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Lempicka's Fashion @Opening Night  Apr 19 2024, 03:52:24 PM

muscle23ftl said: "It was before 2012 indeed.

Oh my this is embarassing to just admit that I was spot on in my assessment. Just dreadful. 

Hairspray (Revival)  Apr 17 2024, 07:35:26 PM

Honestly I feel like Hairspray, as much as I like it, would feel very dated if they brought it back today. 

Lempicka's Fashion @Opening Night  Apr 17 2024, 10:41:14 AM

muscle23ftl said: "

Several Broadway stars have sent me private messages through BWW for your information."

Yeah, between 2005 and 2012 when this message board relevant and Anthony Rapp would send rants to people for **** talking the Rent movie.

LEMPICKA Reviews  Apr 16 2024, 06:30:24 PM

Well that's one way to spin the marketing...

JK Rowling Concerns  Apr 16 2024, 06:23:34 PM

BrodyFosse123 said: "Jay Lerner-Z said: "Her ongoing campaign against trans rights has ramped up even further.

Should this prevent us from supporting Cursed Child?

Campaigning?! The woman is simply being vocal with her unmerited opinion. In no way is she “campaigning” anything. An interviewer asks her a question and she stupidly answers it and stirs the pot sending certain people in a tizzy. Nothing more. Her most recent nonsense

LEMPICKA Previews  Apr 14 2024, 08:55:01 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Well it’s a combination of things. She gave a whole speech about diversity when she won the Tony. The first person who played the role was white, and many have said did it better. I feel like it’s a trend now to cast black actors as the “liberal” character. Some like it hot, cabaret, lempicka, others. And the role she’s playing was a white woman who we see in the can confuse people when you see the painting, and it’s a

LEMPICKA Previews  Apr 14 2024, 08:11:18 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Apparently not as good as Carmen Cusack"

Who was in the show 6 years ago, I know you can't tell the passage of time very well way back there in 1959 but this is sad. You're over here bemoaning that a character that isn't even real isn't white. I have a sneaking suspicion you never even knew Carmen Cusack played the role at one point prior to this discussion. 

LEMPICKA Previews  Apr 14 2024, 06:38:44 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Because Rachel Chavkin wanted to prove how progressive she is"

Oh stfu with your embarrassment. Amber Iman plays the role because she's an amazing talent. 

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Apr 13 2024, 01:44:56 PM

Rentaholic2 said: "The longer they wait to reveal what Dr Dillamond will look like, the more I fear it’s going to be a big WTF letdown. Like when the internet first saw Will Smith’s Genie or Sonic with human teeth."

Baby, it is a Goatman. Literally nobody is going to be invested in him or even care what he looks like. 

Rialto Chatter: Will OH, MARY! and JOB Transfer to Broadway?  Apr 11 2024, 11:18:43 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Idk, I was watching this last revival with the new cast thinking, I can see how this worked well off broadway. Theres nothing in there that screams it needs to be big. Theres no big choreographed numbers, no special effects, doesn’t need a huge cast."

Sweeney Todd can range from being a very big show to a very small show. That's kind of the beauty of it. The original's physical production was literally a massive disassembled factor

Rialto Chatter: Will OH, MARY! and JOB Transfer to Broadway?  Apr 11 2024, 08:41:38 PM

Broadway Flash said: "What makes it big besides the orchestra?"

What? The show's origin was at the Gershwin, the largest theatre on Broadway.

Jeanna de Waal to join DIANA: THE UNTOLD TRUE STORY in London  Apr 9 2024, 03:24:11 PM

I'm gonna be sincere here, are all of you acting willingly oblivious to why she's doing this cameo? She was hired as Jeanna de Waal, star of the camp disaster. That certainly fills the bill of stunt casting. 

LEMPICKA Previews  Apr 3 2024, 09:42:17 PM

ColorTheHours048 said: "
They’re doing everything they can to attract the gays and theys, it seems. This man’s promo video is transparently biased - “best musical I’ve ever seen” puh-lease - and I can’t imagine he’s contributing any kind of significant financial investment, so this feels more like they snagged an influencer and allowed him to have a producing credit in the vain hope it wins Best Musical. In short, it reeks of desperation

Cats Workshop inspired by Ballroom Scene  Apr 1 2024, 10:45:16 PM

The way I have had my tickets for months in anticipation...

J. Antonio Rodriguez Forced to Stop Performing in Hadestown Tour Due to DACA Delays  Mar 29 2024, 08:56:58 PM

Exactly, paying him right now would be as if the production was paying someone who is undocumented which would not be good for them especially in a job that is so public facing. 

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 28 2024, 09:56:07 PM

BorisTomashevsky said: "A Google search seems to say that the heirs to the estate own the copyrights to the art. I’m sure the producers must have tried to cut a deal, but maybe it was a bridge too far for the estate to agree?

Either way, I bet they wish they could use the art now more than ever.

The Estate's executor (her great granddaughter) is a literal producer on this show and has been present in rehearsals.

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 28 2024, 08:30:01 PM

chrishuyen said: "Maybe including more of her artwork in the promo materials would help, as I do think she has a fairly unique style (though I also wonder if they're restricted in what they can use and for what purposes, since they mentioned some sort of licensing rights for the paintings). "

See I'm confused on why this would be the case considering her great granddaughter (who is the executor of her Estate) is a producer on this show and I don't seen an

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 27 2024, 10:13:29 AM

BorisTomashevsky said: "Sounds like this might sink kinda spectacularly, and something about those Instagram reelstells me the composer (especially) won’t take “No” very well at all.."

I saw him out front of the theatre at the third preview. He seemed intense and a little pissed off...

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 25 2024, 07:26:12 PM

RW3 said: "According to Eden’s Instagram story, they are putting in a new opening number into the show tonight."

Oh thank god. There are parts of it that like, but it just doesn't work...

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 24 2024, 09:57:32 PM

B.JAMES said: "

3 of the main songs from the show have a version from 2022 on Apple Music/Spotify that I have been listening to on repeat."

Oh yeah, I've been listening those for a long time. 

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