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If you could revive any Broadway flop?
 Mar 29 2018, 12:06:12 AM
I never saw Women on the Verge, but I love that cast album so much so I’d love to see if revived!
Anybody go to the final War Paint performance?
 Nov 5 2017, 08:44:56 PM

It was really nice. Both ladies got lots of entrance applause, but Patti’s was so long she had to hold her hand out to quiet everyone hahah. Every moment seemed extra sentimental and they paused a bit more than they probably normally do. During bows Patti was crying and everyone seemed a lil sad too. Michael Greif, Scott Frankel, and Doug Wright came out and Doug gave a speech about the show. It was a truly great performance!

Also saw Ryan Murphy and Cyndi Lauper in the

My Fair Lady
 Oct 28 2017, 05:21:05 PM

BwayBaby18 said: "FYI: I am not a member and I just bought tickets. Seeing it April 28th!"

I'm not a member either and if you just go on to telecharge the tickets are already available! I got center of the front row of the loge, but I've never been to the Beaumont before so I don't really know how good of seats those are

HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD to Take the Lyric Theatre in 2018
 Oct 18 2017, 11:27:54 AM

I'm very confused about the seating chart. I bought tickets that are "dress circle row L," but neither the mezzanine nor balcony on any of the seating charts for the Lyric have a row L...

Angels in America Audience Rewards Presale Code
 Oct 16 2017, 10:04:10 AM

Does anyone know what the Audience Reward presale code is for Angels in America? I can't find it anywhere!

Roundabout Reading of I Can Get it for you Wholesale
 Sep 13 2017, 03:48:11 PM

Just got a thing in the mail today about roundabout doing a musical reading of I Can Get It For You Wholesale. All the cars says is that Trip Cullman is directing. I wonder who's attached to this!

BERNADETTE is DOLLY - official
 Sep 9 2017, 10:08:13 AM

Is the telecharge website not working for anyone? It keeps saying there's technical difficulties for me!

Why is War Paint Still Playing?
 Sep 1 2017, 02:38:43 PM

Valentina3 said: "So no one agrees that Idina and Kristin would be great replacements? Okay :p"

I would love to see a revival with them! Tho I feel it would be a hard sell to revive WP. I love it, but it isn't breaking the box office. Maybe a non for profit like Roundabout could revive it in like 10ish years?

Will we see a MAME revival soon?
 Aug 16 2017, 05:39:14 PM

Soaring29 said: "If Audra played Mame, they'd have to edit the title song- References to Robert E. Lee and statements like "this time the south will rise again" would not really fly if a black woman is playing Mame."

I feel like no matter who they cast as Mame they'd have to make those changes, especially with wants going on in the country rn

Does Christy Altomare do all performances?
 Aug 14 2017, 07:20:18 PM

Great! Thank you so much :)

Does Christy Altomare do all performances?
 Aug 14 2017, 07:16:55 PM

I'm looking to buy tickets for Anastasia on AudienceRewards and there are only Wednesdays open. I can't find anything about her not doing Wednesday performances, but I just wanted to check here in case she has an alternate that does the role on certain days of the week. Obviously if she's sick or whatever she won't perform, but if everything is right she performs on Wednesday nights, right?

2017 Tony performance videos gone?
 Jul 17 2017, 10:15:11 PM

Why do they delete their videos? If someone is just gonna upload it in a couple months wouldn't it just make more sense to keep it?

Romy and Michelle?
 Jun 15 2017, 04:09:48 PM

Is there any word of this potentially transferring to Broadway?

Next for Frankel and Korie
 Jun 9 2017, 12:12:57 AM

icecreambenjamin said: "I think that Grey Gardens, Far From Heaven, and War Paint are all spectacular.  I love to see them do Carol as a musical (with Kelli O'Hara and Laura Benanti please) and maybe It's A Wonderful Life.  I look forward to whatever they produce in the future."

I never realized how much I needed this! Frankel and Korie would be PERFECT for Carol!! I would love Laura Osnes as Therese and Laura or Kelli as Carol

Costume Design Tonys
 Jun 6 2017, 09:58:15 PM

Zuber's costumes in War Paint were pure spectacle! Every time Patti or Christine entered in a new costume it was breathtaking! Every look was its own special moment and also strengthened the narrative about each lady. The costumes had character themselves making you understand these women intimately. I'm a huge War Paint fan so I'm a little biased, but I really think Zuber should win and I think she's the favorite to win too! 

Linney or Metcalf for the Tony
 Jun 5 2017, 10:43:44 AM

Does anyone think Metcalf being in Three Tall Women next year gives Linney an advantage? Would voters maybe hold off so they can reward Metcalf next year and give Linney the win this year?

WAR PAINT - The Original Broadway Cast Recording
 May 26 2017, 01:39:38 PM

So happy they posted this video! I love seeing the clips of them in the show!!

Top 5 Favorite Theatrical Moments of the 2016-2017 Season
 May 26 2017, 12:31:38 PM

5. War Paint - Patti's performance of "Back on Top" and Christine's performance of "Pink." War Paint was the show that I was most excited for this season, which also made me nervous I was hyping it up a lil too much in my head before seeing it. I was relieved when I went to the Nederlander Theatre to see something that was entirely what I envisioned and hoped it would be. I loved the score (it was my favorite of the season

WAR PAINT - The Original Broadway Cast Recording
 May 24 2017, 09:42:06 PM

I so wish the cut songs were on the album cuz I didn't particularly care for Putting Your Best Face Forward. This score was my absolute favorite of the season and it breaks my heart it wasn't tony nominated! I can't echo what you all have said about CFA and Groundhog Day's score. I liked almost every song from War Paint (except Dinosaurs which I found so cringe worthy) and I wish it faired better than it did this award season.

The 2017-2018 Broadway Season - Confirmed Productions
 May 24 2017, 10:22:46 AM

BroadwayConcierge said: "List updated with Three Tall Women announcement."

Isn't Three Tall Women a revival? I know it hasn't been on Broadway before, but doesn't the classic rule apply here? I could be wrong

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