

The production itself was fantastic. As a west coaster I can only see a very limited amount of each New York theater season, and I'm so glad I got to experience this iteration of Into the Woods.

FYI, Felicia Curry was on for the Witch, Marya Grandy for Felici

Paid global stream of Takarazuka CASINO ROYALE musical  Jun 9 2023, 01:23:50 PM

Long time Takarazuka fan here - tempted to make a joke about how in my day, we had to walk uphill through snow both ways to get our hands on performance DVDs wink


(Seriously, I think this is a great step. I haven't followed Takarazuka as closely in the last few years, but I'll probably get a ticket to the live stream just to support the practice of translating and distributing shows overseas).

London - mid March 2023  May 26 2023, 01:54:46 PM

So after everything, my husband and I got Covid several days before we were supposed to leave for London.

Needless to say, I was devastated. BUT, thank God we bought travel insurance, which should cover most of our non-refundable costs. (On a contrary note, the Booking Protect that I bought for Matilda and The Burnt City tickets was a total waste of 10 pounds).

We're looking to re-book to early July. As they say in my beloved Groundhog Day, "if not tomorrow, perhaps the

Goddess at the Berkeley Rep  May 11 2023, 12:16:05 PM

I agree. I really liked the version I saw at Berkeley Rep and there was a lot of promise, but it needed a lot of work. Every time the show veered into the plotline with the male lead running for mayor, it fell flat.

INTO THE WOODS Tour  May 6 2023, 03:54:56 AM

bear88 said: "I remain amazed by the price differential for tickets almost anywhere else and prices for good seats in San Francisco.

Premium seats for Saturday night in Chicago: $176.50, with prices going down to $116.50 in the rest of the orchestra and cheap seats in the balcony for $46.50.

Things are even less expensive in Nashville, where the most expensive seats are $129.

Even in Los Angeles, the most expensive seats are $165 at the Ahmanson on we

London - mid March 2023  May 1 2023, 04:10:22 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Dress code is like Broadway - really wear whatever you like.

And those theatres are scattered throughout the city so you’ll almost certainly be taking the tube or a car to get around to them, unless you like really long walks.

Heading over myself this week and very excited for a crap-ton of new shows.

Thanks Jordan!

I think it's just the selection of shows I picked that are so dispersed, but i

London - mid March 2023  May 1 2023, 03:05:30 PM

Once again jumping onto this thread. Somehow it's May, and my husband and I are going to the UK in three weeks!

Our current theater itinerary is:

  • Groundhog Day (*cough*multipletimes*cough*)
  • Matilda
  • The Burnt City
  • The Secret Life of Bees
  • Guys and Dolls
  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane (tour in Cardiff)

We may add on 2:22: A Ghost Story. Other than theater, we plan on sightseeing in London, Bath, and Cardiff.

Two q

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