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Tony-winning director Frank Galati (Ragtime, Grapes of Wrath) has passed away
 Jan 3 2023, 11:27:54 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "CoercedBull said: "I love the cast recording forKnoxville, and I hope his death doesn't affect the future of that show too significantly"

With all respect, does that show have a future? This doesn't seem like the type of show that goes any further than an off-Broadway nonprofit at best, with or without him at the helm. It doesn't scream commercially viable.

I certainly don't think

Tony-winning director Frank Galati (Ragtime, Grapes of Wrath) has passed away
 Jan 3 2023, 06:19:02 PM

I live in Chicago, and I can say his influence on this city's theater scene looms large. I love the cast recording for Knoxville, and I hope his death doesn't affect the future of that show too significantly--I'm dying to see it.


A STRANGE LOOP On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Dec 26 2022, 12:46:24 PM

I feel so lucky that when I saw this a few weeks ago there was only one understudy on for Thought 6. It's really a shame that all these cancelations are happening, especially so late in the run. It's already one of the shortest-running Tony winners ever, and these illnesses and mishaps aren't helping its numbers any.

Netflix's MATILDA: THE MOVIE MUSICAL - News & Discussion Thread
 Dec 26 2022, 12:38:37 PM

I'll join the praise-heaping for this movie. Basically as good as stage-to-screen adaptations get for musicals. My big hope is that the success of the film brings Tim Minchin back to the theater--I think the score for this and Groundhog Day are so strong and it's a shame he hasn't done anything since the latter.

 Dec 14 2022, 05:51:22 PM

BCfitasafiddle said: "Justin Cooley is so fantastic in this show. One of the best discoveries in the musical theatre in recent years. So much of what I loved from this show stemmed back to his stellar performance."

Agreed all around. I thought he was great while I was watching the show, and now every time I look back on it I can see how so much of the show's charm is dependent on his performance. He really pulls it off so spectacularly and my fingers are cros

 Dec 13 2022, 08:08:18 PM

This video has me so thirsty for the full cast recording.

EDIT: typo

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 12/11/22
 Dec 13 2022, 05:24:35 PM

So delighted to see Kimberly Akimbo continuing to do well. It's looking like it might prove itself to be the little show that could. Keeping my fingers crossed for a healthy, robust January!!

Michael R. Jackson's new musical 'White Girl in Danger' to premiere Off-Broadway in March 2023
 Dec 12 2022, 02:38:55 PM

Full cast announced!

DOWNSTATE - reviews
 Dec 4 2022, 12:05:39 PM

Can anyone compare this production to the original Steppenwolf production? I saw it in Chicago & LOVED it, but it looks like I won't have a chance to see the off-Broadway run. I'm curious what--if anything--is different.

K. Todd Freeman is one of our great theater actors; very glad he's getting so much love for this performance. 

COVID performance cancellations
 Dec 17 2021, 08:44:42 PM

ljay889 said: "Several understudies have been on already. This is very odd."

Yeah, it makes no sense that they would cancel eight minutes into the show for food poisoning. I don't want to be fear mongering, but it really seems more likely that they got the results a little after showtime & decided to call the whole thing off when they saw a positive test. I hope that isn't it, but jeez Louise.

It is so stupidly depressing to see show after show dro

COVID performance cancellations
 Dec 17 2021, 07:33:52 PM

stoptheworld38 said: "For people concerned, this was posted on Broadway News 2 hours ago:

Of course, anything could change, but for the time being, this is a relief to see.

Thanks for sharing this. I had to cancel my trip, but the only thing that would cause me more anxiety & depression than missing my shows is the whole industry shutting down again.

Sorry to everyone here who has been affected by this mess. I am so sick of COVID & I can't wait till we all have theater back.

COVID performance cancellations
 Dec 16 2021, 10:12:33 PM

My partner & I had tickets to a bunch of shows in March 2020, which were obviously canceled. Most years we take a few Broadway trips a year & it's just our favorite thing in the world. We were so excited to finally get back for a week's worth of shows the week after Christmas this year, but with everything going on we just elected to cancel our whole trip. These cancelations are causing so much anxiety & we were meant to stay with some elderly relatives & the whole thi

 Dec 13 2021, 07:44:27 PM

Jimbo2 said: ""

This is about what I expected based on all the preliminary reports. I'm still very excited to see this show in a couple weeks.

A Strange Loop in D.C.
 Dec 13 2021, 02:25:52 PM

I see why others are anxious about this show's viability uptown, but I think the show speaks to the current moment so uniquely that it might have a shot at doing pretty well. Plus, the Pulitzer win certainly can't hurt. Anyhow, I have been kicking myself for missing the off-Broadway production of this ever since it closed, so I am especially eager for this production to transfer to Broadway. I think the cast recording might be my favorite of the past decade, no hyperbole. Thanks

Favorite Sondheim one-liners?
 Dec 13 2021, 12:01:40 PM

"She says, I'm perfect, she swears"

"You're perfect, godd*mn it"

It took me SEVERAL listens to understand just how funny and genius that lyric is, and it remains among my favorite lines he ever wrote.

Flying Over Sunset - Previews Thread
 Dec 12 2021, 08:36:43 PM

Lazarus Alas said: "Jimbo2 said: "What's the current running time? Thank you."

Two hours and 45 minutes this afternoon.

Surprised it's still that long this close to opening. I'm seeing this in a couple weeks & am very excited about it, but I wonder if it'll get cut down at all before then.

What musicals still need to be revived through ENCORES?
 Dec 11 2020, 02:29:26 AM

Rumpelstiltskin said: "A new production of Raisin. Best Musical winner with no revivals IIRC. I loved the original production; a showcase for African American actors, with several meaty roles, a solid book, and memorable songs. Hard to understand why it was forgotten so soon after the original run. Textbook definition of Encores eligibility."

I came here to say this, but I'm happier to find another admirer of this show!! I unfortunately didn't see the origina

Everybody Rejoice?..
 Nov 28 2020, 11:20:12 AM

"Democracy" from Soft Power.

 Nov 23 2020, 05:57:12 PM

I am not always excited for movie adaptations but boyohboy does this one look great. I thought Denzel's Fences a few years back was about as good as adaptation gets, and this looks like it's going to be just as good.

Encores Will Present INTO THE WOODS
 Nov 18 2020, 08:39:35 PM

Could Chip Zien be the narrator?

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