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Borle, Sykes, and Rodriguez will lead Kennedy Center's BYE BYE BIRDIE
 Jun 15 2024, 01:30:32 AM

So sad. I was really hoping for a transfer because fall looks bleak until November after Mary and some of the Tony losers close up. 

Borle, Sykes, and Rodriguez will lead Kennedy Center's BYE BYE BIRDIE
 Jun 10 2024, 08:51:22 PM

Was Harvey doing book overhaul and Mae I hope?!?! I would sell a limb for that. 

The first look inside
 Jun 1 2024, 01:19:32 PM

I said I hoped this was rehearsal footage and it was very untheatrical. I'm well aware what ballroom culture is and the theatricality involved, I've helped organize a few. This clip did not really resonate as "ballroom" for me. As for Paris Is Burning, I have had the movie memorized for more than half my life. So, let's hope the arrow this production shoots goes real high and we can shout "hooray for you"!

I still have high hopes for this production and

June is Bustin' Out All Over...
 Jun 1 2024, 11:45:05 AM

BECAUSE IT'S JUNE! (JUNE, JUNE, JUNE!) Celebrate with my new dance remix of Audra McDonald & Shirley Verrett doing June Is Bustin' Out All Over from Carousel!

 May 30 2024, 11:35:45 PM

These pictures just add to my frustration. The design is beautiful and she has the right look for Norma. I also appreciate the lack of turbans. 

The first look inside
 May 30 2024, 11:29:48 PM

That has to be the worst promo I’ve seen. A bunch of people in p*say grabber hats dancing in street clothes in a pretty unexciting way in a non-theatrical setting? I’m hoping this is VERY early rehearsal footage at best. This has so much potential. Still, it won’t be worst Webber revival of the year, Sarah has that in her handbag. 

 May 30 2024, 11:16:45 PM

Kristin would’ve been a more appropriate act to reopen the Palace. It’s kind of embarrassing when the guest stars are on an entirely different level han the headliner. It’s like getting a cheese plate for dinner and a steak for dessert!

Maya Rudolph wants to do Broadway
 May 27 2024, 11:47:59 AM

inception said: "greensgreens said: "Why not Mame herself? Has Alison Janney aged out of Vera? I would pay really good money to see those two!"

The show, & most especially the title song, would need to be either completely revised or just deleted from the score. Not with all the lyrics about how she makes the cotton easy to pick, or how the South will rise again.

Mame is one of my favorite scores, but parts of it arejust is too problematic

Maya Rudolph wants to do Broadway
 May 27 2024, 09:51:22 AM

Why not Mame herself? Has Alison Janney aged out of Vera? I would pay really good money to see those two!

 May 27 2024, 09:26:52 AM

I would be removing the YouTube clips of Sarah's Norma as fast as they were posted if I were on her team or the production team. It is painfully evident why they haven't released clips of her singing anything officially and she hasn't performed a number anywhere publicly yet.

Jennifer Lopez to Star in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN Film
 May 23 2024, 09:31:34 PM

First production photo of Jennifer Lopez...


Is it time for an American Idiot revival?
 May 19 2024, 01:45:11 PM

This would be great as a concert or a limited semi-staged thing, but it really never worked as a musical. I saw it several times and the story never seemed as coherent as Tommy or some other concept albums that have been translated to the stage. 

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 May 15 2024, 07:51:00 PM

The shock of this announcement is Michelle’s continued involvement. I would enjoy the opening number with anyone more capable, but maybe what folks have suggested - cutting the role down - is the only best option here. It’s a shame because Horn’s material would be wonderful in the right hands. Just imagine them rotating stars in and out of that role who can at least park and bark the big numbers and actually sell the 5 minutes of acting required. Maybe there is hope her succ

The first look inside
 May 15 2024, 07:27:21 PM

I think this has legs. Bustopher Jones is totally the suburban executive golf & country club realness. Which seems like the furthest stretch to make, but it’s a legitimate category at a ball!

Is Cabaret the next Chicago?
 May 13 2024, 05:19:30 PM

Sorry, in previous post I mean to quote when Flash said "Everyone who saw it including Ben Bentley agrees". THAT is absolutely not a fact. Hyper-hyperbole, I guess?

Is Cabaret the next Chicago?
 May 13 2024, 05:14:55 PM

Broadway Flash said: "I know instinctually. She was perfect in the role"

This is absolutely not a FACT though. I saw her and thought it was one of the most bland, uninspired things I've seen on B'way and the show BELONGED ENTIRELY to Alan. Although he is fantastic, over the top and distracting, the Emcee shouldn't prevent Sally from at least registering as a lead character I think. And Sienna didn't. I'm hoping I just saw her on a VERY o

THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES musical will have pre-Bway tryout this summer in Boston
 May 13 2024, 11:59:21 AM

The Siegels still have an unfinished house. Would they really pour money into financing a show? Obviously, they’ve made some bad financial decisions, but I can’t imagine they’d take this risk as well. If they are producers, I can’t imagine being so desperate to cement a legacy like theirs over finishing their grand ballroom. 

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 May 12 2024, 06:08:42 PM

I think I’ve figured out why I don’t think Michellle is effective in the book scenes (anytime she is singing is fine)… She is playing the role as a fierce diva who maybe died in the last decade. Not an ageless supernatural being who’s been around for hundreds of years - the “influencer” line doesn’t help. There’s none of the stillness and magnetism that Rossellini had in the film. I never thought I’d say this, but Williams would be w

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 May 10 2024, 11:53:45 PM

They continue to work on this and surprise… there is definitely something going on with the angel. It needs work still but gives the button I think folks were feeling was missing. 
They need to make more of the pin business when Mad gets it. When Madeline notices Helen’s in act two, it was hard to put that together had I not known the source material. Elvis doesn’t work alone. They should add a Marilyn and then during the chase have a moment where Madeleine a

SCHMIGADOON! to play Kennedy Center
 May 9 2024, 04:37:37 PM

hearthemsing22 said: "djjd007 said: "Jojo Siwa for Elle!"

"Please tell me you're kidding with that suggestion

100% joke, sorry if that wasn't obvious. I can't even imagine in what alternate universe that would work!


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