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How is Cursed Child in Melbourne?  Apr 20 2019, 10:05:44 PM

how is it 

Broadway trip Christmas time  Apr 20 2019, 06:36:22 AM

Annette170 said: "Dear Evan Hansen and Harry Potter were both fantastic. I’d add The Prom to your list. It’s one of my new favorites because it’s a lot of fun and very funny. Wicked and Mean girls are also good. I haven’t seen the others you mentioned."

Sorry saw wicked it was worse then the worse show ever written

Rate my April Trip  Apr 20 2019, 06:35:23 AM


BE MORE CHILL (Broadway) Reviews  Apr 20 2019, 03:03:31 AM

uncageg said: "It amazes me how so many people don't have a tv!

Yes, they are running ads on tv. They seem to be less frequent after it opened.

Sorry what. I have family in India and they have a tv!! lol

Live stream of CBS tonight?  Apr 20 2019, 02:58:12 AM

daniel1124 said: "Haha that's some amazing stuff! Unfortunately I don't have a TV..."

sorry what?

Current Aladdin cast to soon depart?  Apr 20 2019, 02:57:04 AM

How is the current cast?

Broadway trip Christmas time  Apr 20 2019, 01:49:19 AM

So what should I see Jagged Little Pill, Moulin Rouge, Dear Evan Hansen , Hadestown , Harry Potter and Cursed Child

anything else I should see?

Frozen beyond August  Apr 20 2019, 12:22:21 AM

AEA AGMA SM said: "Other than the first and second week of previews, where they only did 4 and 5 performances respectively, the show has yet to have a week that's grossed less than 1.1 million. Any "whispers" that anyone might claim about the show closing before the end of this year would be purely wishful thinking from people who just don't like it. It's not all that unusual for the fall and winter blocks to not be on sale at this point. On Ticketmaster even

Way Too Early 2019 Tony Predictions thread  Apr 19 2019, 08:58:22 PM

Ali if she gets nominated will the first person in a wheelchair to get nominated. She is not even playing a person in a wheelchair. She is breaking boundaries and stereotypes

Happy 25th birthday to Disney on Broadway  Apr 19 2019, 02:17:23 AM

ACL2006 said: "They could always revive Aida and/or Beauty & The Beast. Plus their options seem endless: Pocahontas, Mulan, Moana, The Jungle Book..."

Universal has Harry Potter which won the Tony for its innovative  play and Disney just scraped through it makes me sad.

Hadestown or Moulin Rouge?  Apr 19 2019, 02:13:18 AM

Warbucks2 said: "Hokosho said: "Warbucks2 said: "Cancel your sight seeing during the day and see both. These could very well bethe showswinning the Tonyfor best musical:2019, 2020."

Is Moulin Rouge really that good?

In the pre-broadway try out in Boston, tickets were selling for Hamilton-like prices. It is poised to be a huge smash hit.

And Ben loved it for NYT. Huge Hit but is really good theatre?

king kong broadway cd  Apr 19 2019, 02:00:16 AM

bryan32 said: "hi does anybody here what to see a king kong broadway cd made of this show because I do."

No would rather hear this on Broadway!!

Hadestown or Moulin Rouge?  Apr 19 2019, 01:53:04 AM

Warbucks2 said: "Cancel your sight seeing during the day and see both. These could very well bethe showswinning the Tonyfor best musical:2019, 2020."

Is Moulin Rouge really that good?

The Inheritance  Apr 19 2019, 01:50:52 AM

The Olivier it got will surly cement it

Tony Awards  Apr 19 2019, 12:19:11 AM

I love off broadway musicals. But am throwing the idea Ain't Too Proud – The Life and Times of The Temptations will it get any noms. It would be funny if it did a Jersey Boys. Producers will see it as any easy tour show and that NYT review helps. Nowhere near Tootsie or Hadestown. 

Tony Awards  Apr 18 2019, 07:19:48 PM

This will be the 5th year  in succession that a show that premiered off Broadway will have won the tony for best musical. If commercial theatre actually showed as much effort as non for profit it might actually get the tony for best musical


Happy 25th birthday to Disney on Broadway  Apr 18 2019, 07:15:01 PM

nealb1 said: ""Well if Disney keeps doing average shows. I saythey will not have long left"

Disney has employed thousands and thousands of actors, writers, musicians, tech, stage crew, box office staff and theatre personal worldwide for 25 years. In addition to the tens of millions of people going to the theatreworldwide.

They are not going anywhere anytime soon. Not sure why anyone would want that to discontinue?



Happy 25th birthday to Disney on Broadway  Apr 18 2019, 04:11:09 PM

BwayLB said: "Today marks the 25th birthday of Beauty and the Beast on Broadway as well as Disney on Broadway. I have seen the High School Musical national tour, the Fathom Events presentation of Newsies and last month, Aladdin on tour."

Well if Disney keeps doing average shows. I say they will not have long left

Should Katharine McPhee do more broadway?  Apr 18 2019, 06:42:08 AM

yes or no?

Best Movie Theatres in LA?  Apr 18 2019, 06:03:22 AM

Anything historical or interesting?

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