Titanique - Lottery

#1Titanique - Lottery
Posted: 10/9/23 at 12:29pm

I remember entering a lottery for Titanique earlier this year. Did they get rid of it? All I see now is in-person rush, and TodayTix rush...anyone know?

#2Titanique - Lottery
Posted: 10/9/23 at 2:58pm

Yeah, they got rid of it earlier this year...maybe in May-ish?  It was the most expensive of the three cheap options ($55 is a lot for off-Broadway lotto, in my opinion!) but I am surprised they got rid of it.

#3Titanique - Lottery/Rush
Posted: 10/9/23 at 4:21pm

Gotcha. Has anyone rushed recently? I'm curious if anyone has gone close to show-time and gotten rush tickets? 

#4Titanique - Lottery/Rush
Posted: 10/10/23 at 12:34pm

I got last row center through TodayTix rush this weekend.

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#5Titanique - Lottery/Rush
Posted: 10/24/23 at 9:57am

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