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Member Name: oh-bwayhereicome
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Gender: Male
Profile: Aspiring actor. Theater/Music double major at Muhlenberg College.
Shows I've seen (Broadway or otherwise noted):
Rent (2x)
The 25th... Spelling Bee (Tour)
Next to Normal
Avenue Q (Tour)
Ragtime (Revival)
The Phantom of the Opera
Les Miserables (25th Anniversary Tour)
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
Promises, Promises (Revival)
Spring Awakening (Tour)
Chicago (Revival)
Catch Me If You Can
Billy Elliot
How to Succeed...(Revival)
Godspell (Revival)
Peter and the Starcatcher
The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Revival)
The Addams Family (Tour)
We Will Rock You (London)
Wicked (London)
R+H's Cinderella
The Glass Menagerie (Revival)
Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812

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THE WIZ 2024 Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Jun 14 2024, 10:21:07 AM

I still think it’s criminal they didn’t record the Emerald City sequence, it’s some of the best music in the whole show

THE HEART OF ROCK AND ROLL Opening Night Critics’ Revies
 May 14 2024, 04:53:17 PM

Has anyone who’s gone recently know if they are selling windowcards yet? I went early in April and they said they were still waiting to get them

HERE LIES LOVE - Broadway Previews
 Jun 18 2023, 12:32:54 AM

Anyone get any pics of merch?

Shows offering lottery/rush tickets this holiday week?
 Dec 25 2022, 10:09:42 PM

Anyone know what shows are still offering rush or lottery this week? And which ones are acting as black out dates? Seems like a few online lotteries are not being offered. Such as Beetlejuice and Little Shop.

K-POP On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Nov 8 2022, 12:05:58 AM

I just can't tell if adding such a thing to the plot at this point would be a help or a hindrance to it."

Yea like I really don’t know what they even have room to add. By going so deep into focusing on Mwe the other two groups are really forgotten. Like even F8’s plot didn’t really get the emotional depth and attention for what could be very interesting story. 

Meanwhile for RTMIS we barely get to know them at all, I can’t re

K-POP On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Nov 3 2022, 05:46:33 PM

So saw this finally last night after waiting since seeing off-broadway so many years ago. And I had a great time! But def not everything I expected.Here are my thoughts :



-Music is as good as ever! If this doesn’t get a cast recording I will be soooooo disappointed. I am still humming the songs. And wow those are some amazing singers, not a weak voice anywhere.

-Choreography is amazing! The performers are so crisp and stellar. I don&rsq

K-POP On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Nov 2 2022, 08:30:07 AM

Just got an email that the matinee for today Wed Nov 2nd is cancelled. Still on for tonight. Debating if I should reschedule for tonight’s show or wait a few days. I’m coming from northwest NJ and would hate for it to be possibly cancelled on me after driving all that way.

K-POP On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Oct 12 2022, 01:05:14 AM

So I gotta say that these preview clips have kind of turned me off from this production.

I was lucky enough to to see this off broadway and still consider it one of my top 5 theatre experiences of my life. The music, the plot, the set, the talent. I still hum some of the songs (with the help of Helen Park’s YouTube page and this nyt article Here). 

What worries me about this new version is both the lack of plot for more of a concert vibe as well as replacing some really great music. I remember LMM tweeted after seeing it off broadway to record the album ASAP. I wish they did.

I wait for feedback from the first preview with baited breath.

Amelie - Revised production in Germany
 Jun 25 2019, 02:19:58 PM
Oh wait never mind I see it was retitled. Did the song change at all?
Amelie - Revised production in Germany
 Jun 25 2019, 02:18:45 PM
It’s very strange that they cut “Times Are Hard For Dreamers” since it was the most promoted and central song in the Broadway run. I’m also thought it was pretty catchy and fitted where it was placed.
 Mar 23 2019, 12:52:14 PM

jawjuhh said: "

^ the Merch menu

Link doesn’t work

 Mar 23 2019, 10:56:48 AM
Any reports on merchandise?
OKLAHOMA! Previews
 Mar 20 2019, 12:09:40 AM

Any merch?

 Mar 11 2019, 11:53:57 PM
PM’d you!
To Kill a Mockingbird Rush
 Mar 9 2019, 04:18:08 PM

I went this past Wednesday 3/6 after I got out of a matinee to see if they had any SRO or rush. Was able to get SRO 12 for $39 at around 4:30 for the night show. View was completely unobstructed. But bring a jack if you are any of the even number SRO, you are by the entrance and it was freezing before the show as everyone entered the theatre. Also the box office attendant said that, unlike what is written on the Rush info page, they do not offer $29 rush tickets for the

 Nov 27 2018, 11:16:50 PM

Cyndawg said: "This was a good show (from what I heard and read) that deserved a longer run. I did have one question. Many folks on here said the design was brilliant and it was nothing like they have ever seen before. But, can someone tell me how the design and or direction differed from the Godspell Revival. If I watch clips from both shows, it almost seems like the same director touched both shows (though I know that it is not true). By the way I have not seen either show to the f

What Caryl Churchill play should I read first?
 Oct 8 2018, 03:25:39 PM

Yea, Top Girls is her best work in my opinion. Cloud Nine is a good follow-up. If you want to get into her weirder stuff check out The Skriker, one of my personl favs.

BCEFA Flea Market Collectors Unite!
 Sep 15 2018, 10:42:09 PM

How early do people recommend getting there? Last year I showed up like 10mins before the designated start time, yet all the tables were already crowded beyond capacity. I guess the tables don't wait till the start time on the website?

I also hope they close 44th and 45th street like they used to a few years ago. It is impossibly crowded having everyone stuck on just the sidewalk.

BCEFA Flea Market Collectors Unite!
 Sep 9 2018, 06:12:22 PM

Also I'm curious on people's opinions on something. Obviously this is a charity event, and that many stars take the time to meet with fans at the autograph table. However if you see a star walking around, just casually, is it inappropriate to ask for a picture? I remember freaking out bc I saw Andrew Keenan-Bolger just hanging around and really wanted to ask for a picture, but I felt it was the wrong time, especially how you donate to get access to the autograph tables. What are

BCEFA Flea Market Collectors Unite!
 Sep 9 2018, 06:08:23 PM

I am on the lookout for a Newsies hoodie, Prince of Broadway Windowcard, playbills from the original run of Angels in America, and a bunch of cheap cast recordings. I'm also hoping with Spongebob closing o the 16th thre might be some fun things, whether cheap merch or stuff from the stage.


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