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Maybe Happy Ending at the Alliance Theatre  Apr 12 2024, 11:35:42 PM

He could be playing the role that dez duron played in Atlanta 

The Avett Brothers’ SWEPT AWAY musical at Arena Stage  Feb 22 2024, 05:15:51 PM

New Article in Variety: "Shipwrecks, Cannibalism and the Avett Brothers: Why ‘Swept Away’s’ Next Stop Could Be Broadway"


Notable quote: "The producers of “Swept Away” are trying to keep things lean, aiming for a capitalization of $12 million, much lower than the nearly $20 million that many musicals cost to put on these days."

Next to close?  Jan 22 2024, 07:11:29 PM

From what I hear, the earliest Swept Away would transfer is the fall

The Avett Brothers’ SWEPT AWAY musical at Arena Stage  Dec 16 2023, 09:08:53 PM

DC set transition in detail below.

Click Here To Toggle Spoiler Content

At the end of "Murder in the City", choreography indicates the ship beginning to rock violently as actors slide and

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/7/23  May 9 2023, 06:02:12 PM

For the person who asked "How can there be 48 shows in 41 theatres". There were 34 Broadway shows running last week.

Islander at Playhouse 46 @ St. Luke's  Apr 14 2022, 10:38:44 PM

I don't think any particular side has a better view but I'd say within each side being closer to the middle is preferable. The actors often stand at the corners of the stage so if you are on the aisle you'd be seeing their backs more than most. Also, it's an intimate production so the closer to the stage the better.

Islander at Playhouse 46 @ St. Luke's  Apr 14 2022, 10:29:01 PM

Islander at Playhouse 46 @ St. Luke's  Apr 14 2022, 10:28:55 PM

Islander at Playhouse 46 @ St. Luke's  Apr 14 2022, 10:28:50 PM

I just caught it! Thought is was thoroughly delightful. Loved the music, thought the two performers were outstanding, and the story was sweet. 

Islander (Off-Broadway) - Previews  Apr 14 2022, 10:25:54 PM

deleted to consolidate to thread made a few minutes ago

HARRY POTTER CURSED CHILD as 1 Part  Apr 14 2022, 10:01:44 AM

I agree with everything Dirty Rotten Scoundrel said. The Broadway version felt tremendously rushed and some of the cuts really stung (I particularly miss Hagrid's scene). Some of the "dance" scenes now feel more obviously filler, especially the one after Scorpius and Albus return from the lake, which is obviously there to buy time for drying off the actors. 

The voice the current Broadway Scorpius does is exceptionally grating. I've seen the show before and never

A.D. 16 Musical at the Olney Center  Feb 15 2022, 04:34:31 PM

I saw it in previews. I thought the music was good fun, even if some of the lyrics were a bit clunky. The lead actress was phenomenal. Some of the book and plot was a bit cringey but I heard they made revisions. 

ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME Pre-Broadway Tryout - Previews & Reviews  Dec 9 2021, 12:57:06 PM

Someday said: "Random question, but is anything in the show borderline inappropriate for a seven-year-old boy to see?

I’m thinking about taking my son, because he loves pop music and dancing, knows a handful of Britney songs, and would recognize all the fairy tales this is based on.

On the other hand the subtext, and sometimes actual text, of Britney’s songs can be pretty sexual. And he’s just too young for explicit stuff.

So what do

ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME Pre-Broadway Tryout - Previews & Reviews  Dec 8 2021, 10:41:08 PM

Just a plug to the DC theatregoers in this thread: Regardless of whether you see OUAOMT, I hope you check out "A Strange Loop" at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Co!!! It's an outstanding, original musical also having its pre-Broadway try out here.

ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME Pre-Broadway Tryout - Previews & Reviews  Dec 8 2021, 07:17:16 PM

Only remember a few of the most prominent songs context:

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"Hit Me Baby One More Time" is the Opening Number. Many lyrics are changed to quip on the setting of the play.

"Oops I did it again" is sung by the prince when snow white and cinderella learn he's two timing them.


ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME Pre-Broadway Tryout - Previews & Reviews  Dec 8 2021, 03:06:35 PM

Happy to give a rough plot sketch, based on my recollection. Also, for those who might be curious, Dec 17 is opening. 

Rough plot spoilers based on my falliable memory below.

Click Here To Toggle Spoiler Content

It's set in a world powered by stories where the characters must go reenact/relive their stories every time they are read in the re

ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME Pre-Broadway Tryout - Previews & Reviews  Dec 4 2021, 11:35:41 PM

I'm sorry to report that I just saw the show tonight (12/4) and had a very different impression than ClumsyDude15. Overall, I thought the show was a huge letdown. It just left me thinking of the many musicals that tread similar ground better. 

Set had all the charm of a corporate office building. They used some projections but the many bright spotlights washed them out. I wish they'd leaned into the fairytale setting and really gone out on the set!

Choreo was genera

Song Suggestions about self doubt?  Nov 1 2021, 07:28:23 PM

"I'm not that girl" from Wicked

"Breathe" and "inutil" from in the heights

THE LAST FIVE YEARS Actor-Musician Production on BroadwayHD  May 22 2021, 10:15:53 PM
A lot was lost in the recording - I saw the show live right before Covid shut things down and it was magical. Molly Lynch (and her understudy?) were out sick so they'd pulled in another actress who wasn't off book and couldn't do the piano pieces and yet I was still extremely impressed by the production!
CDC lifts mask/social distancing requirements for Vaccinated people.  May 14 2021, 01:24:53 PM
BroadwayRox3588 said: "

You must really disagree, to post it five times

I kid, I kid. I respect your viewpoint, and acknowledge the validity of it. I also definitely don't think the requirement should be permanent.

Sorry - no idea why it posted so many copies. I've no idea how to delete the repeats

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