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Follies-San Francisco Playhouse
 Sep 11 2022, 01:17:13 PM

We caught it yesterday (Saturday) matinee.

I was astonished. A wonderful production done without compromises. (And they even included Bolero d'Amour!) 

Well done, SF Playhouse!

End of Summer Theater Quiz
 Sep 4 2022, 09:04:15 PM


For the first time evah!

Cursed Child (San Francisco) Closing
 Jul 28 2022, 02:20:13 PM

I wonder if ATG will continue managing the Curran. If I recall, they were installed as part of the lawsuit between Carole Shorenstein Hayes and the Nederlanders. Since then, ATG bought the other two houses from Nederlander (Orpheum and Golden Gate) and Carole has never been a great manager, so it would make sense for them to continue.

What to do on a Thursday afternoon in New York?
 Jul 11 2022, 08:02:23 PM

It's not Broadway and it ain't cheap (although Goldstar often has discount tickets) but there's an AMAZING architecture tour in a classic schooner that circles Manhattan. VERY interesting. Although it qualifies for credit to maintain AIA membership, it's totally approachable for "normal" folks. They cover the city's history as you circle in a classic wood and brass schooner. There is a nice mezze appetizer spread and complimentary beer wine or soft drink. 

HIGHLY recommended!


Tickets I cannot use
 Jun 20 2022, 01:30:33 PM

1) Sell them on StubHub
2) Donate them to Broadway Cares

Does anyone know why Nicholas Barasch has left the tour of Hadestown?
 Jun 13 2022, 03:07:06 PM

I was lucky to catch Nicholas Barasch's last performance as Orpheus in Hadestown in San Francisco yesterday. He was wonderful (as always) and there was a nice little farewell tribute to him by the company at the curtain call.

Does anyone know why he left the tour? Does he have something lined up on Broadway?

I've been a fan since first seeing him in Drood (on our night, the audience voted for him and Chita as the lovers) and was captivated by him in She Loves Me.

FOLLIES Movie Adaptation in the Works!!
 Dec 8 2021, 04:52:26 PM

broadwaybabywannabe2 said: "i love the idea of BETTE MIDLER singing "I'm Still Here""

One word. Cher.

...and if it's not too cringey, Donnie & Marie as the Whitmans
Bernadette as Hattie Walker

‘Tony Awards Present: Broadway’s Back’ Crash To All-Time Low Viewership Of 2.6M
 Sep 28 2021, 03:44:54 PM

HogansHero said: "Regarding the switch over, as I understand it, only premium Paramount accounts could watch the CBS show on Paramount. Everybody else would have had to switch. It's not clear to me how the audience accounting works for watching broadcast tv on Paramount but in any event it is far to say that the Paramount numbers would not have accounted for the enormous differential."

It was particularly awkward for those of us on the West Coast. There was n

Broadway Stars in the Only Murders Building
 Sep 4 2021, 02:57:26 PM

Loving the Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez series on Hulu, "Only Murders in the Building."

I'm especially enjoying seeing the Broadway regulars like Jayne Houdyshell, Jackie Hoffman, Nathan Lane ..and Sting on the show.

Hamilton San Francisco
 Aug 8 2021, 02:25:50 PM

I believe it's the And Peggy tour.

What’s The Best Production/Cast Recording of Follies?
 Aug 1 2021, 03:15:51 PM

My choices would be:

1) 2011 Revival - A solid work with lots of additional dialog. Complete (for the show that was presented)
2) OBC (especially if you can get one of the magically remastered versions)
3) Papermill - For all the extra dropped and alternate songs. [Especially "Country House" and "Hyphenated Harriet"]
4) London OBC - For the failed "positive" version of the lyrics
5) In Concert

AND read "Anything Was

Pippin on The Tonight Show in 1972
 Jul 29 2021, 10:12:28 PM

BrodyFosse123 said: "I also remember him giving a similar push around that time about a singer he found (but not likely at the baths) Bette Midler.
Your memory is quite shoddy.

Perhaps my choice of terminology was more shoddy than my memory. I never meant to claim that he "discovered" her, merely that he came upon her and was taken by her.

I am duly impressed by your knowledge of Bette's early media exposure. 


Flying Over Sunset Tixs
 Jul 28 2021, 04:19:49 AM

mikem said: "MarkBearSF, you probably looked into this already, but I believe LCT extended memberships during the pandemic. So your membership might not have expired even if you didn't renew it. May be worth a phone call to them."

Thanks. The extension was for something like five months. 

...and I think was a victim of damn spellcheck. Or a typo. 

Flying Over Sunset Tixs
 Jul 26 2021, 04:17:38 PM

Is there any advantage/disadvantage of going through vs Telecharge to select and purchase tickets?

Unfortunately my subscription has lapsed, so I don't need to use their portal and TC is so damn flaky, I want to minimize problems next Monday.

Pippin on The Tonight Show in 1972
 Jul 23 2021, 08:58:59 PM

I remember seeing this episode. (I was a senior in HS and was now allowed to stay up as late as I wanted). I recall that Johnny was very taken with Pippin and promoted it on his show. Especially in comparison with HAIR, which he hated.

I can't recall another situation where he showcased a single show before or since. It made me especially excited to see the original production on our high school trip over Spring Break the following April. 

I also remember h

Flying Over Sunset
 Jul 22 2021, 08:38:45 PM

Dammit - I was a subscriber for 8 years and forgot to renew last fall (or expected it to extend a year, I forget) Now enrollment is closed. 

Fingers crossed for Aug 2. Do I recall that tix normally go on sale 10 AM Eastern Time?

Washington Post on Broadway's Return
 Jul 15 2021, 09:44:28 PM

(Duplicate post)

Washington Post on Broadway's Return
 Jul 15 2021, 09:44:25 PM

I'm hoping for a nice assortment of shows for our upcoming trips. Both before cruises (actually crossings) in December and April. I have three spots for December, two of which are currently filled with Six and Company (holding the third for Flying Over Sunset). In late April, we'll have six or seven slots (depending if there is an 8:00 curtain on that Tuesday). I have tickets for Music Man (and Company, which I bought before they announced their new opening date. We love the show and

 Jul 6 2021, 12:43:23 PM
YAY! I notice there are front row seats available.

What is the front row at the Jacobs like? Specifically, is there leg room or are the seats pushed up tight against the pit?

 Jun 10 2021, 10:00:11 PM

Does CSC usually do Wednesday matinees?  ...and any guesses how long they book their Sondheim shows?
We've got an open Wednesday for an upcoming trip in late Nov/early Dec. One definite for that day is Flying Over Sunset, which in general, we'd rather see in the evening, but if Assassins is running on that date and if they don't do matinees, I'll get a 2:00 ticket for FOS.


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