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Brooklyn Laundry

#25Brooklyn Laundry
Posted: 4/4/24 at 5:36pm

Kad said: "Theatre never charged by the minute. I’d rather a really tight and entertaining 80 minute show than a lugubrious 2 hour one."


#26Brooklyn Laundry
Posted: 4/10/24 at 7:56pm

I got a 30 Under 35 ticket for today's matinee. I wasn't expecting Doubt, but wow is this play a soap opera. Strong and Zayas' performances go a long way to elevate the material, but Syglowski's character is cliche central.

I do want to single out Adriana DeMeo, who went on for Florencia Lozano. She gave my favorite performance and her scene with Cecily is a glimpse of what the show might have been. Her character also had my favorite line in the show, about how a hospice nurse "had a look on her face like she was staring at the ocean."