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Performances at the 2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 12 2024, 01:24:20 AM

I’m most excited to see the number from Water For Elephants. The choreography and acrobatics are electric and I hear they’ve been really working hard to translate it for the television screen. I think It will show exceptionally well. 

Welch’s GATSBY to premiere in 2024
 Mar 13 2024, 12:43:49 PM

This show is slated for the St James. 

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Jan 27 2024, 11:37:24 AM


Waitress is a Dramaturgical Wreck
 Sep 26 2018, 04:43:22 PM

OKBroadwayFan said: "Healthcare professional here...

"We know that Jenna gives birth in a hospital. Old Joe says, “I bought you this card in the gift shop downstairs”. If Jenna is in a hospital, why is Norma, a private practice OB GYN nurse helping with the delivery at the hospital? It would be highly irregular to find a private practice nurse in a hospital setting. It’s a logical incongruity."

Actually in a small town, the n

Waitress is a Dramaturgical Wreck
 Sep 26 2018, 03:16:44 PM
1. Jenna is fundamentally a liar.
When in the bathroom during her morning sickness episode early in act one, her friend Dawn questions “I thought you don’t sleep with your husband” to which she responds, “He got me drunk, I do stupid things when I drink”.
Later in her appointment with her gynecologist, so unsure is she about ‘when’ the pregnancy began that she asks “How pregnant am I?”
This means one of two things: Jenna enjoys sexual congress with her husband regularly and lies abou

Waitress on Tour
 Mar 7 2018, 11:28:19 AM

"With Networks managing the tour, I wouldn't get my hopes up for many recognizable names in the cast."

I don't know what company is managing it, but it isn't Networks, itwould be listed on their site by now and it's not.

Production Manager:NETworks Presentations, LLCandJason Juenker

NETworks was engaged strictly to hire the crew for the production, as NAMCO, the tour’s management company has very little expertise and experience successfully running tours. NETworks was essentially a contractor. NAMCO’s management style continuously pushes rules to their boundaries if not breaks them all together. Employees of Waitress on Tour as well as the low tier Equity tour of Chicago are apparently growing very tired of Alicia Parker’s disrespect for general decency, as well as the Weissler/Herrick mismanagement of funds and their productions according to closed Facebook Actors Equity Groups.

The Most Thankless Roles in Musical Theatre
 Feb 12 2018, 08:38:24 AM

KathyNYC2 said: "iWannaBEaSedaris said: "Earl in Waitress The Musical
When done well, the guy literally gets booed off the stage at bows.

I've never heard anyone boo at bows for Earl. They cheer when Jenna decides to leave him. But he gets regular applause at curtain call like any actor.

I'mnot sure why you think that if the actor does well, he'll be booed at curtain call. Obviouslyhe's an actor who did a good job.


The Earl on tour gets booed nightly, he even talks about it on Twitter.

The Most Thankless Roles in Musical Theatre
 Feb 11 2018, 08:03:23 PM

Earl in Waitress The Musical
When done well, the guy literally gets booed off the stage at bows.

Sara in Waitress closing?
 Dec 8 2017, 02:45:18 PM

Tking0012 said: "Does anyone else think that Waitress will close when Sara leaves?

It seems to me like anytime they take a dip in grosses they bring her in to boost sales. I don't think they can keep calling her in forever.

How long do we think Waitress has left post Sara(if at all)?

The show has very healthy financials. Sara is doing the show because she actually wants to, and will do it in LA for the same reason. 

The show, wh

Hamilton second tour cast?
 Nov 3 2017, 12:45:39 PM
Austin Scott

Waitress on Tour
 Oct 19 2017, 09:55:04 AM

The platform is automated.

Looking for a Platonic Love Song
 Jul 20 2017, 01:43:25 AM

This is a joke but still: I found it funny. 


Former Fat Kids Society- Purely Platonic

Riedel on ROBIN HOOD Musical Possibly Coming to Broadway
 Jul 20 2017, 01:23:15 AM

There are 3 guitars used in the opening number. Outside of that only the traditional troubadour character of Alan A'Dale plays his own instrument,  and in one other instance is a Lady in waiting accompanying a dance jig in Act 2. The show is backed by a 5 piece band. Not staged John Doyle or 'Once' style. 

NY Pops Gala '17 Honoring Kelli O'Hara and Bartlett Sher
 May 3 2017, 11:30:04 AM

Magic Mike workshop
 Apr 17 2015, 06:45:44 PM

It isn't a workshop.

Just a reading of the first act, no director attached.

Very much 1st draft, for the producer's benefit only, even so, what is there is very entertaining and smart.

American Psycho to start previews February 2016 at a TBA Shubert Theater
 Feb 9 2015, 09:33:21 AM
Vintage Snarker:

Perhaps if you haven't read the book, seen the London production, or even seen the movie, could it be that your browsing of a Wikipedia article doesn't really give you sense of anything about the property?
The, as you put it, fantasy/reality element is the question of the whole property, not a device or convention. Whether Bateman killed hundreds doesn't matter, the final moments of the book, movie, show turn the mirror on the audience/reader to decide if it affects

Fish in the Dark Previews
 Feb 3 2015, 09:37:39 AM
I attended last night, and kept on wondering where Jerry and Elaine were. It's an overblown Seinfeld throwback with zero heart that would be hilarious if it were 40 minutes in a madcap start to finish, but as is, it's a meandering mess.
But what does it matter, it's already presold more than any other play.

American Psycho to start previews February 2016 at a TBA Shubert Theater
 Feb 3 2015, 09:33:10 AM
The answer to why 2016 is very simple guys.
Rupert Goold is booked until late 2015.
Kind of hard to rehearse the show without it's director.

Full cast for American Psycho lab announced
 Jan 18 2015, 10:17:23 PM

Zosia Mamet joining American Psycho
 Dec 23 2014, 11:42:13 AM

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