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Actors Fund RAGTIME Concert Aiming For Early 2023
 Feb 11 2024, 12:14:00 AM

AMC too:

re: How do you file your cast album Cd's?
 Jun 25 2005, 11:03:29 AM
Cast recordings: A shelf for Les Miz; a shelf for other Boublil & Schoenberg shows; a shelf for Sondheim; a shelf for Lloyd Webber. Rest of the shelves alphabetically by show name.

Solo albums etc: alphabetically by artist surname.

re: The Official Poll: Webber or Sondheim...who is better?
 Jun 24 2005, 05:52:15 AM
Schoenberg & Boublil, Ahrens & Flaherty and Finn.

Seriously: I like them both - Sondheim is more influential, Lloyd Webber more accessible.

re: My Les Mis Obsession is Coming Back
 Jun 23 2005, 08:59:45 PM
I have a weird fondness for the Korean cast recording. Technically it's by far the worst of the lot, sounding at times like it was recorded - and edited! - using a Walkman. And some of the singers aren't quite up to their parts. OTOH I do like the Cosette (AIRC, it's been a while since I've dusted it off) and they all sing with great passion, which has always been a defining characteristic of a successful Les Miz IMO.

It's a shame not all productions bothered to release a recording. I h

re: My Les Mis Obsession is Coming Back
 Jun 23 2005, 01:25:51 AM
I already had the two 90s double CDs (though not the Kaho Shimada single released a little while earlier) so I got the four new ones - orange, light blue, purple and green. Plus the 3CD live Prague recording, plus the Mark Kramer Trio Jazz recording (already had the other Jazz Les Miz by the... DiBussi quartet or someone like that), plus a few *blush* karaoke CDs which I didn't have, including the complete 4CD set which I got for completeness sake even though the reviews on it are pretty awful.
re: My Les Mis Obsession is Coming Back
 Jun 23 2005, 12:13:51 AM
Mother's Younger Brother, thank you for the footlight link. Should I hold you responsible for the US$560+ charge that just went through on my credit card? ($500 of which are for Les Miz CDs!)

LOL .... *gulp*

re: Which 'Jesus Christ Superstar' CD is the best?
 Jun 22 2005, 11:35:52 PM
> you have to hear john as jesus ...

John Farnham's "Gethsemane" is my favourite rendition of this great song. And there've been many fantastic versions.

re: Which 'Jesus Christ Superstar' CD is the best?
 Jun 21 2005, 04:02:19 AM
I like the Australian concert cast for the arrangements and the vocals. (The New Zealand touring cast CD featured the same arrangements but the cast wasn't as high-powered.)

JCS: A Resurrection is also cool for a different experience.

I pretty much like all of the ones I've heard, with the exception of the Paul Nicholas 20th anniversary one...

re: My Les Mis Obsession is Coming Back
 Jun 21 2005, 03:32:04 AM
Can I ask where people got the purple Japanese CD? I've e-mailed Toho Company in Japan but they tell me that they only ship locally.

Also, there appear to be three other new (ie 2003) releases of the show - one with an orange sleeve, a green one and a light blue one to go with the purple and older red and dark blue ones...

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