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Feedback on Funny Girl National Tour
 Feb 24 2024, 05:09:42 PM

Katerina McCrimmon is delightful. I really enjoyed watching this. Judging from the audience I was with, they seemed to enjoy it as well. 

FROZEN Pro-shot
 Feb 5 2024, 08:36:57 AM

Theatre Fan3 said: "Proshot of Frozen The Musical reportedly set for Disney+"

This actually makes a lot of sense and if it's true, I'm glad it's the superior West End version. 

Wonka really is a musical!
 Dec 18 2023, 09:25:53 AM

I remember being so shocked at the opening of La La Land. I knew there were dance sequences, but did not expect an actual musical at all. I was pleasantly surprised.

Frozen Tour
 Dec 14 2023, 10:42:22 PM

Just saw Frozen in Detroit. I also saw it when the tour opened in LA and have seen it on Broadway. 

It seems like they're already starting to remove some effects.

Some things I noticed:

  • No ice spikes when Elsa accidentally reveals her powers at the coronation (just fog and light)
  • No "Orlando" pop-up during "Summer" (replaced with postscard on screen)
  • The crystals in Elsa's castle seem smaller - or at least less grand.&n
The Lion King to open a new sit down production in Toronto!
 Nov 22 2023, 01:10:00 PM

If Shanghai is any indication, which I believe was the last sit down production staged, it will be closer to the tour version with the sliding Pride Rock rather than from below the stage. 

COMPANY Revival On Tour - News & Discussion Thread
 Oct 19 2023, 07:03:00 AM

n2nbaby said: "Got out of the first performance a bit ago. I personally think that this revival is one of the best productions I’ve ever seen, so I was super excited to see it again (for the fifth time).
As I said above, the set is almost entirely the same as it was on Broadway and the automation went off without a hitch. The only thing that was cut was anything that came through the floor (like the Alice in Wonderland bit). This stuff comes from the ceiling now. There is

The non-Equity Hairspray tour uses Jack O'Brien's original direction and Jerry Mitchell's choreography.
 Aug 26 2023, 09:01:19 AM

bk said: "I have never seen a single production of this show that didn't use the original direction and choreography."

The Royal Caribbean production has a similar style to the original, but is all-new choreography/staging. 

Notebook Musical coming to Broadway
 Aug 6 2023, 09:54:30 PM

John Cardoza just announced he’s leaving the Moulin Rouge tour after this stop in DC. Seems likely he’ll be rejoining Notebook.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 7/30/23
 Aug 1 2023, 01:45:38 PM

The Lion King... just wow!

NY, NY may be on its way but to closing-NY Post
 Jul 31 2023, 07:55:14 AM

I feel this show would’ve done better in the New York, New York hotel in Las Vegas as a 90-minute one act production/ad for NY. 

I can see why people can find Colton’s character polarizing. But I must say I was actually very intrigued by his performance. It’s one that seems almost impossible to replicate and was just so different that I really enjoyed it. I know I would’ve hated seeing an understudy because this role is written so blandly. So Colton’s

Aladdin tour
 Jul 26 2023, 02:32:15 PM

I felt exactly the same way when I saw this most recent tour. I sat in the front, so I saw that most of the set has been replaced with printed on sheets, and boy were they wrinkly. They also blew every time someone moved by them. The Cave of Wonders set looked really sad like this. I remember being so amazed at how big, shiny and gold the original tour set was. 

I was also disappointed when I could clearly see the carpet being flown by mechanical arm. The lack of star lights is pr

& Juliet Movie?
 Jun 17 2023, 01:53:21 PM

Theatrefanboy1 said: "With TImothee Chalamet or Austin butler as Romeo. Anne Hathaway as Anne Hathaway (not that Anne Hathaway). Zac efron as Shakespeare queen Latina h as the maid. Lea Michele as Juliet."

I kind of love this. Throwing in Hugh Jackman as Shakespeare.

 May 16 2023, 06:20:16 PM

I loved this tour. I'm not a super Les Mis fan so I can't pick out the differences, but I'll echo others in that the performances are very powerful. Cartell and Boyd are fabulous and worth the watch. 


Walking Out at Intermission - The Thread
 May 15 2023, 07:11:56 AM

I was thiiiiiiiiis close to leaving New York, New York at intermission. 

It just felt like it was vignette after vignette, and wasn’t sure if there was really going to be a plot or if any of these characters would matter in the end. It also felt like they kept teasing the title song to keep reminding you “stick around and you’ll hear it!” I have never contemplated leaving a show at intermission as much as this one. 

But I’m glad I stay

SOME LIKE IT HOT To Launch National Tour Fall 2024
 May 8 2023, 05:51:52 PM

It’s funny, I was watching the matinee yesterday thinking I could see this touring, but I’m worried how much they would scale down the set. I like the way that it’s currently built but if they scale it down the way they have other tours, I’m scared it would look cheap. I hope I’m wrong. But very excited the country will be able to see this. 

New Look for BroadwayWorld!
 May 4 2023, 08:09:40 AM

I love the clean font! I am on the site mostly for the message board (and now mostly lurking the boards through my phone) and I think the only thing I don't like is how much space is between each subject line now on the mobile version. It was nice to just quickly glance at a bunch of subject lines at the same time, but as others have said, I probably just need to get used to it. 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 4/30/23
 May 3 2023, 07:07:24 PM

RippedMan said: "Agreed. I hated the Bway show when I saw it, but then I saw the tour and it all clicked. Lev is a great Hermes and sings the crap out of it. I get Andre Shields had his appeal, but Levi really worked for me. And the two leads were fantastic. Look forward to seeing it again on tour."

Agreed. I like Reeve but remember feeling underwhelmed after watching it on Broadway. The tour truly made me a fan of the show. Nicholas Barasch was perfectly cast, as wa

R&H Oklahoma Revival Tour
 Apr 5 2023, 01:16:37 PM

Same thing happened in Detroit. They already ended up canceling the week-long run and shortening it to just Friday to Sunday. Granted, it was at the Fox Theatre which is a 5,000-seat barn.

But even at the two shows I went to, people were visibly shaken by what they were seeing on stage. I absolutely adored this production but I knew what I was getting into. It made me wish that I saw it in CITS.

It probably had the same problem that Once on this Island on tour had. It seemed lik

BAD CINDERELLA On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread
 Mar 23 2023, 06:04:42 PM

I know a lot of people have complained about the set looking cheap, but from a lot of what I’ve seen it looks pretty good? Does it just picture better than it looks in real life?

Freestyle Love Supreme closing early in Vegas
 Jan 6 2023, 09:57:22 AM

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, after just opening on November 10th and scheduled to run through April 2023, the show will cut its run short at the Venetian to only January 29. 

Lin Manuel Miranda still set to appear in the show next week.

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