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The Wiz returning to Bway in 2023 after National Tour  Feb 18 2024, 02:44:12 PM

Does the current production have an overture? I had forgotten that the original production had an overture that was not recorded for the cast recording. It sounds wonderful and just listen to those strings!

The Wiz overture

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 14 2024, 11:46:33 AM

Is it just that audiences are used to hearing over-amplified sounds and are disappointed when the full acoustic orchestra isn’t exactly what we expected?

The same thought crossed my mind just last night. I've heard many fan audio clips of Sweeney and the sound sounds perfectly fine. Rich and well balanced. I think many in the audience have lost the ability to actively "listen". Instead they expect the sound to be poured into their heads like

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 9 2024, 11:55:25 PM

Oh wow. I had a feeling that Sutton wouldn't be a good fit for the role but I never imagined she would sound that bad.

Better to throw your money down the sewer, as Lovett would say.

Isn't it about time for a major Broadway revival of DREAMGIRLS?  Feb 2 2024, 12:22:50 PM

Morocco, you are not in the minority at all. Like with Phantom, I'd want to see the original staging and orchestrations and choreo, just with a new cast. Otherwise, it seems like diminishing returns.
Those original descending catwalks in Steppin To The Bad Side looked so awesome...but there's no clear video of them online. Would love to see that effect live.

Here's some good video of the set in action on Broadway.
 Act 2 Opening

Chita Rivera has died  Jan 31 2024, 10:17:36 AM

Listener said: "This one stings.

I only saw Chita once, in Drood, but she was so lovely at the stage door and always so vivacious in her interviews I somehow convinced myself I'd get the chance to see her again in something.

Life is so short. She made the most of it. What a superb performer and person.

Did they end up doing something in her honor at Chicago?

There was mention made at the CHICAGO curtain call.


Chita Rivera has died  Jan 30 2024, 03:31:07 PM

What a life. Farewell Chita.

There will be a special Stars in The House tonight at 8pm ET Celebrating the Life of Chita Rivera.

Here's the link to that tribute

Isn't it about time for a major Broadway revival of DREAMGIRLS?  Jan 26 2024, 05:15:16 PM

I know I'm likely in the minority here but I wish they would completely recreate the original Michael Bennett production with Robin Wagner's light towers, Tharon Musser's masterful lighting, and Theoni V. Aldredge's stunning costumes. All of the elements added up to a flawless look. 

Isn't it about time for a major Broadway revival of DREAMGIRLS?  Jan 26 2024, 02:29:48 PM

Alex Newell must play Effie.

I Am Changing

Kennedy Center Honors 2024  Dec 30 2023, 06:44:57 PM

Hard to believe that Carol Channing was never honored.

Over all the years of the honors there are several who really didn't even deserve it. 

Freak accidents during Broadway shows endangering musicians  Dec 16 2023, 09:47:54 PM

Freak and potentially career-ending accidents are happening more often at Broadway musicals, according to the maestros’ union.

During an Oct. 8 performance of “Back to the Future The Musical,” a skateboard flew from the stage into the orchestra pit near the end of the first act, smashing trumpeter Raul Agraz’s horn into his mouth.

Flying skateboards! Plummetting meat grinders! Freak accidents during Broadway shows endangering musicians: union

‘Lion King’ musicians being targeted after NYC Broadway shows  Dec 16 2023, 09:42:22 PM

Broadway musicians say they are being preyed upon by violent criminals at the stage door of the beloved “The Lion King” musical and other shows.

‘Lion King’ musicians being targeted after NYC Broadway shows: ‘Out of control’

Recordings of Raul Esparza/Adam Heller/Lin Manuel Miranda in Merrily  Nov 27 2023, 12:40:32 PM

muscle23ftl said: "OK, I changed my mind, I was listening to Celia Keenan Bolger and her Mary is the absolute best, when I saw the show live, I thought she was weak as Mary, then I realized she is an absolute skilled actress who really digs very deep in her characters and that's why she played the role, the way she did.

Anyway, the recording with Colin Donnell, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Adam Grupper, Elizabeth Stanley and Betsy Wolfe, and featuring a

Recordings of Raul Esparza/Adam Heller/Lin Manuel Miranda in Merrily  Nov 27 2023, 12:37:26 PM

muscle23ftl said: "Emily Skinner -I love her but she was terrible as Gussie Carnegie. Totally miscast as Gussie, just like the actress playing the role now on Broadway."

I thought Skinner was wonderful. She got some big laughs.


Joss Ackland (who originated Peron in Evita and Fredrik in ALNM in London) has died at 95  Nov 20 2023, 11:15:15 AM

Hi performance of "Now" on the London Cast Recording of NIGHT MUSIC is sublime.


Cannibal trio sentenced after cooking flesh into pastries  Nov 13 2023, 09:14:31 PM

A Brazilian man, his wife and his mistress have all been sentenced to decades in prison after being convicted of murdering women and cooking their flesh in pastries which they sold to neighbours.

Cannibal trio sentenced after cooking flesh into pastries

Theater-Themed Novels  Nov 13 2023, 05:22:53 PM

Smash by Garson Kanin.

The novel is in the form of a production diary for Shine On, Harvest Moon, the fictional musical being created about the life of vaudevillian Nora Bayes. The diary is kept by Production Secretary Midge Maghakian, a young woman who leaves her secure publishing job to join the staff. She finds herself caught up in the various power struggles to control the musical.

Smash (novel)

Sondheim’s Connecticut home for sale  Nov 10 2023, 12:25:58 PM

Charley Kringas Inc said: "I like that he had some of the Sunday in the Park flats around the house, like the monkey and the boat."

I saw the boat but I couldn't find the monkey. Which room is the monkey in?

I also noticed guitars. Did Sondheim play the guitar? Or do they belong to his husband?



Candy Puns for Bat Mitzvah party  Oct 26 2023, 10:33:31 PM

Candy Puns for Bat Mitzvah party  Oct 26 2023, 08:13:55 PM

Ceej for the win!

Candy Puns for Bat Mitzvah party  Oct 26 2023, 04:03:09 PM

Magic Beans (Jelly Beans) from Into the Woods.

Candy Corn from Shucked.



(I suck at this, don't I?)

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