Cursed Child current cast

#1Cursed Child current cast
Posted: 12/2/19 at 10:25pm

Does anyone know how long the current cast (Harry, Scorpius etc.) are contracted for? Trying to decide on a date to go but would love to see the current cast before they leave. Thanks!

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#2Cursed Child current cast
Posted: 12/2/19 at 11:12pm

The current Broadway company is contracted through March 15, 2020. I haven't heard any rumblings about who of the current cast is staying, but I'm betting a handful of them will since it's much more common in the US for performers to do multi-year stints. The entire current cast is phenomenal though, so it'd be great if as many of them stayed as possible!

#3Cursed Child current cast
Posted: 12/3/19 at 9:16am

^^^^ What Peron said :)