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THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES musical will have pre-Bway tryout this summer in Boston
 Jul 16 2024, 08:56:04 PM

OMG Marilyn, it's the f*cking CUTEST merch I've seen in awhile, tell me what you think! 


Menzel-led REDWOOD to transfer to Broadway this season
 Jul 16 2024, 04:39:05 PM

mshalo18 said: "From what I’ve heard, the reason for the larger theater has to do with the size of the set."

Correct, it's absolutely massive.

So, Idina, Kristin, Sutton, and Audra are going to ALL BE ON BROADWAY in the same season?

Julianna Margulies and Peter Gallagher To Star In LEFT ON TENTH
 Jul 16 2024, 03:46:58 PM

What if she doesn't like him? Will she CGI him on stage with her too or.....?

Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season!
 Jul 16 2024, 03:42:26 PM

Reed Birney is the sexiest man I've ever seen on a Broadway stage. LOLZ


JRB Teases
 Jul 16 2024, 02:21:17 PM

I agree Kevin. I think it's about something else entirely. 

JRB Teases
 Jul 16 2024, 02:12:17 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "a BRIDGES revival directed by Michael Arden, starring Amy Adams & Patrick Wilson,that strips it down to a 3-character (8-character?) musical but adds a 25-piece orchestra?

(hey, a gurl can dream)


Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs' TEETH Musical at Playwrights Horizons (Winter 2024)
 Jul 16 2024, 01:22:45 PM

^ Yessssss.....loved that show so much! Bruce Norris is a genius. 

Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs' TEETH Musical at Playwrights Horizons (Winter 2024)
 Jul 16 2024, 12:19:28 PM

I haven't gone back to Playwrights Horizons since The Strange Loop. And I won't until they stop choosing these awful shows.

Never heard of it, but you're, like, totally right.  A Strange Loop, Stereophonic, and Teeth were met with absolutely no buzz, awards, a Pulitzer prize, near universal acclaim, cast recordings, and sold out shows. Ever. Like, they've all been totally forgotten. Absolute failures, all of 'em. 


Anyone Watching Elsbeth?
 Jul 13 2024, 03:28:58 PM

I don’t like how we see the actual murder/crime as well. It ruins this suspense.

But, that's the entire format of the show. It's unlike other crime procedurals because it's an inverted detective story and not the typical whodunit. It's refreshing and Wendell Pierce makes every scene he's in. I love all the locations they shoot around the City and allll her outfits. 

EMPIRE: THE MUSICAL set for New World Stages beginning in July
 Jul 13 2024, 03:01:29 PM

So, I was away from NYC for a while dealing with a family health issue in Florida (ew), so I really, really wanted to see something NY centric and fun. I am aware I was one of five people who loved New York New York and all of Colton's weird rambling, so I thought I would give this a try. 

It looked gorgeous. And then the show started. At one point, I wanted Cookie Lyon to come out and verbally abuse me because that would have been more fun.


Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs' TEETH Musical at Playwrights Horizons (Winter 2024)
 Jul 12 2024, 03:47:45 PM

That's a good point but considering this is being advertised as an open ended run, they will need to go the distance long after Halloween has passed. This is a perfect show for NWS and I hope it's incredibly successful. 


Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs' TEETH Musical at Playwrights Horizons (Winter 2024)
 Jul 12 2024, 01:49:35 PM

Does anyone else think it's a mistake that they are waiting so long to re-open this show? I think it would have been a really hot Summer show. Cast recording sounds incredible tho. 

NYT: New York Moves to Clean Up Times Square After a Spate of Crimes
 Jul 12 2024, 11:40:37 AM

This thread. Dag. 

So, the proper term is "people experiencing homelessness". This emphasizes the humans at the center of this crisis rather than the houses. This phrase also underscores that the problem isn’t the people themselves but the lack of housing (especially affordable housing). I know it isn't as fun as calling them "hood rats, junkies, n'er-do-wells, those people, or crackheads" like people have been doing here,&

THE NOTEBOOK Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Mar 14 2024, 09:46:40 PM

The 2004 weepie comes to Broadway with songs by Ingrid Michaelson and a $5 box of tissues.

Love it, the sobbing people around me sure needed them! I'm glad most of these critics understand they are witnessing a star on the rise though. I knew the second I saw Joy Woods in Little Shop and then Wholesale that she was going to be huge. She's the reason to go to this honestly, but this is a pretty critic proof show it seems.



Casey Likes & Salena Qureshi starring in workshop for musical adaptation of Lauren Gunderson's I AND YOU
 Mar 14 2024, 02:29:57 PM

I love that play so much, hopefully this will go somewhere. 

SUFFS is coming to Broadway
 Mar 14 2024, 01:27:31 PM

Right, so that eliminates 50% of American tourists whose husbands would never allow them to purchase tickets to this. CuZ hEr EmAiLs!

The subject matter might have the market for Liberal White Women Of The Tristate Area cornered already.

Good point. My Mother and all her white/liberal/suburban friends want to see this. My lovely relatives who live in The Villages in DeSantis-Burg openly mocked this show for being "woke, liberal garbage". We'll see how this

SUFFS is coming to Broadway
 Mar 14 2024, 12:11:45 PM

I'm hoping Hillary Clinton's endorsement will make a difference - we have had so many celebrity 'producer' recently, I'm not sure it works."

I love Hillary but her endorsement means absolutely nothing. Like all the shows this Spring, Suffs need to stand out with their marketing, their promos, their appearances, etc. I don't see a lot of that happening and their discount for previews is paltry.

Welch’s GATSBY to premiere in 2024
 Mar 12 2024, 10:07:06 PM

Scarywarhol said: "Nobody is ready for this music."

100%. Nobody is ready for the two leads either. WHEW. 


THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews
 Mar 11 2024, 03:56:00 PM

the casting was a huge problem for me.  I am a lefty liberal and just found it overly woke and confusing

Just an FYI, being "woke" simply means to be informed. There was nothing confusing about the cast if you aren't racist which is something even "lefty liberals" can be. 


 Mar 11 2024, 11:35:36 AM

Remember the initial raves for Beanie Feldstein in the Funny Girl previews thread?

Remember them? It was the most hilarious thing I've ever read here. Declaring that she's a STARRRRRRRR made me cry laugh for days.

I know it's a chat board and everyone has an opinion, but some of these seem very mean spirited. Almost like they hope it fails. 

None of these reviews are mean spirited, they are just posters with different brains,

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