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SUFFS Opening Night Critics' Reviews  Apr 18 2024, 09:40:16 PM

I like Green's conclusion:

“Suffs” is already good, in both senses — a good show and good for the world. I even shed a few political tears. But to be great, a musical (like a great movement) must grab you by the throat. “Suffs” too often settles for holding up signs."

Dream Two Show Day  Apr 17 2024, 04:14:37 PM

The best two-show day I've done (in terms of both company and show quality) was in 2019 when my best friend and I started the day at Junior's before a 1 PM King Lear. I know that production was divisive, but worth it to see Glenda.

Then we hung out at Schnippers for a while before Hillary & Clinton in the evening (doing a one-act at night gets you an earlier train home). Laurie came out the stage door within minutes and as a bonus we saw one of her guests, Tony Shalhoub

LEMPICKA Reviews  Apr 16 2024, 06:57:40 PM

Something Rotten is the only show to do that kind of advertising well

No photo description available.

THE WIZ Opening Night Critics’ Reviews  Apr 16 2024, 11:58:36 AM

TaffyDavenport said: "Going tonight with an open mind and a booze-filled body."

Also what audiences at the Marquis said before seeing Escape From Margaritaville

 Apr 12 2024, 10:05:31 AM

theatrefan18 said: "Was anyone else there at today's matinee? Liev Schreiber came on and started the show which is a monologue to the congregation. After a couple of minutes he said"excuse me ladies and gentlemen but I need a minute" and left the stage. The house lights came up and they first announced there would be a slight delay and then a few minutes later they announced that Liev was sick and the understudy would go on in 10 minutes.

I got a refund at the box office because I am local and can go back to see Liev but 90% of the audience stayed. Just curious how the understudy was if anyone was there today?

Liev Schreiber talked about this experience on Seth Meyers last night. He had a migraine which turned into transient global amnesia


Brooklyn Laundry  Apr 10 2024, 07:56:47 PM

I got a 30 Under 35 ticket for today's matinee. I wasn't expecting Doubt, but wow is this play a soap opera. Strong and Zayas' performances go a long way to elevate the material, but Syglowski's character is cliche central.

I do want to single out Adriana DeMeo, who went on for Florencia Lozano. She gave my favorite performance and her scene with Cecily is a glimpse of what the show might have been. Her character also had my favorite line in the show, about how a ho

SUFFS Previews  Apr 10 2024, 07:50:31 PM

My mom saw today's matinee. Her review was that it was "OK, a lot like Hamilton" (which she also didn't love)

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews  Apr 2 2024, 09:14:33 PM

kdogg36 said: "Jordan Catalano said: "Steven Skybell was actually my favorite part of last nightand is probably the best Herr Schultz I've ever seen."

Well, clearly you didn't attend the production ofCabaretat the Rose Hill campus of Fordham University in the spring of 1994. I've heard that a certain actor gave a "wonderful" performance of a "stereotypical elderly Jewish man."

"Willkommen, b

DOUBT: A PARABLE Opening Night Critics' Reviews  Mar 30 2024, 07:13:41 PM

I was at today's matinee. Amy Ryan is a tremendous Sister Aloysius, especially considering she only had a week of rehearsal. The rest of the production doesn’t quite rise to her level, but the play is still a well-oiled machine.

In terms of directorial touches, one thing I did like is the use of Sister Aloysius' office window during scene transitions. She stands there watching over Father Flynn and Sister James at the start of their scene, while Father Flynn lingers

THE WHO’S TOMMY Opening Night Critics’ Reviews  Mar 28 2024, 09:12:48 PM

Mixed leaning negative from Jesse Green

DeBose to host the 77th Annual Tony Awards (2024) at Lincoln Center  Mar 27 2024, 12:48:34 PM

It's nice to have a host who actually likes the art being celebrated, unlike Kimmel with the Oscars.

Grumpy Old Men Musical  Mar 18 2024, 07:06:02 PM

I saw a regional production of this show over the weekend at Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury, CT. Rob Bartlett (who I've seen on Broadway in Little Shop, Odd Couple, and How to Succeed) played the Walter Matthau role.

The show is bland and inoffensive, with a pretty forgettable score. The two best numbers are one where the grumpy old men debate the best "way to go" and a Chicago parody with an IRS agent. The randy grandpa character is also a highlight, he gets the best

THE NOTEBOOK Opening Night Critics’ Reviews  Mar 14 2024, 09:09:32 PM

"What makes you sigh and weep may leave the person next to you bored and stony. At The Notebook, I was the person next to you."

Damn Jesse

Denzel Washington to return to Broadway in OTHELLO?  Mar 6 2024, 02:03:26 PM

everythingtaboo said: "BroadwayNYC2 said: "I’ll obviously see this but I feel like I’ve already seen this before despite never happening."

Literally me reading the news today. I mean Denzel and Kenny just seem so "been there, done that."

In their defense, Denzel and Kenny are at their best when working together. Fences and Raisin were both top-notch. I didn't find Denzel as impactful when he worked with George

2023-2024 Broadway Season  Mar 6 2024, 10:17:27 AM

Doubt has extended through April 21

DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES - Opening Night Critics' Reviews  Feb 29 2024, 02:52:22 PM

StageJunkie2 said: "What times does the Sunday 3pm matinee let out? I have an evening performance and need to squeeze dinner between the two shows. Thanks."

The show is 1:45 with no intermission (exactly as advertised, which was nice). My show started at 3:02 and ended at 4:47

A WONDERFUL WORLD To Open On Broadway Fall 2024  Feb 28 2024, 02:08:45 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "DiscoCrows said: "Lord that website and keyart is not doing the show any favors"

Hopefully pointing out that it's playingTHELEGENDARY STUDIO54 will help its box office as much as it's helped DAYS OF WINE & ROSES, PICTURES FROM HOME, SWEAT, and CAROLINE..........

Point taken, though it didn't matter for Caroline since that was a Roundabout show

Second Stage to Leave Its Off Broadway Theater  Feb 23 2024, 08:17:21 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "Per the NYT:"The company said it was committed to continuing to produce work Off Broadway, and was searching for a new place in which to do so."

Using this list of theaters as a jumping off point, there are barely any options around midtown in the 299-seat range.

  • If they want to set up a longterm residency somewhere,Theater 555 (formerly the Pearl) is only 160 seats but it is in midtown and is probably open to a prestigious, longterm tenant.
  • Outside of midtown,The Orpheum (pending a reno) could be a longterm option,orThe Lortelcould bea short-term option. But that area is an extremely different beast than midtown and may cause them to losesome clientele.
  • If they just want to rent out a theatre 3x a year and be itinerant...Playhouse 46 at St. Luke's? The big theater at 59E59?Stage 42 (200 more seats than the Kiser)? New World Stages? They lose a percentage of box office haul to thelandlord in situations like this, but that could be more favorable than a residency and a place where they need to clean/maintain/staff it.

My pie-in-the-sky pipedream has been for someone to turn the old Lincoln Plaza Cinemas into a live theatre space. Or the former Best Buy or Bed Bath & Beyond. But I'm deeply aware that there may be insurmountable headaches or cost inefficiencies."

Ah, the Lincoln Plaza. I miss that place, saw so many great movies there

SUCCESSION Star Jeremy Strong Will Return to Broadway in AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE  Feb 23 2024, 03:16:50 PM

Running time on Telecharge listed as two hours with no intermission, Sam Gold pulling another Glass Menagerie

Rachel McAdams to star in Amy Herzog's MARY JANE (Broadway/MTC, Spring 2024)  Feb 21 2024, 03:52:10 PM

The Water for Elephants 30 Under 35 email said 30U35 tickets for Mary Jane will be available beginning March 7

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