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Inappropriate reviews may be more fun, but these may have to do. ;)


Two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and Obie Award winner Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (An Octoroon) and Drama Desk Award winner Lila Neugebauer (The Waverly Gallery, 2ST’s Mary Page Marlowe) invite you to one helluva reunion in the darkly comic American family drama, APPROPRIATE.

It’s summer, the cicadas are singing, and the Lafayette family has returned to their late patriarch’s Arkansas home to deal with the remains of his estate. Toni (Paulson), the eldest daughter, hopes they’ll spend the weekend remembering and reconnecting over their beloved father. Bo, her brother, wants to recoup some of the funds he spent caring for Dad at the end of his life. But things take a turn when their estranged brother, Franz, appears late one night, and mysterious objects are discovered among the clutter. Suddenly, long-hidden secrets and buried resentments can’t be contained, and the family is forced to face the ghosts of their past.

Opening Night is Monday, December 18.

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NYT Critics Pick from Green

‘Appropriate’ Review: When Daddy Dies, a Disturbing Inheritance

Making a blistering Broadway debut, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s 2014 play about the legacies of hatred feels like a new work entirely.

"I have to admit that when I first saw it, at the Signature Theater in 2014, neither understanding nor enjoyment were forthcoming. Rereading my scathing review in light of what is obviously a rave today, I am forced to grapple with my own past, and the play’s. It would be easy to say that the difference between then and now is the heavy rewriting Jacobs-Jenkins has done in the interim. And certainly, comparing the two scripts, I see the clearer dramatic architecture and sharper point-of-view that a playwright in his prime, at 38, can impose. (I thought Jacobs-Jenkins’s most recent play, “The Comeuppance,” was one of the best of 2023.)

It would also be easy to attribute the improvement to Neugebauer’s direction, which is so smart and swift for most of the play’s substantial length that you feel gripped by storytelling without being strangled by argument. Her staging, on a towering double-decker set by the design collective dots, is also nearly ideal, accentuating (with the help of Jane Cox’s painterly lighting) the conflicts and alliances among the characters. And the daredevil cast, instead of reveling in falling apart, focuses for as long as possible on keeping it together. We thus experience, in the force of that repression, just how awful human awfulness must be if human will cannot ultimately corral it.

Though all those improvements are real, they do not fully explain why I’ve flipped for this revival. Perhaps this does: Playwrights who show us things we are reluctant to see may have to teach us, over time, how to see it. And we must be willing to have our eyes opened. I guess I’ve changed at least that much in 10 years of reviewing, and Jacobs-Jenkins is part of the reason."

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APPROPRIATE: A Deeply American Masterpiece — Review


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NY Stage Review:

Appropriate: Check Your Expectations at the Door for This Brilliantly Subversive Family Drama

By Frank Scheck

★★★★★ Branden Jacobs-Jenkins's acclaimed play makes its Broadway debut in a revelatory staging.


Appropriate: Southern Discomfort and Sibling Rivalry at Its Juiciest

By Melissa Rose Bernardo

★★★★☆ Lila Neugebauer directs an epic, emotionally draining Broadway debut drama by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

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‘Appropriate’ Broadway Review: Sarah Paulson Rattles The Rafters Of History In Powerhouse Production

Posted: 12/18/23 at 10:05pm


‘Appropriate’ Review: Sarah Paulson and Corey Stoll Are Vicious and Dynamic in a Haunting Broadway Family Drama

Posted: 12/18/23 at 10:07pm

The Wrap:

‘Appropriate’ Broadway Review: Sarah Paulson and Elle Fanning Fuel a Spectacular Family Smash-Up

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ contemporary classic about the sins of the father receives a stellar revival

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Theatermania is positive

Review: Appropriate, a Cherry Orchard for the Southern Gentry

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins makes his Broadway debut with Second Stage.

"Of course, historical baggage comes with the heirloom furniture, as becomes all too clear in Branden Jacobs-Jenkins Appropriate, now making its jaw-dropping Broadway debut with Second Stage at the Helen Hayes Theater. It is easily the most electrifying Broadway play of 2023 — something I didn’t expect from a drama that received mixed notices when it first performed off-Broadway in 2014."

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Chicago Tribune:

Review: ‘Appropriate’ opens on Broadway, with Sarah Paulson leading the most intense family since ‘Osage County’

Posted: 12/18/23 at 10:18pm

Daily Beast:

Broadway Review: Sarah Paulson Takes Her ‘Appropriate’ Family to the Edge


In Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ Obie-winning 2014 play, a money-obsessed white family will do all it can—including viciously destroying itself—rather than face its own racist history.


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DTLI Consensus: The most intense, gripping family drama Broadway has seen in years. 

10 positive (including the NYT).

Life is the most precious gift in the world... embrace every moment

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The Guardian: 4 stars

Appropriate review – Sarah Paulson wows in blazing tragicomic drama

The star is astonishing in Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s funny yet moving Broadway debut about a complicated family reunion

Posted: 12/19/23 at 12:07am

I keep reading in some of these reviews that the play has been somewhat changed from its original run to its Broadway run - can anyone who has seen a production of the show regionally tell me if/how much the show has changed for Broadway? I saw a production at Coal Mine Theatre in Toronto earlier this year; I liked the show, but I don't feel the need to see it again on Broadway in the near future. But if the show has been substantially changed from what I saw at Coal Mine, I might change my mind!

Posted: 12/19/23 at 8:19am

AMNY: Review | Chaos erupts in dark family comedy ‘Appropriate’

The Other One
Posted: 12/19/23 at 9:56am

I have seen no other productions of Appropriate, but this one handily deserves every one of the raves it has received.  Don't miss it.

round2 Profile Photo
Posted: 12/19/23 at 10:50am

I am feeling like Rip Van Winkle while I look at purchasing tickets for Appropriate. Aren't these ticket prices surprisingly high for a play presented by a nonprofit theater? Seeing nothing in the orchestra for under $200, with almost all significantly more than that.

Posted: 12/19/23 at 1:01pm


Review: ‘Appropriate’ Is a Family Album of White Supremacy 

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s slow-burning satire of white privilege arrives on Broadway in an impeccable production with a dream cast led by Sarah Paulson.

Posted: 12/19/23 at 1:02pm

Entertainment Weekly:

Appropriate review: Sarah Paulson is monumental among a stellar cast in searing family dramedy

Grade: A

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I guess I should not have thrown away the flyer that appeared in my mailbox 2 months ago! I wonder what prices were then? Does anyone remember?

Where are the 134 dollar tickets located? Seems like they should move this to a bigger theatre….




Posted: 12/19/23 at 5:37pm

I noticed they just increased the mezzanine seats from $129 to $159 and the ones previously $159 are now $189.

Matt Rogers Profile Photo
Matt Rogers
Posted: 12/19/23 at 6:43pm

yyys said: "I noticed they just increased the mezzanine seats from $129 to $159 and the ones previously $159 are now $189."


Posted: 12/20/23 at 8:43am

Keep in mind, I believe 30 Under 30 tickets are still available (if you’re under 30, obviously). I was anticipating the great reviews and bought a ticket a few days ago for next month and am happy with the seat (Row P Right Orchestra).

TaffyDavenport Profile Photo
Posted: 12/20/23 at 9:08am

Got a $43 TodayTix rush for tonight with no difficulty. I think these days leading up to Christmas might offer a better chance of getting through for anyone looking to get a discount ticket.

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