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A STRANGE LOOP On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jan 8 2023, 10:59:50 PM

PipingHotPiccolo said: "

Again, if she's sick, she's sick. But sounds like shes saying.... she isnt? And had two absolutely ridiculous reasons for missing a show *when they are barely able to string together a cast* ??"

She said multiple times in the Live that she is not sick. 


A STRANGE LOOP On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jan 8 2023, 09:27:20 PM

vegas3 said: "By the time I started watching, they had moved on to other topics. What did they have to say about 8 shows, etc.?"

I'd rather not summarize the 8 shows a week talk because I did miss the very beginning and I'd rather not mischaracterize, but she did say she was out of the show last night because:

- She wanted to be fully ready to do two shows today

- She wanted to give an understudy the opportunity to go on in her role before they

A STRANGE LOOP On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jan 8 2023, 07:35:00 PM

L Morgan is on Instagram Live right now talking about 8 shows a week and is also talking about message boards and probably this thread in particular. 

 Dec 15 2022, 11:30:24 PM

haterobics said: "So how does one see this show now? The only day I could attend would be Saturday. There is no matinee listed on Telecharge. No tickets available for the night show. Not on TDF.... what am I missing?! Some celebrity bought all the seats, but how does one see the show if they want to?"


You buy a ticket to the extension week is how. TDF and most tickets for the rest of the weekend sold quickly with the closing announcement and rallying cr

GROFF is out tonight
 Dec 15 2022, 11:26:45 PM

Willing to bet the OP saw the signs in the theater saying 


Which references the child actor playing Franklin's son, Frankie, and NOT Groff who plays Franklin Shephard, Sr. It confuses a lot of people.

Missed show due to traffic- am I SOL or will telecharge exchange
 Aug 15 2022, 10:37:28 PM

You cant exchange a ticket out of the performance that has already happened because the performance is finalized in the system and the money cannot be moved. As Jordan said, you may be able to past date.

Company Rush Tickets?
 Jul 30 2022, 09:14:40 PM

Heads up that many of the box seats for tomorrow's performance were sold these past few weeks for the partial view $129 pricing. If there's anything left in the boxes, that + standing room will probably be it, resulting in not that many tickets, with a guaranteed long long line tomorrow AM. Would not recommend rushing.

OFFICIAL: INTO THE WOODS Broadway Revival to Open at the St. James Theatre, Performances Begin June 28, 2022
 May 27 2022, 11:50:30 PM

For anyone interested: last night on Stars in the House (I love that they're still doing this), Seth & James had Sara, Gavin, & Jordan on, and they sang "Agony" and "Moments in the Woods". Jordan also sang "Finishing the Hat" and "Proud Lady" and those were glorious too. Jordan was out when I saw ITW at City Center so to get to see him with Gavin was such a treat and to get to hear Sara sing "Moments in the Woods" again was wonderf

A STRANGE LOOP On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 May 22 2022, 09:21:56 PM

Wick3 said: "I'll admit I don't recall ushers wearing that outfit at LION KING. In fact, I think the LION KING ushers wear the Nederlander usher uniform since it's a Nederlander house.

However, it's been a few months since I last watched Aladdin but I remember back then the ushers who do the xylophone dings during intermission definitely wear a similar outfit to what Usher in STRANGE LOOP wore.

You forget that THE LION KING was

A STRANGE LOOP On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 May 22 2022, 09:31:40 AM

YalePlaywrightsWilding said: "Also, why does Usher wear a suit during Intermission Song reminiscent of a lawn jockey or old movie theater usher suit? Disney ushers, in reality, do not wear this. These choices, I feel, indulge the white audience's desire to see racist tropes performed on stage, more so than indict them as abstract criticism."


Another commenter posted a photo, but Disney ushers, at the New Amsterdam, absolutely wear this outfit. To be

MOULIN ROUGE canceled tonight 5/13
 May 14 2022, 12:53:22 AM

Tomorrow's matinee is also cancelled.

Many Broadway Theaters To Drop Vaccine Mandate
 Apr 16 2022, 12:49:41 AM

The Broadway COVID Safety Team are not directly employed by Shubert, just as Mobile Health, the company that does testing for many Broadway theaters, shows, and even readings, is also not directly employed by Shubert. They have a contracted relationship, more akin to Sweet Concessions. 

Broadway real estate: Broadhurst? St James? Shubert?
 Mar 16 2022, 12:56:37 AM

Surprised the Imperial isn't mentioned here. That theater is iconic and is always so quick to be filled. Floored that nothing has been announced or even rumored for now.

AmEx targeted offer to cardholders: "Spend $100 at Telecharge, get $25 credit"
 Jul 14 2021, 03:51:09 PM

thanks for the heads up! 


should also be noted - be careful which offer you select if you have more than one Amex. The cash back cards have the $25 back while the cards with Membership Rewards points (more travel based) have 2,500 MR points, which, with Amex, can't be redeemed at 1:1. 

Will Company return when broadway returns?
 Jan 15 2021, 08:49:55 PM

Chris Harper from this Dateline article: " We were really fortunate with Company. The show had been rehearsed, we had teched the show and, more importantly, we knew audiences were having the most amazing time. The business of the show was literally smash-hit business. It was the kind of journey a producer dreams about. And the set is still sitting there, gathering dust, waiting in the wings.

We will be back. I can say with that with absolute certainty. We were getting standing ovations during the show. But it will certainly take months, not weeks, to get back up. You need time to rebuild ticket sales, to market the show and get the whole machine working again. Broadway is an expensive business."

Rant about the Tony nominations here
 May 4 2010, 02:59:47 PM
So happy for Levi Kreis and Barbara Cook. Disappointed there's not more SONDHEIM ON SONDHEIM love, but in exchange for MEMPHIS, that's okay. Speaking as someone who loves the HAIRSPRAY/DREAMGIRLS/ALL SHOOK UP/CRY-BABY type musical, I loved it. Joe DiPietro really loves to write about race relations in the 50s/60s. I don't think MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET should've been nominated for book, as that's the worst part about it.

And even though I didn't like AMERICAN IDIOT, I thought Tony Vincen

If you see theater with industry comps...
 Apr 21 2010, 05:11:33 PM
I think it's nice to maybe buy them a drink, but definitely not pay for a meal at an expensive restaurant. My roommate gets quite a few comps, and she's taken me to three shows these past two weeks with her tickets. I bought her something for around $20.

At a job I had a few years ago, I got comps to my show somewhat often, but if you requested them, it was required that they were used or you wouldn't be eligible to receive comps anymore (they could sell those tickets instead of holding

 Apr 11 2010, 02:57:51 PM
I hope this gets decent reviews!
Actors and actresses that you wish had more roles
 Apr 10 2010, 08:53:18 PM
Michael Arden

John Lloyd Young

Million Dollar Quartet 1st Preview
 Apr 10 2010, 08:40:27 PM
I saw this last night, and as others said, the book needs work, but both my roommate and I really loved the show.

Things that need some work (SPOILERS):
- I felt like the "Cash & Perkins are gonna sign with someone else" thing wasn't brought across clear enough within the show.
- It really, really tries to be JERSEY BOYS with the narration. Either Hunter doesn't narrate as much or the characters coming to Mr. Phillips need to flesh out their beginnings a bit more.
- Maybe it

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