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THE OUTSIDERS Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Jun 14 2024, 04:21:09 PM

I love this show, and Brody Grant is excellent in it, but I do wish they'd have him clean up his diction a little. I totally get what they're going for, but just a notch or two down from that mumbled style of singing would do wonders.

Performances at the 2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 6 2024, 01:13:04 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Someone at “Illinoise” told me they’ll be doing one song and not a medley of any kind. The show wasdeciding between two, when they told me."

They really should do Chicago

DOUBTFIRE tour recoups
 Jun 6 2024, 12:59:19 PM

This show got a raw deal on Broadway. I'm happy for them, especially the composers and Rob McClure. 

Best song in each new musical?
 May 24 2024, 03:31:05 PM

Listener said: "Past Is Catching Up To Me is definitely the best in Gatsby."

I have no idea why they haven't featured Past Is Catching Up To Me in one of their TV performances. I know Eva isn't in it, but it's legitimately great.

Best song in each new musical?
 May 24 2024, 02:20:29 PM

What do you think is the best song in each of the new musicals this season?


I'd love to hear what you all think! I haven't seen every new show but these are mine:

Suffs--The March

The Outsiders--Run Run Brother (or maybe Great Expectations) 

The Notebook--Leave The Light On (or My Days)

The Great Gatsby--Past Is Catching Up To Me (or My Green Light)

Days of Wine and Roses--Evanesce

Here Lies Love--Here Lies Love

STEREOPHONIC Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 May 21 2024, 12:05:09 PM

Has anyone tried rush for this recently? Hoping to go tomorrow but not sure how early I can get there.

 May 10 2024, 01:33:33 AM

MemorableUserName said: "Kimbo said: "Honestly some of the ugliest things I’ve ever read on here (which, flame away, is truly saying something) or on any message board for that matter…

”I can’t believe how they handled this”

”What sacks of s**t”

”I guess I’ll cut them some slack”.

They used the word TRAGEDY, for god’s sake, and not lightly. They’re talki

 Apr 21 2024, 02:08:41 AM

ardiem said: "I saw the Belasco transfer tonight and was kind of shocked at how much sound from outside bled through into the theater. I can't even count the number of times I heard Empire State of Mind blaring and overpowering the non-amplified sound from the stage."

Glad it wasn't just me. I went recently and the sirens were so loud and plentiful from inside the theater, I genuinely thought there might be a disaster happening outside. 

THE WIZ Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Apr 18 2024, 03:08:28 PM

I genuinely don't understand how DTLI rated the reviews. Saying "there are problems but it's fun" is a positive review and saying "this is cheap and bland" is mixed??? Make it make sense.


I also don't get what people see in Schele Williams but that's just my opinion 

Jonathan Groffs chances at a Tony
 Nov 13 2023, 01:10:40 PM

As of now Groff, BDJ, and Redmayne seem like locks to get nominated. Zien has a really strong change for the 4th slot. So probably just 1 slot for every other Lead Actor this season. 

No clue who wins though. 

Rank the 2022 Tony Performances
 Jun 13 2022, 09:53:50 PM

1. Six

2. Spring Awakening

3. Paradise Square (entirely for Kalukango)

4. Mr. Saturday Night

5. Sondheim tribute 

6. MJ

7. A Strange Loop

8. Company

9. The Music Man

10. In Memoriam 

11. Girl From The North Country


 Girl From the North Country. Company Paradise Square In Memoriam Tribute. Mr Saturday Night. The Music Man.

2022 Tony Award Performances
 Jun 12 2022, 04:36:12 PM
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Intermission song is their most standard song and will probably sell tickets, but boy is it not indicative of what the musical really is like. People will see it thinking ASL is a fun 4th wall breaking musical about a musical, instead of a man’s struggles with his inner demons, traumas, and identities. It just w

FORBES on the bleakness of Broadway box office right now: Some Broadway shows are grossing under $100K per week
 Nov 19 2021, 02:21:05 AM

This all seems like the same situation before the pandemic. Plays without big stars just don’t sell anymore, unless it’s Harry Potter. 

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "This piece from Lee Seymour might be the bleakest assessment I've read of the current Broadway landscape. As expected, it's really bad for all but the biggest hits. Here are some highlights from the piece:


– At Six, the average ticket price is around $200, with premium seats topping out at $499.

– General consensus among industry veterans is thatWicked, Hamilton, The Lion King, Hadestown,andCompanyare all in strong financial health.

–The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday should give most shows a boost, especially now that international travel restrictions have been eased; overseas tourists once accounted for one-fifth of Broadway buyers. And the Christmas-New-Years frame should be even better.


– “Joyless,” is how one seasoned producer described the industry for those not working on megahits. “We’re all exhausted. And winter’s only going to be worse, unless you’re one of, like, seven shows. I’ve seen numbers for others, and some aren’t even grossing six figures. It’s awful.

Several producers who have been waiting to launch new plays have decided to hold off even longer, aiming for the fall of 2022 rather than the spring.“I’ve seen enough,” said one. “We can’t keep pretending that we’re back to normal. The audience just isn’t there yet for a lot of us. There is absolutely no reason not to postpone until the market signals it’s ready.”

–“This winter will be bad,” said one producer attached to several shows aiming for Broadway in 2022. “A lot of theaters will be sitting empty. So let them sit. We all need to reflect and be super intentional about our plans. We can’t rush into the spring the way a lot of us rushed into the fall.”

– Buyers are more discerning about how they emerge from their pandemic shells. If they can’t get a ticket toHamilton, they’re not going to pivot and seeDianainstead, simply because it’s also on Broadway.


Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Nov 4 2021, 09:44:28 PM
So everyone that clowned Ben Platt for being 27 playing 17 will surely clown Cynthia Erivo for being 34 and playing 18….right?
Best & Worst Best Original Score Tony Winners
 Oct 6 2020, 02:06:31 PM

Most deserving at least in recent history probably In The Heights, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and The Band's Visit 

Dreamcasting Fiddler movie
 May 29 2020, 04:02:29 PM

Alex Kulak2 said: "Adam Sandler as Teyve. Hear me out.

I know everyone goes right to Happy Madison's crap movies when they think of him, but he's shown he can be a great actor. He's given nuanced, heartwrenching, committed performances inUncut Gems, Punch Drunk Love,Reign Over Me,andThe Meyerowitz Stories. He's a singer, he has a likable, underdog personality, I honestly think he could do something with the role.

Dreamcasting Fiddler movie
 May 29 2020, 02:24:01 PM

Who do you want to see cast in Tommy Kail's Fiddler on the Roof movie? I've seen Mandy Patinkin kicked around for Tevye, Ben Platt for Motel, and Shira Haas for one of the daughters.

Who else would be great? 

Drama Desk Awards
 Apr 24 2020, 01:17:45 AM
Incredibly happy for The Wrong Man!! Ross Golan’s score is one of my favorites in any musical, Josh Henry was truly sensational, and the staging was brilliant.
WellDisney to distribute and release HAMILTON film with OBC in Oct. 2021
 Feb 5 2020, 09:12:48 PM

Fosse76 said: "n2nbaby said: "poisonivy2 said: "When this was being filmed wasn't there some scuttlebutt that one of the OBC had refused to sign a release so this couldn't be released? Tell me I'm not dreaming that this happened?"

If I remember correctly, the issue was with Leslie, who ended up doing the recording.

After reading an article where he all but states he would be re-signed because he was irreplaceabl

Way Too Early 2020 Tony Predictions thread
 Feb 5 2020, 08:47:50 PM

orph3us said: "Love Rob McClure but I’ll be so upset if two consecutive cishet men win Tonys for playing a woman I'm gonna be so disappointed. Hoping for Isaac Cole Powell"

They're not playing women. They're playing men who try (and fail) to disguise as women. 

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