The Traitors

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Sutton Ross
#1The Traitors
Posted: 3/7/24 at 4:22pm

Is anyone watching any version of this show? I have watched the American, UK, and Australian versions. The first two are identical with the Aussie version slightly different. I like casts that are just normies, not brain dead Housewives with blown out lips. Alan Cumming is the best host out of all of them because he truly has created this iconic character with the most fabulous clothes and accessories, He is campy, fun, bitchy, and perfect in the part. Fun stuff, anyone else watching? 

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Highland Guy
#2The Traitors
Posted: 3/14/24 at 7:40pm

I watched the first season and enjoyed it.  In truth, I remember very little about the show (except for one episode where one or more contestants were buried in the ground).  Given that I have 44 episodes of "Father Brown" waiting to be viewed, I haven't seen the latest season of "The Traitors".

Alan Cumming is great in whatever he does.  Sad that someone saw fit to trash him in a different thread.

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Sutton Ross
#3The Traitors
Posted: 3/14/24 at 9:50pm

I liked the first season a lot better because everyone was unknown. Being an anonymous person in the game is an advantage because you can have a lot of secrets. One person was secretly dating another, another person was related to another player and in another version, a person had a completely different job than what he said (he was actually a hostage negotiator/former hostage) so it worked really well. It was recently renewed so that's something to look forward to. Alan Cumming has been through so much adversity in life. He is a gem of a human, truly. 

I have enjoyed Father Brown over the years, I love their shooting locations all over England. Gorgeous.