Topdog/Underdog or Kimberly Akimbo


Topdog/Underdog or Kimberly Akimbo

BWAY Baby2
#1Topdog/Underdog or Kimberly Akimbo
Posted: 10/28/22 at 5:56pm

I have one slot for a BWAY show in December- which do you think I should see- BTW- I love drama and emotional stories.

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#2Topdog/Underdog or Kimberly Akimbo
Posted: 10/28/22 at 9:13pm

This is honestly a tough decision. You can’t go wrong either way.

T/U is HEAVY, but delicious dialogue and you’ll see two of the best straight play performances this season. KA is very much in the vein of FUN HOME, and features some amazing performances from vets and newcomers.

For what it’s worth, neither theatre has any bad seats, but for T/U you can get better seats closer for cheaper 

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