The End of American Exceptionalism

The End of American Exceptionalism

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#1The End of American Exceptionalism
Posted: 11/1/23 at 11:42am

We need to drop our ego. It's over.

Stanley Druckenmiller on CNBC

""My generation... we've given nothing. We've given nothing! And now we want to screw our grandchildren... we've got to stop, guys, we're DRUNK"

Constantin Gurdgiev, economist

"Boom! This isn't about one generation. It is about one Empire. The hegemony exists because it was shielded by geography and lack of ethics. The US opportunistically raided bombed-out Europe twice, and bombed-out Asia Pacific once. Post-WW2 'Breton Woods  + Order' was nothing more than plunder that the USSR helped hand over to Washington. But even that license to print money was not enough, so the US broke the system - at will - moving off the gold standard to print endless debt for itself. The 'Golden Age' of US hegemony saw leveraging up of the whole world, led by the US .And the net outrun of this leveraged takeover was... well... the environmental disaster grafted onto geopolitical crises and the socio-economic system of a hamster wheel".

Beyoncé is not an ally. Actions speak louder than words, Mrs. Carter. #Dubai #$$$
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