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2024-2025 Broadway Season  Apr 12 2024, 01:19:53 PM

Yellow Face premiered in 2007 and has been done all over the country. It's going to be categorized as a revival, like Appropriate.

New LaChiusa musical American Eclipse in Waco TX  Apr 6 2024, 06:59:25 PM

This may not be on people's radar. But if you're in Texas for the solar eclipse, you may want to check out Michael John LaChisua's new musical American Eclipse in Waco TX this Sunday, starring Rachel Bay Jones, Marc Kudisch, Mary Testa, Sydney James Harcourt, Kenita Miller, Tally Sessions.

2024 Lucille Lortel Awards  Apr 4 2024, 02:58:22 PM

Congrats to Wet Brain! I loved this weird little play. But Stereophonic is probably going to win best play. Having seen all 5 musical nominees, my vote goes to Dead Outlaw. I would be happy if Teeth wins too.

Welch’s GATSBY to premiere in 2024  Jan 6 2024, 10:08:34 AM

Honestly it'd be fun to have both running on Broadway at the same time. It'd be this year's Barbenheimer. I bet many would try to see both on the same trip. Then word of mouth would decide which one is the greater Gatsby and the other would die out quickly. The ads would be fun too, each trying to clarify that this is not the other Gatsby. 

Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season?  Jan 4 2024, 12:34:42 PM

singer234 said: "I had the same thought about her voice. I worry that this is a case of the “suttons” (aka an established musical theatre star who keeps taking on roles she’s not “right for” to push herself and because she wants to play them). Regardless, I doubt Audra would do it if she wasn’t sure she’d be brilliant, so I’m keeping an open mind!"

Audra sang Rose's Turn in one of her concerts not long ago. She soun

New Musical, DEAD OUTLAW, from Penna/Yazbek/Moses  Jan 2 2024, 05:34:14 PM

I saw it at 54 Below as a concert 2 years ago. It was quirky and fun. Can't wait to see what a full production looks like and hear the new songs!

DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES musical limited Broadway engagement beginning in January  Jan 1 2024, 02:22:24 PM

IIRC Kelli said in an interview that she brought the idea of adapting this movie into a musical to Adam Guettel. 

What To Expect From Broadway Week  Dec 29 2023, 10:49:17 AM

Did The Lion King and Aladdin usually participate in Broadway Week? These are the only 2 Broadway theaters I haven't been in. I need to cross them off the list.

APPROPRIATE -- Rush Question  Dec 24 2023, 08:40:38 PM

My rush seat two weeks ago was last row in the orchestra. Couldn't see facial expressions either.

DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES releases original cast album on 12/15  Dec 18 2023, 10:04:32 PM

Three days later I still can't get enough of There Go I. I love Kelli's rendition, but it just occurred to me, I desperately need Audra McDonald to cover this song!! Also Lila Hangs the Moon is quietly becoming my third, or maybe even second favorite track.

DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES releases original cast album on 12/15  Dec 15 2023, 09:27:51 AM

Yay! Finally I can listen to There Go I on repeat!

APPROPRIATE Previews  Dec 10 2023, 05:56:23 PM

Today's matinee ended at around 4:40pm.

Best play I've seen in this season! While I agree that twice I thought the show was ending but then it kept on going, the actual ending was pretty cool!

LCT's UNCLE VANYA will star Steve Carell, Alison Pill, William Jackson Harper, Alfred Molina and Anika Noni Rose  Dec 8 2023, 02:42:07 PM

gibsons2 said: "LCT needs to urgently come up with a new artwork for this show."

Get James McMullan on it!

Santino Fontana and Judy Kuhn in I can get it for you wholesale  Nov 30 2023, 05:47:51 PM

I wish we get a cast album!

MERRILY 2023 Broadway Revival Cast Recording dropping 11/15 at midnight!  Nov 15 2023, 12:26:58 AM

Please release a vinyl!

Dracula vs. Waiting for Godot vs. Spain vs. Translations vs. Scene Partners?  Nov 11 2023, 10:02:40 PM

Sleep No More before it ends the legendary run.

HERE LIES LOVE closing November 26  Nov 7 2023, 05:43:27 PM

The Distinctive Baritone said: "I honestly feel like audiences are straight up rejecting all of these attempts to make Broadway more diverse and have BIPOC stories told unless it's about Michael Jackson or has a movie star in it.A Strange Loop, For Colored Girls, Paradise Square, Ain't No Mo', Fat Ham...addHere Lies Loveto the list of shows that people just didn't show up for. Limited runs have done okay, but commercial productions have generally not

THE WHO’S TOMMY to open at the Nederlander in March 2024  Oct 26 2023, 10:40:25 AM

Falsettolands said: "I personally don't foresee this toppling Merrily for that Best Revival award, but this is going to sweep the design categories considering Here Lies Love will most likely be long gone. Expecting Best Scenic and Lighting to pretty much be in the bag for Tommy.

Then again, I could be wrong! Exciting stuff.

Back to the Future is supposedly strong in the scenic and lighting category. 

Favorite theatre related podcasts?  Oct 18 2023, 12:03:23 AM

Recently: Play to Z, BroadwayRadio, also All of It by NPR often has interviews of theatre people.

Rob Madge's MY SON'S A QUEER... at the Lyceum February 2024  Oct 17 2023, 01:15:56 PM

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