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Unpopular Ratings. Share Your Opinions Respectfully Please.  Apr 13 2024, 10:51:48 AM

I recently saw a regional production of Little Shop (in my subscription). It is about the fourth time I have seen it since it originally saw it.  As with the other three times (the last being probably 15 years, also on subscription), I absolutely hated it.  There will never be a fifth time.  I just don’t get it.


Disney Opening a new show at the New Amsterdam this September?  Apr 10 2024, 05:34:35 PM

From prior readings on this board, I got the impression that Hercules is not the type of show to play the NA theater, and that it would be better suited to a more intimate theater.  Did I misunderstand those posts?

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 4/7/24  Apr 10 2024, 03:15:49 PM

QueenAlice said: "Jarethan - If the production sold a substantial amount of tickets last week at $50 and their average ticket price is the same as other shows offering (much less) of a discount, that would indicate that the other tickets sold were for substaintially more money. We will know more in the coming weeks about how the show is doing at the box office without a one time flash sale offer."

Good point.  Be interesting to see.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 4/7/24  Apr 10 2024, 11:51:02 AM

QueenAlice said: "Jarethan said: "Broadway Flash said: "It was their first week of performances, Gatsby will get even stronger"

Those average prices were in holiday weeks. The only way those average prices are going up are: (a) if it gets spectacular reviews and /or (b) it somehow defies the odds and catches on in a huge way with some sizable demographic, a la SIX.

Gatsby did a promotion for $50 tickets for (I believe) the

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 4/7/24  Apr 9 2024, 04:35:31 PM

Broadway Flash said: "It was their first week of performances, Gatsby will get even stronger"

Those average prices were in holiday weeks.  The only way those average prices are going up are: (a) if it gets spectacular reviews and / or (b) it somehow defies the odds and catches on in a huge way with some sizable demographic, a la SIX.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 4/7/24  Apr 9 2024, 03:34:07 PM

A question.  Even with DR out of Merrily, it sold out and had the fourth highest average ticket price.  I am still assuming that it will win Tony awards for Revival, Director, Actor and Supporting Actor at a minimum.  I doubt that LM will win, based on her attendance track record.  Coming fresh off of multiple Tony awards and (presumably) an entirely sold out run, doesn't it make sense to announce an extension around now.  i would imagine that there is a

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 4/7/24  Apr 9 2024, 03:13:28 PM

Broadway Flash said: "I hope heart of rock and roll can find its audience. Theres no reason it shouldn’t appeal to bridge and tunnel. THE GREAT GATSBY is set to be a long runner. Good for them"


At an average ticket price of $108, there is no way that it is set to be a long runner.  The only way it becomes a long-runner is if it gets great reviews.  The fans of the two stars will have run their course fairly early in the run.

Quick London Question: Player Kings (Ian McKellen) or London Tide  Apr 8 2024, 10:09:31 PM

How many more times are you going to have the opportunity to see Ian McKellen live on stage, and in a play that you like?  That would be a serious consideration for me.

Likelihood of Expanded Nominations  Apr 6 2024, 12:51:46 PM

Mr. Wormwood said: "quizking101 said: "aside from CABARET, I can’t think of any other show that would be a nominations runaway."

Merrily We Roll Along says hi

I was assuming he was figuring that Merrily would not get any technical nominations, whereas Cabaret would get nominated for them all.

THE GREAT GATSBY Broadway Previews  Apr 6 2024, 11:53:41 AM

Since they are not selling all of the seats in the rear mezzanine, are they hiding all the empty seats with a curtain or just showing how many more seats can be sold if it becomes a hit?

Likelihood of Expanded Nominations  Apr 6 2024, 11:49:46 AM

Wouldn’t the fact that most of the musicals so far have either flopped and closed, or gotten very mixed reviews, be a factor?  Seems to me that there has been no musical so far that would have been even nominated for musical in a strong year.  Even HLL, which probably got the best reviews so far for ‘new’ musicals, closed so long ago that in a strong season it probably would have been forgotten.

based on feedback from this board and past reviews, I am not ex

Welch’s GATSBY to premiere in 2024  Apr 6 2024, 11:41:16 AM

Broadway Flash said: "I don’t see this coming to ny any time in the near future. Especially now that the other Gatsby is a hit, will be nominated for Best Musical and perform at the Tony’s, and will most likely be running for a while, the pressure is probably off on chavkin to just do a production with little expectation that this is going anywhere anytime soon. I could see this taking the Lempicka route with multiple out of towns and then broadway maybe in a decade or so

SUNSET BLVD to transfer to Broadway  Apr 6 2024, 11:39:15 AM

binau said: "Whoever is in the audience for Nicole’s ‘With One Look’ is in for a treat. BROADWAY HISTORY WILL BE MADE WITH THE DEBUT OUR NEXT NEXT (:p) TONY BEST ACTRESS WINNER (and double Olivier award for the same performance no doubt)."

How would she get a double Olivier award.  Is there some all-encompassing award as well??

Who has had the most 1000 show runs on Broadway?  Apr 4 2024, 04:37:42 PM

Penna2 said: "The first composers that came to mind were Rodgers and Hammerstein. Rodgers worked alone as well as with Lorenz Hart. Hammerstein worked with Jerome Kern. I would imagine lumping all those combined would easily top the chart. Also, I'm not sure how many shows he wrote and were produced but Cole Porter might be a contender."

Musicals didn’t run that long in Porter’s heyday.  KISS Me Kate is it.

Howard Prince had Cabaret, Evita

Who Deserves the Next Lifetime Achievement Tony Award?  Mar 31 2024, 08:15:37 PM

Broadway61004 said: "Tom Stoppard should be in consideration as well. Only author to write 5 Tony-winning Best Plays (in 5 different decades nonetheless over the span of almost 60 years, showing his longevity). Plus his other works and countless revivals of them. Clearly someone who's earned a lifetime achievement recognition."

I didn’t think of him since I don’t actually enjoy most of his plays, but this clearly makes sense.   To me, he moves to

Who Deserves the Next Lifetime Achievement Tony Award?  Mar 31 2024, 11:02:58 AM

Begs the question: is this a lifetime achievement for Broadway?  If so, does four shows constitute enough of a portfolio for a lifetime achievement award.

i love Maggie Smith, and have seen her in more productions in London than NYC. 

Who Deserves the Next Lifetime Achievement Tony Award?  Mar 30 2024, 06:20:02 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Des McAnuff? I don’t feel like his work on the Tommy revival will earn him a nomination, but he hasn’t won a tony award(as a director) since the original Tommy. It would be a nice “full circle” moment if you will."

You don’t give a lifetime achievement award because he can’t get nominated for a Tony.   He has had more than his share of terrible shows on Broadway that he directed: Guys and Dolls got so

THE WHO’S TOMMY Opening Night Critics’ Reviews  Mar 28 2024, 10:54:24 PM

quizking101 said: "PipingHotPiccolo said: "Four stars from the NYPost in a rave review. I dont remember that bitter critic liking anything before."

He never likes anything, so this review I put quite a bit of stock in.

These reviews definitely give TOMMY a darkhorse in the revival race. With all the others opened except The Wiz (and that got mild reviews at best on tour), it could potentially beat CABARET or MERRILY

Not gonna

Next musical revivals in the coming years  Mar 27 2024, 10:07:20 PM
  • Show Boat will be 100 years old in 2026, I believe.  Seems pretty warranted.
  • Mame is the show I want to see the most, if they can find a great lead.
  • I am always ready for Follies, but I will probably never be satisfied with any production that is not as good as the original.
  • Dreamgirls and Nine, from the same season..
  • Will never happen, but I would love to see Hallelujah! Baby and a scaled down The Happy Time, both from the same season.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 3/24/24  Mar 26 2024, 04:37:44 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Those who dislike days of wine and roses are the ones who laugh at every stupid bit in Spamalot. They want confetti."

Not true.  I have not seen it -- zero interest -- but the people who I know who have seen it thought it was a total bore and they didn't even like the music a spec.  One friend, who attends most shows every season wondered how the actors learned how to sign the songs, since they were so abysmal.  I am not sayin

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