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Robert Downey Jr to make Broadway debut in Ayad Akhtar's McNeal at Lincoln Center
 May 21 2024, 01:41:42 PM

I gave up after the linctix queue was crashed close to an hour and just walked to Lincoln Center. (Yes I have the luxury of working on 9th, about a 20 minute walk away.) And got, what I think, are fantastic seats for $32 for my first choice of date.

Robert Downey Jr to make Broadway debut in Ayad Akhtar's McNeal at Lincoln Center
 May 21 2024, 12:45:36 PM

TaffyDavenport said: "For those not getting LincTix, what's your reason for not joining LCT for $50 and getting access last week to $82-92 seats? I was a lapsed member, but rejoined for this, so, for about $140 including fees, I got a seat in orchestra row H of the 300s for the last Saturday of previews, a seat which would almost certainly be a $300+ premium for the general sale."

For that price I could see 3-4 shows easy. That’s my justification.

 May 9 2024, 12:33:24 AM

He was apparently the person hit by a NJ transit train this morning. Which truly makes the circumstances all the more tragic.

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews
 Apr 1 2024, 08:58:11 AM

Gayle’s competition will come from Kelli O’Hara, Maleah Joi Moon and potentially Eden Espinoza, and a 5th nominee in the form of Eva Noblezada. (Mind you I’ve not seen Gatsby or Lempicka yet)

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews
 Mar 31 2024, 08:57:10 PM

I was honestly skeptical that this show would really make me say the Tony was going to go to anyone but Merrily… but now I really don’t know! And can we talk about the set design?! That space is stunningggg. And I can fully foresee all 4 of the principals getting nominations, and at least 2 feel like the front runners. (Even having not seen a good chunk of the newer shows)

I need to go back, and plan to enter the lottery whenever I can!

THE WIZ Previews
 Mar 28 2024, 09:52:01 PM

Intermission of the Invited Dress ran verrrry long. Then act 2 started…. And after the opening number the curtain came down. Schele Williams came out and informed us there was an injury during act 1 (which I clearly didn’t notice tho I have suspicions) and the long wait was used to decide what we would see for act 2. We ended the night finally meeting The Wiz in his opening number. Then we were sent home.

guess we have to go back 

SMASH Reading Lottery
 Jan 29 2024, 06:41:29 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "Workshops of Some Like It Hot and some Ken Davenport shows have also done a lottery to get "civilian opinions" out of a reading. It's not a bad idea to see what's working and what isn't, though I don't know if the data would be any different from what invited co-producer types (or their employees) would provide after a reading."

After the performance, we have to take a 20 minute survey, so it's clearly that

SMASH Reading Lottery
 Jan 29 2024, 02:42:08 PM

You had to enter by Friday night 1/26. So it seems that window has closed.

SMASH Reading Lottery
 Jan 29 2024, 02:29:43 PM

i Don’t see a thread, so figure I’d start one.

Did anyone check their emails to see if they won?!

I did, and I’m shooketh. Going Thursday morning 2/15

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more
 Jan 20 2024, 12:34:41 AM

The Wailing Wall number near the end of the show is one of the most beautiful things Ive seen on stage in a while, like the cast just sounded huge and the lighting and the choreography, it was electric. Definitely his best score since Bridges of Madison County. Its not Parade, but not much is.

I was a big fan of the show, sitting in the second row at the First Preview, it felt like a very special night, especially with him conducting, which was part of why I snatched up a ticket for th

The Official TDF Thread
 Jan 19 2024, 05:41:39 PM

What're the odds that Once Upon a Mattress hits TDF? The run starts Wednesday, and while it's sold pretty good, plenty of sets in the Orchestra and Mezzanine are available. Or should I just buy a Balcony Access25 ticket and call it a day? (Side Note: I really miss when those Access tickets were in the Grand Tier/Mezzanine)

Broadway Bar Price Comparison Project
 Jan 19 2024, 05:34:42 PM

Hi All,

First, hopefully this is allowed, and if not feel free to remove! I would love your help in collecting data for a work project. I essentially want to see the full spectrum of Broadway Food and Beverage pricing. I'm curious to see how things have changed in recent years with inflation and general price increases across the board. Feel free to post screenshots of the bar menus as you attend the theater this weekend and into next week! I need to submit my findings by end of da

Josh Gad & Andrew Rannells to star in GUTENBERG! THE (BEST) MUSICAL (EVER)
 Aug 18 2023, 12:22:37 PM

TheSecretArden said: "I’m not usually one to come and complain on these boards, but this morning’s publicity stunt was easily the worst box office experience I’ve had after seeing 100+ shows in NYC. I got in line around 8:40, with around 80 people ahead of me. I knew I wouldn’t win one of the lottery seats, but figured I’d stay in case some sort of promotion was offered / to see Andrew (who - side note - was the single highlight of this morning. Just as

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Aug 1 2023, 11:14:06 PM

I didn't rush it this morning (Tuesday) but I did walk by at just after 10am and the line was longggggg. No chance most of those people got tickets. Especially considering they have about 8-10 rush tickets. The show was sold out for the day by 11am (per a sign in the box office)

I imagine some people in that line who didn't get rush tickets paid full price causing rhe show to sell out.

Souvenir Brochures
 Jul 25 2023, 12:40:41 PM

MerchMan said: "First, they're called Souvenir Programs, not brochures, that's what they're called in the UK. Sales for programs have drastically decreased over the years in the states. SIX, for example, may sell 200 in a week on Broadway, while they'll sell 1500 in the UK or Australia! Shucked's program is beautiful with a clever diecut cover!"

It’s important to note however, that in the UK, theater goers don’t get Playbills for free.

Sondheim's Final Musical HERE WE ARE will premiere at The Shed this fall (No, really!)
 Jul 19 2023, 12:47:54 PM

No one is answering the box office line now.sad

The Official TDF Thread
 Jun 21 2023, 11:36:55 AM

Seems unlikely at this point. Weekend has availability. But idk. I’m honest afraid to continue holding off. 

Broadway and the NYC Air Emergency (June 2023)
 Jun 7 2023, 06:56:13 PM

ACL2006 said: "qafgenius122 said: "Can’t say how I know this, but some high profile Broadway show cancellation announcements are imminent."

Shows tonight are at either 7pm or 8pm and there's been zero cancellations.

Do you believe me now?

Broadway and the NYC Air Emergency (June 2023)
 Jun 7 2023, 06:14:01 PM

Can’t say how I know this, but some high profile Broadway show cancellation announcements are imminent.

The 76th Annual Tony Award Nominations (2023)
 Jun 7 2023, 12:13:30 PM

So I’ve got my picks pretty much set. But have 3 categories where I’m still undecided…(note I’m going for will win, not should win)

Featured Actress in a Play - Silverman, Crawford or Sullivan

Best Book - Shucked or Kimberly Akimbo

Play Revival - Piano Lesson or Doll’s House


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