Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023

#1Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023
Posted: 5/21/23 at 3:14pm


I am from NYC and going to the Fringe Festival for the first time this August. How does one decide what to see at the festival? There are so many choices. Is there a list of top shows to see?  I am hoping someone on here can give me some advice. 

Thanks so much...


#2Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023
Posted: 5/21/23 at 3:55pm

Benjamin Scheuer who wrote and performed The Lion a few years back, has a new show at the Fringe called A Mountain for Elodie.

One of my favorite songs from The Lion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2kq1zGkUvM

#3Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023
Posted: 5/25/23 at 3:25am

I think you should choose according to your liking so as not to regret. Whatever interests you, pick it up. Me too, once I like bloxorz, I will choose that game first while there are many other games.