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Posted: 11/9/22 at 7:00pm

Winner of Every Off-Broadway Best Musical Award

Tony Award® winner Victoria Clark stars as Kim, a bright and funny Jersey teen who happens to look like a 72-year-old lady. And yet her aging disease may be the least of her problems. Forced to maneuver family secrets, borderline personalities, and possible felony charges, Kim is determined to find happiness in a world where not even time is on her side. Written by Pulitzer Prize winner David Lindsay-Abaire and Tony Award® winner Jeanine Tesori, with direction by Outer Critics Circle Award winner Jessica Stone, Kimberly Akimbo “feels like a miracle — the funniest and most moving experience of my entire return to theatergoing” (Peter Marks, The Washington Post).

The musical opens on Broadway at the Booth Theatre on Thursday, November 10.

Posted: 11/10/22 at 10:59am

Praying for good news!!

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Posted: 11/10/22 at 6:21pm

I agree. I read a lot of the initial reports from the first preview, plus the off-Broadway run, of course, but I’ve kind of waited and haven’t read anything else since I will be seeing it next week. Hoping it gets some great reviews that give the show a much-deserved boost!

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Posted: 11/10/22 at 8:21pm

What time should we start expecting reviews? 

Also, I'm praying the Times sent Jesse Green and not Maya Philips! The former LOVED this show off-Broadway, but the latter did not. Does anyone know who they sent? I guess it could be someone else too...

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Posted: 11/10/22 at 8:52pm

Typically the Times sends the same reviewer to cover a show when it transfers to Broadway.

I'm assuming the reviews will be mostly raves. We will see!

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Posted: 11/10/22 at 9:08pm

‘Kimberly Akimbo’ Review: An Oddball Musical That’s Impossible Not to Love

On Broadway, Kimberly Akimbo Is Darker, Sadder, and All-Around Excellent


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Sutton Ross
Posted: 11/10/22 at 9:45pm

This is wonderful. I'm so happy for this beautiful show and its truly special cast. heart

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Posted: 11/10/22 at 9:58pm

Beautiful reviews for a very beautiful, very special show. I’m expecting more raves.

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Posted: 11/10/22 at 10:04pm

The Hollywood Reporter

Kimberly Akimbo’ Theater Review: David Lindsay-Abaire and Jeanine Tesori’s Wonderful New Broadway Musical Is Happy-Sad Heaven

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Posted: 11/10/22 at 10:06pm

New York Times

‘Kimberly Akimbo,’ Both Great and Small, Seizes the Day

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Posted: 11/10/22 at 10:40pm

Miles2Go2 said: "New York Times

‘Kimberly Akimbo,’ Both Great and Small, Seizes the Day

NYT The season’s most moving new musical earns its place among the behemoths of Broadway. smiley

"Anything you do, let it it come from you--then it will be new." Sunday in the Park with George

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Jordan Catalano
Posted: 11/10/22 at 10:51pm

You couldn’t buy a better pull quote from the times. I’m so happy for this show. 

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Posted: 11/10/22 at 10:54pm

Beyond thrilled with these reviews. Can we give Victoria Clark her Tony now?

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Posted: 11/10/22 at 11:14pm

DTLI Consensus: It's hard to imagine any new musical this season being any "Better" than this. 

14 positive (including the NYT).

Oh look, a bibu!

Posted: 11/10/22 at 11:26pm

Most acclaimed show of the season so far, and it will be hard to another one to top these reviews.

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Posted: 11/10/22 at 11:29pm

I was so incredibly moved by this show when I saw it a few weeks ago. Thrilled to read these reviews.  

-There's the muddle in the middle. There's the puddle where the poodle did the piddle."

Posted: 11/10/22 at 11:45pm

i liked it at the Atlantic and had no plans to see it again but these reviews WOW.

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Posted: 11/11/22 at 12:43am

Seeing Saturday,  cannot wait. 

If we're not having fun, then why are we doing it? These are DISCUSSION boards, not mutual admiration boards. Discussion only occurs when we are willing to hear what others are thinking, regardless of whether it is alignment to our own thoughts.

Posted: 11/11/22 at 4:15am

So what exactly are these reviews going to change going forward?

I say all this respectfully and as someone who LOVES the show, but as far as I know it has yet to have a profitable week  

Keep in mind It's not like it got mixed-postive reviews off-broadway then got straight raves on Broadway, it got a string of STRONG you can't buy pull quotes like this reviews both ways...I just want to realistically look at how likely this show is to last til TONY time, not only are sales mixed right now, but even if it makes it to the spring it is going to fight again against even more and louder musicals for audience and financial attention (Sweeney Todd, New York New York, Camelot and possibly Here Lies Love and Once Upon A One More Time and who knows whatelse could pop up)

respectfully I would have opened this in the Spring, they have to figure out how to run this for seven months at this point to see any kind of Best Musical sales bump and as of a few days ago had almost no sales a month from now and the Christmas week is just empty at the moment, i think it gets a nice bump through the holidays off this round of reviews but January and February are going to be rough, this is a show on paper that could be making a million a week, but people are not willing to spend (gulp) $150+ on this when they can pay $60 to see the Neil Diamond show or the sparkly new jukebox/shakespeare thing, nor is it a family show and thats a whole other thing when it comes to what are people going to see during the holidays

As it is another show is already seeking this theater out for the spring if it possibly is on the table and if the Shuberts think it can bring in more cash then the pressure is going to be even more intense 

all of that said someone game this out? how does this show last, if it was me I get them on Fallon or Today Show asap and figure out a much different marketing campaign (scrap the six flags logo and the candy neckless thing asap, push the family angle over the high school kids thing)   

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Posted: 11/11/22 at 7:31am

Considering no one can predict the future, how could we possibly know what its fate will be? The next couple weeks will be indicative to see if the reviews and word of mouth continue to bolster the already steadily rising grosses each week. I think that’s the crucial key to its success: exponential growth, which it’s already achieving.

That being said, and this is only a small sample, but this is one of the only new shows I’ve ever heard people at my office recommend to others, and already a couple people have seen it, raved about it, thanked those of us who had recommended it, and some even bought tickets to take friends or family. It’s got strong word of mouth and you can’t buy that kind of publicity.

Posted: 11/11/22 at 7:44am

BoringBoredBoard40 asked: "So what exactly are these reviews going to change going forward?"

Hard to know for sure, but these kind of uniformly positive to rave reviews usually help build buzz and greater public awareness.  And more people talking often gets more people in seats, which if they like the show as much as the reviews, gets more people talking and more people in seats.

It could be the slow and steady build to what hopefully ends up being a reasonably healthy run in an environment that is still challenging. The show could be a great option for families with teens in town for the holidays the next two months.

Like others, I have mixed feelings about the artwork, but I really wish they would add a more descriptive tagline than "a new musical."  If the only thing people see is a large image of the show, I'd prefer text that also hints at what it is about, a "hook" of sorts.