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Julianna Margulies and Peter Gallagher To Star In LEFT ON TENTH
 Jun 27 2024, 01:36:35 PM

Julianna Margulies is tiptoeing back the racist, anti-LGBTQ+, and anti-Islam comments she made on a recent podcast. During a November 20 conversation about the violence in the Gaza Strip on The Back Room With Andy Ostroy, the Good Wife and Morning Show actress claimed the Black community had “been brainwashed to hate Jews.” She also criticized queer and trans people who are pro-Palestine, saying they were supporting “terrorists” who want to kill LGBTQ+ people.---RIGHT ON JULIANNA -SHE IS 100 PERCENT CORRECT!

 May 20 2024, 08:01:42 PM

Mother Play is a hit- so is Mary Jane. The play about Putin's rise to power is still playing- and so is Appropriate. There is plenty of quality theater around. 

What is the worst production you have ever seen on Broadway? What is the worst show?
 May 18 2024, 12:14:47 AM

I loved Come From Away. I hated A View From A Bridge- that latest one from  that Dutch director- whose work I detest. I saw All About Eve in London and he ruined that one too.

George Clooney is coming to Broadway.
 May 14 2024, 08:29:06 AM

None of these major stars are doing it for the money- they are all extremely rich. They are doing it, most likely, for the challenge, the prestige and the accolades- being the toast of BWAY in a he sell out hit- which can do wonders for the ego and for the next possible career move.

Operation Mincemeat Musical - London
 Apr 14 2024, 08:42:24 AM

Saw it in London with my brother and his wife- we all LOVED it. Highly recommend this show. Witty, funny, intelligent , fast moving and highly entertaining. 

MOTHER PLAY seating question
 Apr 7 2024, 09:30:28 PM

Sat in 4th row center- great seats- but they were premium and 250 each- but if you have the money- cant think of a better way to spend it.

 Apr 7 2024, 07:56:53 PM

Saw the show today- 2PM show- it ran till almost 4. LOVED IT!It brought me to tears- and when I discussed it with the lady sitting in front of me- she was in tears, too. This play is about family love- the intensity of it- and the imperfections that don't allow us to fully express our love and support. A very intense exploration- and the acting was amazing. I highly recommend this show. I absolutely loved it. I love drama- and intense emotional explorations- and this show is a showcase fo

Kander and Ebb’s 3rd best show
 Jan 19 2024, 09:04:24 PM

I loved Flora, The Red Menace. I still listen to the Liza Minnelli soundtrack- loved the show in 1965.

Streisand Will Release First Memoir this Fall
 Dec 26 2023, 12:20:43 PM

Love this memoir- a very interesting read. 


Sondheim killed Barbra’s Gypsy.
 Nov 9 2023, 06:14:19 AM

She did great with Yentl.

Orchestra or front row of the mezzanine?
 Oct 20 2023, 08:43:00 AM

Second row center for me- musical or drama- you can see and hear everything. 

 Aug 7 2023, 08:52:37 PM

Flora The Red Menace it starred Liza- and Skyscraper- it starred Julie Harris


London- West End Help/Recommendations
 Jul 2 2023, 03:46:38 AM

I London now- saw 5 A plus shows so far- loved them all---and highly recommend--Lion King, Hamilton, Groundhog Day, The Crucible, A Strange Loop- all excellent. Hamilton was an easy ticket- third row center- a much better experience of this masterpiece up close and center.


Water for Elephants at the Alliance Theatre - Has Anyone Seen?
 Jun 10 2023, 07:56:07 PM

I have tickets Sunday, July 9.  Hoping it is really good.

Why didn't Norm win a Tony for Porgy & Bess?
 May 1 2023, 06:29:13 AM

LOL--While we are on the subject--Barbra should have gotten it for FG.

Sean Hayes / Oscar Levant - The Jewish Part
 Apr 27 2023, 01:46:40 PM

I have to say- I thought the actor- who was black- did a great job in the Lehman Trilogy- and it is true he played multiple roles- is there any example of a Jew or any white person being cast in the role of any hispotirfcally black person? I can't think of any.


Sean Hayes / Oscar Levant - The Jewish Part
 Apr 27 2023, 08:14:44 AM

Interesting discussion. My point about casting black people as celebrated Jews- but not casting white people or Jews as celebrated black people- ever- is what I find to be a double standard--Florenz Ziegfeld and a Lehman Brother being two recent examples. But, I see that has no traction on this board. 


Sean Hayes / Oscar Levant - The Jewish Part
 Apr 26 2023, 09:31:52 PM

Exactly- and I know I have been labeled racist for bringing this issue up a few pages back- because people see Jews as part of the white privilege package- and therefore it is totally acceptable to negate any challenge Jews have voiced - easily chalking it up to racism and white privilege. For me, it is not acceptable to have historically celebrated Jews- a Lehman Brother- Florenz Ziegfeld to name two recent examples-  portrayed by black actors- unless colorless casting goes both ways. I

Sean Hayes / Oscar Levant - The Jewish Part
 Apr 26 2023, 08:07:51 PM

For me, I think there is an anti- white bias in a lot of what is going on these days- and I cannot say I do not understand why- because, any thoughtful person will agree that diversity has not been happening in so many walks of life for a very long time- and white people have basically controlled and locked out POC in so many areas of life- and that needs to be corrected and stopped. For me, that is undeniable. However, in the quest to be more equitable and fair to POC, LBG....., etc. perhaps

Sean Hayes / Oscar Levant - The Jewish Part
 Apr 26 2023, 10:43:29 AM

I agree as well- I love Sean Hayes and hope to see it. But, we are discussing the broader questions of Jewish participation in the diversity discussion. I hope Sean Hayes has a long run- and I cant wait to see it.

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