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City Centers 24-25: Ragtime, Urinetown, LaChiusa's Wild Party, Love Life
 May 14 2024, 01:30:25 PM

Oh Sheryl Lee Ralph is just INSPIRED. I would love to see that.

I could not be more excited for this production.

 Feb 27 2024, 10:44:27 PM

I'll never understand folks being able to sit through a 2 hour movie but not a 2 hour play (in terms of bathroom and food breaks... not including those with disabilities etc etc). Don't have 6 cocktails before the first act, and a 5 minute stretch is more than enough to get me through the next 30-60 min of a play.

DOUBT 2024 Previews
 Feb 19 2024, 04:57:03 PM

Thanks for explaining Kad. Not my experience with the movie but interesting nonetheless.


And I have to laugh at BroadwayNYC2's opinion of "no need to revisit" in a thread about Doubt when there's a thread going on right now about Fish's Oklahoma for the umpteenth time XD

DOUBT 2024 Previews
 Feb 18 2024, 09:10:08 PM

You think PSH read as "guilty without even trying"?? I disagree. I think Denis OHare would fall into that category but I'd pay good money to see it.

NY City Center Encores 2024 season: ONCE UPON A MATTRESS with Sutton Foster (adapted by Amy Sherman-Palladino), JELLY'S LAST JAM, and TITANIC
 Feb 1 2024, 09:03:18 PM

Already have my tickets and I'm really excited to finally hear one of my favorite scores live... that being said, are there some odd choices here? at least, not like "oh duh, they would be perfect!" Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to see it and this cast will be phenom, but just... it seems some are playing out of type?

Desert Island Discs, Broadway edition
 Jan 10 2024, 03:54:14 PM

Man on man this is damn near impossible... lets see...

I started with a list of about 40 and finally narrowed it down


Look at Me, from The Witches of Eastwick

Capricious and Fickle, from Promenade

Twenty Million People, from My Favorite Year

The Desert, from Giant (LaChiusa)

Tunnel of Love, from Side Show

Always Better, from The B

Cross Sex Casting
 Dec 12 2023, 05:45:06 PM

Ok last one -- Lea Delaria in Rocky Horror playing Eddie and Dr. Scott. 

Cross Sex Casting
 Dec 12 2023, 05:41:46 PM

A few more came to mind --

The late 90s revival of Grease we saw Darlene Love, Mary Bond Davis, and Jennifer Holiday as the Teen Angel singing Beauty School Dropout.

Rosie O'Donnell and Cathy Rigby played the Cat in the Hat in Seussical after the role being originated by a man.

Melissa Etheridge played St. Jimmy in American Idiot.

Also the role of Papa Ge in the Once on This Island revival was cast as a woman instead of the traditional man - though a man did al

Cross Sex Casting
 Dec 12 2023, 01:27:47 PM

In 2011, Brian Bedford directed (and starred as) Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest.

LCT's UNCLE VANYA will star Steve Carell, Alison Pill, William Jackson Harper, Alfred Molina and Anika Noni Rose
 Dec 8 2023, 12:10:05 PM

I'm shocked at how easy it was to get tickets to this. Two tickets (thanks LincTix!), third row. I can't wait.

Gavin Creel's WALK ON THROUGH at MCC Theater
 Dec 2 2023, 01:18:12 PM

Had tickets for this afternoon... am pretty devastated to miss this one.

THE GARDENS OF ANUNCIA: Michael John LaChiusa musical based on the life of Graciela Daniele will play LCT's Newhouse in Fall 2023 w/ Priscilla Lopez, Mary Testa, Andréa Burns, Eden Espinosa
 Dec 1 2023, 12:37:40 PM

Oof... I am very happy I only spent $30 on my ticket for this one.

Let me start by saying that I am a HUGE LaChiusa fan. I love almost every single one of his other shows, but this was just a huge miss for me. 

MUSIC: I feel I may return to this show should it get a recording. With only one listen, it was difficult to "enjoy" but I also find this to be the case with most LaChiusa musicals. However, the orchestrations and band were exquisite. Sounded VERY full. I&#

Here We Are 1 ticket Sat Nov 18 @ 1:00
 Nov 23 2023, 08:47:55 PM

Any word on absences / cast missing performances - planned or unplanned?

Seeing it next Friday and would be devastated not to see Denis OHare, Rachel Bay Jones, and David Hyde Pierce...

Titanic - Fathom Events
 Nov 9 2023, 01:48:28 PM

Unfortunately, the "addressing the audience" bit at the end is always how it's done... and i hate it EVERY time. It's so jarring. I can't believe they couldn't find a better way to end the show than with a history lesson being told to us... ah well.

Titanic - Fathom Events
 Nov 9 2023, 11:02:08 AM

i COMPLETELY forgot about that absolutly haunting melody in "Wake Up Wake Up"... now that you mention it, I missed it too.


Had no idea the Murdoch Suicide myth... yes it now cheapens that effect quite a bit.

Titanic - Fathom Events
 Nov 8 2023, 10:05:46 PM

I didn't see a thread on this - apologies if I missed it.


Just got home from the "filmed live" version of Titanic and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. I was actually surprised to see how many changes they made to the show from the original!! It made me very excited for Encores next year.


For those curious, the changes:

  • Ismay now sings the opener "In Every Age". 
    • I found this to be less effective - especially as he
 Sep 25 2023, 08:38:22 PM

I'm too lazy to google, but didn't she play the same role too???

Walk On Through at MCC starring Gavin Creel
 Sep 20 2023, 06:43:44 PM

Reluctantly bought tickets for this for my trip... however if I was still living in the city I absolutely would not have bought full price, and wouldve tried for rush. Quite pricey (directly contradicting what I'm saying - kind of - in the Here We Are thread, but whatever haha)

Curtain Call Encores?
 Sep 17 2023, 04:29:07 PM

I'm currently in a rabbit hole of the post-Curtain Call encores the cast of The Color Purple did.

I Won't Complain for Heather Headley's last performance

Purple Rain to honor Prince's passing

Total Praise on closing night

That's What Friends Are For for Jennifer Hudson's last performance


First of all, are there other examples of the star, much less the entire company performing some sort of encore after the curtain call?

Sondheim's Final Musical HERE WE ARE will premiere at The Shed this fall (No, really!)
 Sep 16 2023, 02:34:12 PM

JasonC3 said: LOL.  As if "a Sondheim show" has historically sustained a higher ticket price because of his name.


I mean, this is the final show of his. Doesn't that put it at a premium? I could see us getting Sondheim "trunk song" revues or musicals... but I would doubt we will ever get a "through line" musical by Sondheim.

To me, that's worth an extra hundred bucks. But hey - c'est la vie.

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