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Article: OPERATION MINCEMEAT... plots its course to New York
 Jun 22 2024, 11:35:07 AM

Hudson is too big for this show and would be a mistake.  

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club (2024) Opening Night Critics' Reviews
 Jun 22 2024, 11:33:49 AM

II have a question. With shows like this which are very expensive tickets.; when Al lead us out for a scheduled performance usually, the tickets are cheaper. If you have purchased tickets to see the two star names and they are out, do you have any recourse to get the difference in money back? Last weeks performances without Eddie were available for 40% off at TKTS.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 6/16/24
 Jun 20 2024, 12:24:57 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Great Gatsby just announced a new block of tickets on sale through February. They’re definitely being conservative on this, but they expect to run through all of next year"

Interesting. Jeremy has a whole bunch of concert dates beginning in January.

 Jun 19 2024, 10:16:04 PM

Wick3 said: "TaffyDavenport said: "Has a regularly priced Broadway ticket even been as high as $1299 ($1249 plus $50 in fees)? Seems unlikely."

Yeah the premium price tickets online for the final performance July 7this $1299! Wow! Is that a record on Broadway? I recall Hello Dolly front row premium tixon weekends cost $999.

Since this show has recouped and clearly doing well,hopefully the production will give a bonus to the ushers at the Hudso

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 11:03:06 PM

I’m sobbing .  

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 10:30:55 PM

It’s a dead audience.

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 10:19:25 PM

Suffs was lovely.

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 10:03:01 PM

MCfan2 said: "The dancing in the Chita Rivera tribute was great, but I wish they hadn't had dancers dancing and Chita on the screen and people talking all at the same time. It was difficult to focus on any one thing."

It was very 80’s Tony show number.

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 09:59:07 PM


2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 09:33:54 PM

That woman pulling her dress down in the audience

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 09:27:54 PM

That was fabulous.

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 09:08:47 PM

Water just sold tickets.  So far my favorite of the evening.

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 08:52:51 PM

anybodyanybody else have the image freeze in the middle of the merrily number?

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 08:36:30 PM

Maybe something in the new venue makes the sound mix come off flat?

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 08:33:35 PM

Not remembering Jay-Z those not make me a racist .  How dare you.  

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 08:24:42 PM

That was dreadful


2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 08:20:50 PM

Hells kitchen number is doll. They had to bring out Alicia Keys and what’s his name to make something happen. I’m hating this so far.

The 77th Annual TONY Awards Performances
 Jun 16 2024, 08:16:19 PM

Hells Kitchen segment is  dull.

The 77th Annual TONY Awards Performances
 Jun 16 2024, 08:06:07 PM

She’s dreadful.

The 77th Annual TONY Awards Performances
 Jun 16 2024, 08:03:42 PM

Her vocals are hideous

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