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CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews  Apr 1 2024, 12:47:24 AM

This does look very similar to London but London was way more intimate. Like the front of the Mezz was way closer to the stage and I liked that. This just seems too big to me personally but I’m going tomorrow so we will see. 

AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE 2024 Previews  Mar 12 2024, 05:12:45 PM

Scripps I am interested in the ticket but it won’t let me DM you. 

THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews  Feb 27 2024, 10:50:12 AM

It was still John! Yea it could be Carson or I feel like they could have even used the guy playing Lon or it could always be a swing? 

THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews  Feb 26 2024, 10:31:26 PM


I love this show I do. I have seen it a few times and like it more each time but something about this really confuses me and takes me out of it. Other people that are not the 6 leads come on as different characters (it even says in the playbill there ma

Sweeney Todd Rush  Dec 5 2023, 12:17:30 PM

Has anyone done the rush for Sweeney Todd yet? I’m trying to go on a two show day how early do you think I need to be there? Where are the seats? 

Sweeney Todd Standing Room  Jun 8 2023, 05:32:57 PM

Has anyone done Standing Room for Sweeney Todd? Me and my friend were going to try to get some for the evening  performance this Saturday and I know you have to line up early to even get the chance to get them. We were just wondering how early to get there. 

London Extensions  Apr 3 2023, 04:50:50 PM

Also on that note is there any chance Bonnie and Clyde and A Streetcar Named Desire would extend into July? Going at that time and am dying to see these productions. 

JONAS BROTHERS ON BROADWAY Performances Thread  Mar 19 2023, 12:14:22 AM

I went Tuesday! 

& JULIET On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread  Nov 29 2022, 10:15:00 PM

I totally agree with you. Although the Romeo is super nice and is acting in the role is really good, his voice just doesn’t mesh well with this role especially in Problem and certain moments of It’s My Life. I think the main understudy is much stronger in the role and I’m not sure why he wasn’t offered it in the first place. 

TAKE ME OUT Fall 2022 Thread  Oct 28 2022, 12:46:05 PM

Went last night. Overall a fantastic performance glad it back! Everyone was pretty much the same. Bill as Kippy is really good but plays it different then Patrick. I think Patrick gave a little more in the role but for taking over the role and being the only replacement he did great. Jesse Tyler was the same didn’t notice any chances to what he is doing, Jesse Williams was more emotional than he was when I saw it the last run (besides the final show). Michael as Shane in Act 2 was incre

ALMOST FAMOUS On Broadway - P/reviews Thread  Oct 4 2022, 02:29:58 PM

They did! But they also didn’t have the biggest stock of items. They had a fun zip up that has working on the front, side and back which I got. They have a magnet and mug! 

ALMOST FAMOUS On Broadway - P/reviews Thread  Oct 4 2022, 01:32:12 PM

I went last night have mixed opinions but overall I had a great time! My standouts were Drew Gehling as Jeff Bebe and Rob Colletti as Lester Bangs. Casey Likes, Solea Pfeiffer and Chris Wood were great for it being their Broadway debuts but I feel just need time to get more into the character and get comfortable on stage. I had trouble hearing Casey at certain moments and I felt Chris need to play more to the crowd or people in the back. I agree the set was a little disappointing, especially the scenes with all the doors I wanted them to think of something else. The first song wasn’t the strongest but there was some good ones in there. Overall it’s what I thought it would be with a movie to musical adaption. Got to say I am a fan of the merch, I don’t love everything but they have some cute things! 


Confirmed: Radcliffe to lead MERRILY revival at NYTW  Aug 19 2022, 12:35:14 AM

Can you buy multiple tickets as a member? Me and my friend are dying to see this and was wondering if a member could buy tickets for us. 

Cast announced for Netflix movie musical adaptation of 13  Aug 13 2022, 01:56:25 AM

I mean it was cute I guess. The kids are talented there is no doubt about that. But like they switched a lot around, they changed a ton of lyrics I didn’t think they needed to, and they cut some of the best songs. 

WAY TOO EARLY 2023 Tony Award Predictions  Aug 5 2022, 03:16:01 PM

I don’t know why people think Paulo is going to be nominated or even win. I saw the show in London and honestly that part was one of my least favorites. Just don’t see much better there, there are better parts in that show. If anything I would think Stark as Shakespeare or Ben as Romeo would be nominated. Unless this is a bad year and there is no one to pick from maybe he will be nominated or win and from the shows coming I don’t think it will be a bad year. 

BACK TO THE FUTURE will transfer to Broadway in 2023  Aug 5 2022, 12:43:17 AM

For this show I wanted the people on stage to be just like the people in the movie and I pretty much got that expect for Doc. I got the main original cast except the guy who plays George which I guess is out alot too. His understudy was great but the main guy got nominated for the role and I heard really brings something special. Roger wasn’t bad but I just didn’t love his take, that role is not a award winning role anyway. Olly really was a standout. He is Marty from head to toe

& JULIET teases Broadway transfer announcement?  Aug 1 2022, 10:51:32 AM

I wish some of the British cast of & Juliet and Back To The Future would come over but it seems unlikely! That’s disappointing about Romeo because the replacement I saw in the West End was fantastic! But yea I talked with some of the Back To The Future actors and it doesn’t seem anyone is coming over maybe Roger Bart although I don’t love him in that role. But they got to cast Marty correctly because they can really **** up that role and Olly does it perfectly.  

& JULIET teases Broadway transfer announcement?  Aug 1 2022, 10:44:16 AM

I would have loved to see Jordan Luke Gage come over as well! But hey I will take him in any show on Broadway! 

Cyrano at BAM  May 2 2022, 12:52:02 AM

I agree his emotion was incredible. He could go from crying, to angry to in love in a instance! You can totally  see how he did Split now! And yes the today tix rush experience is something not to be missed. What’s the chance this transfers to Broadway? He deserves a Tony and I’m so sad he won’t get one because it’s off Broadway. 


Cyrano at BAM  Apr 30 2022, 06:04:12 PM

I rushed for Cyrano and ended up getting a ticket! The first time I hit it, it said all tickets were claimed but than I exited and tried again and snagged one for the 1:30pm. I ended up being the first (cushion seat) person to be seated and they said you could take whichever cushion you want, just so you know if you go! There is 8 cushions, and I don’t know if it’s like this for every performance but it seemed there were 4 people who had single tickets and 2 people that were able

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