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Broadway Cares ripped for directing funds to Gaza  Feb 14 2024, 05:14:13 AM

Regardless of the actual monetary amount you should view this as a net positive. You should.  Nobody is so deluded thinking Broadway Cares will change the world. I have a MA in International Relations and have studied the long history of this conflict. I know 400k isn’t gonna do much in the long run. 

My entire point is that people shouldn’t express backlash about this decision by Broadway Cares. If anything I’m more likely to donate more th

Broadway Cares ripped for directing funds to Gaza  Feb 14 2024, 04:26:41 AM

binau said: "Maybe I underestimate the real motivations of people here but I would be shocked if people complaining about this had a problem with the concept of aid going to Gaza. I think people are reasonable and mature enough to know that the innocent people of Gaza are in a rough situation and need help (even people who support Israel. I don’t think it’s mutually exclusive). BUT I don’t see how it’s also unreasonable for people to expect that their donation

Broadway Cares ripped for directing funds to Gaza  Feb 13 2024, 11:46:18 PM

I think this is fantastic and anyone bothered needs to seriously look within. You aren’t actually mad that the organization is straying from their “mission statement” and you should explore why that is. 

Wicked Movie Musical Teaser  Feb 13 2024, 08:59:52 PM

You can’t be serious 

Wicked Movie Musical Teaser  Feb 13 2024, 02:07:27 PM

Oh it is. And very amateur looking 

Wicked Movie Musical Teaser  Feb 12 2024, 12:56:54 AM

I don't think Cynthia looks old at all....


Also I've always assumed Elphaba is a little older. Glinda and Nessarose are college freshman age, but Elphaba is Nessa's older sister. Idk what the book says but for all we know Elphaba could be years older than them

Wicked Movie Musical Teaser  Feb 11 2024, 10:49:31 PM

Beloved….. Ariana is white 

Duet Musical Numbers that have a gay guy and straight girl well any girl. (We’re both NOT poc)  Feb 11 2024, 10:09:43 PM

Only Us from DEH 

Boy George in MR  Feb 10 2024, 04:51:27 PM

I heard it too. Truly shocking they went through with putting this man in front of people who paid money to see a Broadway show. What a JOKE

Boy George in MR  Feb 8 2024, 11:48:25 PM

Matt Rogers said: "Are the words "Moulin Rouge" seriously that difficult to type? People can blab and blab and blab but they are only able to type the initials of the show they are talking about?"

You sure blab blab blab a lot about something so inconsequential. Chill out

Boy George in MR  Feb 8 2024, 11:47:15 PM

Woof that clip is atrocious

FROZEN Pro-shot  Feb 6 2024, 01:22:48 AM

Glad they filmed the West End production. The visuals are so much better. 

I saw the national tour and even with a staircase to hide the reveal and some new lighting, the stage looked dark and barren. 

Isn't it about time for a major Broadway revival of DREAMGIRLS?  Feb 3 2024, 12:25:33 AM

JSquared2 said: "uncageg said: "Morosco, I have been wishing the same thing. I honestly don't think I would run to see a revival of this if they don't. (And I am sure they won't if it is ever revived)

If this ever happens and Newell is cast, I would think he would only do 7 shows, maybe 6, a week. He has the voice for it but I noticed his voice was a bit rough and he was lowering notes at the final performance of "SHUCKED".

New WICKED Cast Replacements this month and next?  Jan 31 2024, 09:57:39 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Overdue my aśś. It’s been long overdue that they cast a black woman in the role full time. Just because she has happened to be the standby and was on tour with it, it shouldn’t come in the way of diversity. It’s also interesting it’s taken her five years to get here compared to Alyssa Fox which took her 13 years to get to the same position, I wonder what’s different about the two of them…"

I’m not saying

New WICKED Cast Replacements this month and next?  Jan 31 2024, 04:43:02 PM

Very happy for Mary Kate! She’s so deserving of this

Non Equity Tours  Jan 26 2024, 07:38:25 PM

I think it just depends. The current noneq Hairspray tour has a very flimsy, cheap looking set. I literally saw pieces swaying from air movement. Whereas the Come From Away tour is using the same set minus the turntable (I believe). 

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Jan 25 2024, 04:23:24 PM

I think you seriously overestimate how much the general public cares about Defying Gravity, especially when they probably don’t know who Cynthia Erivo is and the flying effect will be a lot of CGI. If Part 1 is good, people will come back to see the story finished and Ariana Grande stans are gonna see both parts regardless 

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Jan 25 2024, 02:27:32 PM

rattleNwoolypenguin said: "Rentaholic2 said: "rattleNwoolypenguin said: "Who is going to pay money to see a Wicked film that doesn't feature Defying Gravity?


Huh? Are you talking about Part II? Because DG ends Part I - it's literally the reason they cited for breaking the movie into two parts.


That is exactly what I mean. Part II is not going to have Defying Gravity. So what big set piece ar

New WICKED Cast Replacements this month and next?  Jan 18 2024, 05:36:53 AM

Broadguy85 said: "I think Lissa is going to take over. Recently posted outside of the Gershwin and is now taken off the Disney tour that Alyssa got announced for."

That makes a lot of sense.... le sigh. Looking forward to hearing who the new tour leads are then.

New WICKED Cast Replacements this month and next?  Jan 18 2024, 12:21:15 AM

I wonder if we'll see Mary Kate and Allie Trimm promoted. Mary Kate is pretty beloved by fans (and already did the role fulltime on tour) and they've done quite a few funny backstage tik toks that I've seen. 

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