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Protesters at Suffs tonight
 Jul 3 2024, 11:08:58 AM

OhHiii said: "RW3 said: "WldKingdomHM said: "Looks like a stunt. Upcoming weeks looks like they are in trouble selling wise. Reminds me of the Parade stunt"

Wait, you genuinely believe that the Parade producers hired people to have an anti-Semitic protest outside of the theatre?

Hate to say it, but this has been a rumor in the industry since it happened. And the evidence isn’t not convincing given there were other sho

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more
 Jun 21 2024, 03:15:27 PM

The Western Wall is just as thrilling as I remember. Most exciting number I've seen/heard on stage in years...

The 77th Annual TONY Awards Performances
 Jun 17 2024, 01:59:39 PM

1. Tommy

2. Illinoise

3. Merrily We Roll Along

4. The Outsiders

5. Suffs

6. Hell's Kitchen

7. Water For Elephants

8. Cabaret

Call me crazy, but I will be bummed for a long, long time that we didn't get a mash up of Amber Iman performing "Don't Bet Your Heart" followed by Eden's "I Will Paint Her"... Have a feeling that could have blown every other performance out of the water...

The Outsiders is the most Genre elevating musical since Hamilton (IMO)
 Jun 3 2024, 08:25:38 AM

I mean, if we're talking "genre elevating"-- look no further than the musical currently at the Walter Kerr-- When I think of elevating the art of the musical, I feel Hadestown is really the only one that fits that description...

 May 22 2024, 11:06:27 AM

verywellthensigh said: "All right, now. The show is closed. Y'all can just stop.

To quote our nation's greatest Press Secretary: "Oh my God-- day three..." The glee in which some people are still expressing over this show bombing is making me run into the arms of the creatives... I see now why they're so bitter.

A tribute to the West Wing's incomparable C.J. Cregg


2024 Cast Albums ?
 May 13 2024, 03:00:42 PM

thirtythirtyninety said: "Still no word on a Tommy cast recording. I really thought they would’ve announced it by now."

From a rights/royalties perspective, I wonder if the producers are still in negotiations with the band's business arm (or whoever controls The Who's catalog...) I hope something gets worked out because I really want a recording with the updated orchestrations. Parts of the OBC instrumentation really bug me... 

LEMPICKA closing May 19
 May 3 2024, 04:28:51 PM

I'm bummed about this one. Not that I thought it was any kind of game-changer, but I found Lempicka much more engaging and entertaining than most new productions this season (and some from last season too).

And I still don't understand why the historical inaccuracies had so many critics outraged-- as if Amadeus and Evita aren't riddled with dramatic license (or The Sound of Music and Hamilton for that matter). Criticism of the book and character development I completely und

The Who's Tommy - Tony winner: 1993 Best Original Score
 May 3 2024, 04:07:19 PM

To be fair, a huge chunk of the 1975 lyrics did not make it to the musical. Nor did the songs specifically written for the film. 

Lempicka false advertising
 Apr 22 2024, 11:57:39 AM

I find it hilarious that those criticizing some of the pro-Lempicka reactions to the reviews are now having such a similar overreaction to this ad. 

Next to Normal Broadway Revival?
 Apr 19 2024, 04:03:23 PM

Caissie sounded brilliant at the Olivier Awards. At the same time, after seeing those short clips of Heidi Blickenstaff floating around online... good lord-- that's casting I never knew I needed. 

And yes, keep Lea far, far, far, far away...

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews
 Mar 22 2024, 10:40:13 AM

Mitch101 said: "My friend and I used that forced standing ovation to make an easy and fast exit. This was such a disaster. If anyone can prove the “In the future” concept works I will eat my hat. The evening felt like a director had decided to fire his original collaborators to prove to the world the original success (and awe) was all because of him. What this revival proved is that is not the case. Bring back Bob Crowley!"

I wouldn't argue the &

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews
 Mar 17 2024, 03:07:27 PM

BroadwayBen said: "I know the original album and I saw the 93 production. I've just never understood what TOMMY was about other than some talented rock and rollers getting stoned and writing a messy rock opera. I've never understood what actual story point was. Thoughts?"

The one common thread that runs through all iterations from the 1969 album to the 1975 movie to the musical is the idea that personal trauma and societal values are barriers to reaching inne

The Boys in the Band to premiere on Netflix, Wed. 9/30
 Oct 1 2020, 11:20:01 AM

So something jumped out at me while watching-- had there always been an established hostility between Harold and Donald? It was clearly acknowledged in this version, but was it addressed at all in the Friedkin film? Ironic that my main problem with this remake was losing some of the subtlety of the original, and I have no idea if I missed a subtle nod to the Harold/Donald dynamic in the 1970 film.

Loudest gasp you've heard in the theatre
 Feb 19 2020, 10:25:20 AM

I doubt it happens anymore but seeing WICKED in the first six months-- there were two pretty audible gasps I remember--

Click Here To Toggle Spoiler Content

1. Boq emerges as the Tin Man

2. One of the Wizard's guard says (re: Fiyero) "Take him out to that field there. Put him on those poles until he tells us where the witch went."<

The Official TDF Thread
 Feb 19 2020, 10:14:58 AM

GreasedLightning said: "Is TDF down for anyone else this morning?"

Yes indeed.

Idina Menzel a 'Go' for Funny Girl?
 Jan 16 2020, 12:44:17 PM

I mean, in all fairness, the issue with the HELLO DOLLY! film is not Streisand's performance.

Songs That Sound An Awful Lot Like Other Songs
 Dec 2 2019, 01:16:16 PM


"Damned For All Time" is essentially the 1960s BATMAN television theme song.

THE WHO'S TOMMY Will Return to Broadway in 2021
 Oct 21 2019, 03:19:38 PM

"Our new production of Tommy will be a reinvention aimed directly at today," said director Des McAnuff. "Tommy combines myth and spectacle in a way that truly soars. The key question with any musical is "Does the story sing?" and this one most certainly does. Tommy is the anti-hero ground zero. He is the boy who not only rejects adulthood like Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye, but existence itself. He becomes lost in the universe as he stares endlessly

Mistakes on cast albums
 Aug 27 2019, 04:47:56 PM

Something happens between the 45 and 50 second mark in "There Is A Fountain/It Don't Make Sense" of the 2007 Donmar Cast Recording of PARADE. I don't know if it's a chair or feedback from a microphone but it is loud and pronounced. 

 May 28 2019, 10:31:22 AM

I was incredibly bored. It takes some real "talent" to turn one of Disney's highest-energy outings into a complete snooze. Naomi Scott was the saving grace. She was wonderful to watch and the updates to the character of Jasmine worked well for me. Will Smith look genuinely uncomfortable during the musical numbers. I think I'd rather watch DUMBO again.

Oh and WHAT happened to the character of Jafar? No humor, no camp, no charisma-- just 2 hours of bug-eye

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