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Bernadette Peters & Lea Salonga to Lead OLD FRIENDS On Broadway  Apr 9 2024, 01:11:17 PM

It would be a crime to not include anything from Here We Are, his last musical.

Tom Holland's Romeo and Juliet to Transfer to Broadway?  Apr 8 2024, 08:35:38 AM

I suspect a large portion of the audience that the casting choice is aiming to attract might be in the rude awakening that this is a Shakespear play that requires a proper understanding of the English language rather than West Side Story where the bar is much, much lower.

THE NOTEBOOK Opening Night Critics’ Reviews  Mar 15 2024, 12:03:59 PM
ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "Maryann Plunkett is getting some of the best reviews of any actress in a musical this season. Meanwhile, the show itself is getting some of the worst."

As expected. But Maryann Plunkett sells the ticket for me.

Bring Ryan Gosling to Broadway now!!  Mar 12 2024, 11:29:20 AM
Baker's Wife in Into The Woods Arc  Feb 23 2024, 02:27:10 PM

I think the idea is that she's finally living for and as herself, and not the "baker's wife." Until the affair, all she did was fulfilling the traditional gender roles of being a wife: having a baby and providing support for her husband. Never was she afforded freedom to do something that's just for her, and her alone. The fulfillment is the discovery of self: "Just remembering you've had an and when you are back to or, makes the or mean

Any chance we'll see Daniel Fish's Oklahoma! again?  Feb 18 2024, 09:01:47 AM

Wayman_Wong said: "''It was not particularly well-received on the road.''

That's an understatement. When I saw this ''Oklahoma!'' on tour, the audience response was tepid and polite at best. And there were a number of walkouts. Christopher Barrow, who played Jud Fry, wrote an essay about it for ''Surviving in the States: Audience Rejection on the Road With 'Oklahoma!' '' (Just for the record, the best ''Oklahoma!'' I've ever seen was Arena Stage's 2010 multi-ethnic, theater-in-the-round revival, directed by Molly Smith and led by Nicholas Rodriguez, who won a Helen Hayes Award for his Curly.THIS is the great ''Oklahoma!'' that should've played Circle in the Square.)


Hmm no. Are you implying the taste of the regional theater circle, which has been proven drastically different from that of New York, should determine which production should play in a New York theater?

Any chance we'll see Daniel Fish's Oklahoma! again?  Feb 18 2024, 08:58:39 AM

joevitus said: "blaxx said: "Broadway Flash said: "I hope not it was dreadful. Oklahoma is not supposed to be a tragedy. It’s better when you stick to the script and happy."

On the contrary, Fish was able to truly show the dark piece it is.

There is no way on earth Rodgers and Hammerstein would agree had they seen it.

I think there is room for interpretations like this because Oklahoma! is a classic that ca

THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews  Feb 14 2024, 10:31:03 AM

Apart from being a fan from Ingrid, the biggest draw for me is Maryann Plunket. Her performance in the Richard Nelson plays at Public was mesmerizing and I revisit the PBS recordings of the Apple Family and Gabriel Family series from time to time. Truly magical. If her performance in this show is half as good, I would consider it 200 bucks well spent.

Lincoln center will get a new leader  Feb 8 2024, 01:04:59 PM

Just to be clear, this is about Lincoln Center, not Lincoln Center Theater right?

DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES - Opening Night Critics' Reviews  Jan 30 2024, 10:35:12 AM

For an adult musical, the book feels eerily childish for the theme it depicts barring the motel scene, which I think is the highlight of the production. For what it is now, it feels rushed and more like connectors between songs than an organic component of the show.

Helen Hayes seating for Appropriate  Jan 29 2024, 01:11:48 PM

Surprising no one mentioned how tight and uncomfortable the seats generally are in Hayes (at least for the orchestra). Had the play been any less engaging, the pain of not being able to stretch my legs straight would've been vying for my attention throughout the three hours. Going from Hudson to Hayes, both charging similar prices for the seats, at least I didn't have to put myself through the waterboarding watching Merrily. If you can get an aisle seat, get that for Hayes unless you

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along  Jan 29 2024, 12:08:18 PM

ColorTheHours048 said: "Dancingthrulife2 said: "Have you entertained the possibility that there's a reason, a legal reason in contracts law, that if someone is above title and they miss a performance the ticket purchase can ask for a refund? Have you entertained the possibility that before asserting "rampant entitlement" or "not [being] 'owed' anything" doing some basic legal research might help you make a colorable case?"

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along  Jan 29 2024, 11:12:55 AM

ColorTheHours048 said: "Dancingthrulife2 said: "Have you entertained the possibility that the problem lies more with the transparency and communications from the production team than simply performers missing performances?"

Have you entertained the possibility that the rampant entitlement from folks demanding transparency for what appears to be an agreement between Mendez and the producers for her to miss performances is indicative of the generally insuf

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along  Jan 29 2024, 10:50:46 AM

ColorTheHours048 said: "BorisTomashevsky said: "ColorTheHours048 said: "This is so dramatic, oh my god. Relax yourself before you pull a muscle."

“Relaxing” and having no limits is exactly how things eventually turn to crap. Seems to be the current trend I guess.

Yes, Broadway is failing because of the overabundance of understudies. Get a grip.


Have you entertained the possibility t

Lincoln Center Archives  Jan 21 2024, 07:19:15 AM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "Was it "necessary" for them to record the short-lived revival Frankie & Johnny with Audra McDonald & Michael Shannon, perhaps at the expense of a short-lived musical or original play?"



I tried...  Jan 18 2024, 04:03:38 AM

I think the worst mistake they made with the movie is how they sanitized and cheapened Celie's inner growth.I'll never understand why anyone would think it would be a good idea to axe most og her relationship with Shug, especially relegating What About Love to Celie's dream sequence with equally flummoxing choreography except to attempt to appeal to a homophobic crowd. And the result isn't pretty, because doing so also diminishes Celie's jourmey of self-discovery and overs

Reasons People Don't Like Musicals  Jan 17 2024, 05:42:46 AM

I’ve come to greatly prefer plays to musicals last few years. There’s just nothing of similar caliber to the lush and euphoric golden age musics nor to the sophisticated and carefully crafted Sondheim musicals. Sure, I’ve been floored by shows like The Great Comet, Fun Home, and the Band’s Visit, but it seems that they are proving to be increasingly financially unviable in today’s market and what we get instead just isn’t that good. On the other hand, I fin

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along  Jan 16 2024, 05:49:12 PM

I’m bitter because Mendez’s performance is actually great, one I actually prefer to Radcliffe’s and think is on par with Groff’s. Her performance really fleshed out Mary in a way that I think only she could. The understudy has great vocal, but there’s just not that oomph you would expect from a great Sondheim show. You’ll get a good night out regardless of who you get, but Mendez deserves to be above title 100% for her mesmerizing performance.

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along  Jan 15 2024, 03:47:43 PM

If she is filming a TV show while performing a role on Broadway that would generally require your attendance 8 times a week, then it is "an issue of professionalism, work ethic, or being 'difficult'" to not schedule it out and announce it to the public in advance.

DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES Previews  Jan 14 2024, 08:41:19 AM

Broadway Flash said: "I think the score is exquisite. And I think the material is overall strong. Some of you are acting as if it is weak, which it is not. I also like how poetic and bizarre the show is. Her scatting while vacuuming drunk into the operatic Underdeath. Perfection!"

The book is as strong as a house made of paper.

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