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OH, MARY! Reviews
 Jul 23 2024, 10:21:36 AM

Extended though November 10th after a sellout limited run. Hopefully more to follow ! 

Happy Birthday Helen Gallagher !!
 Jul 19 2024, 03:21:44 PM

Oh you are right! She won her Featured Actress Tony for her Gladys Bumps in Pal Joey !!

Happy Birthday Helen Gallagher !!
 Jul 19 2024, 10:34:24 AM

Two Time Tony Award winning actress Helen Gallagher turns 98 today! 
Any favorite performances from her ? She won her Tonys for Sweet Charity and No No Nanette but starred in 21 Broadway productions. 

City Center’s MATTRESS transferring to Broadway this summer
 Jul 17 2024, 04:35:29 PM

I am fascinated by the quick turnaround of this show after Merrily and the quick rehearsal process. David Zinn is the set designer and especially with this being an encores transfer I am hoping for a full set design that evokes the fairytale castle vibes that the story takes place in. Hoping for the best! The costume designs they showed on Instagram looked very elegant and well constructed. 

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chi
 Jul 17 2024, 01:35:29 PM

Boop! Will open at the Broadhurst April 5th 2025 following The Hills of California limited run! 

THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES musical will have pre-Bway tryout this summer in Boston
 Jul 17 2024, 12:27:18 PM

There’s very little theatre availability this season. Most shows already announced are planning runs through Tony season and there’s several announced shows without assigned theatres. I doubt with the crowded Best Actress race Cheno wants to chance it anyway. 

Pre-Existing Condition by Marin Ireland
 Jul 17 2024, 10:34:52 AM

Pre-Existing Condition, a new play written by Tony-nominated actress Marin Ireland, directed by Tony-nominated actress Maria Dizzia, has extended Off-Broadway at the Connelly Theatre, with Edie Falco joining the rotating cast in the lead role August 6th-17th.

anyone see it yet ? 

JOB Previews
 Jul 16 2024, 11:17:27 PM

Hope Sydney Lemmon and Peter Friedman are remembered come Tony Nomination time. 

Gun & Powder at Paper Mill
 Jul 13 2024, 04:05:16 AM

They posted on Instagram they are doing a cast-recording. I wonder if an announcement for Spring 2025 is coming. 

'CATS: The Jellicle Ball' at PAC reviews
 Jul 11 2024, 02:51:46 AM

What if they put the Jellicle Ball in the Edison Ballroom :D 

Broadway Real Estate 2024-25
 Jul 9 2024, 09:36:14 AM

Last season had 36 new productions, right now there are 20 announced for this season. With only a few theatres open. If it means shows are doing well critically/commercially and heading toward recoupment, we have to consider that a win. Even if it means less new shows. Also another reason we need more legitimate theatre spaces. 


Broadway Real Estate 2024-25
 Jul 8 2024, 03:37:42 AM

Oh Mary will hopefully extend til the end of the year at least. 

Stereophonic could go open-ended if it still has high crowds. 

You forgot Helen Hayes is a subscription house, their first show of the season is Cult of Love. 


Theatres that are 100 years old and landmarked inside and out
 Jul 5 2024, 10:50:13 PM

when looking at landmark preservation status, it's interesting to really look at the building and read the history and then see where the committee made up their findings. I would say theatres that have no landmark status are in danger of modification or demolition in the future, as that is the only reason some theatres are still standing today. (The August Wilson, Nederlander, Studio 54, Walter Kerr have no protections)

The ones I disagree with the most are probably not landmarkin

Theatres that are 100 years old and landmarked inside and out
 Jul 5 2024, 08:11:23 PM

Been doing some reading on this and thought I would share a list of theatres that are landmarked inside and out and are over 100+ years old. 

There are 14 theatres that fit this description 

  1. New Amsterdam - 120 years old 
  2. Hudson - 120 years old 
  3. Lyceum - 120 years old 
  4. Belasco - 116 years old 
  5.  Hayes - 112 years old 
  6. James Earl Jones - 111 years old 
  7. Longacre - 111 y
Why hasn't The Wizard of Oz appeared more on Broadway?
 Jul 3 2024, 10:05:57 AM

I think the reason Wicked and The Wiz are big money makers is because it takes a story we already know and shows us something different. We all know the movie by heart in America and don’t want to pay money to watch someone do their best Judy Garland impression. 
that being said, at least in my neck of the country, the wizard of oz is done a lot in high schools and community theatres, I’m not sure which version gets produced the most, but I think it also hurts how many l

Broadway Rumors/Whispers
 Jul 3 2024, 09:15:51 AM

Mousetrap hasn’t been mentioned once in 2 years, it’s not happening. 

Teeth will never transfer to Broadway, a musical about a man-eating lady parts is the stuff off-Broadway is made for. Not a show for the masses. 

Boop I’m sure is still getting worked on, they could have come in sooner if they wanted too but I think waiting til 2025 shows they will take the notes from Chicago and try to fix some things. 

Protesters at Suffs tonight
 Jul 2 2024, 10:47:50 PM

Reddit reporting protesters at Suffs tonight chanting the show should be canceled for white-washing history. Video and pics on Reddit. 


Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 6/30/24
 Jul 2 2024, 02:07:58 PM

Suffs and Notebook stay consistently at 700-800. Have never made it til 1 mill. 

Stereophonic made 1 mill for the first time last week but dropped this week. Water for Elephants also down, hopefully back up to 1 mill next week! 



Incoming new musicals
 Jul 2 2024, 08:52:49 AM

Broadway Flash said: "Hippest Trip, Smash, Sinatra,Buena Vista Social Club, Operation Mincemeat, Real Women Have Curves, The Preacher’s Wife, Dead Outlaw, The Secret Life of Bees, The Queen of Versailles, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Galileo, In Dreams, The Bedwetter, Gun & Powder, Gatsby, Teeth, White Girl in Danger, The Connector, Here We Are, Summer Stock, Private Jones, The 12, Sing Street, Destiny of Desire, Opening Night, Burlesque, The Witches, Hercules,

JOB transferring to Broadway at the Hayes; Peter Friedman and Sydney Lemmon reprising roles
 Jul 1 2024, 06:52:24 PM

14 days til first preview! They posted on Instagram rehearsal started today. 

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