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West Side Story World Tour and other international tours
 Mar 12 2024, 01:52:02 PM

How does the West Side Story world tour do the show in multiple countries where they speak languages other than English? Do they sing the show in English and display German supertitles and then use French supertitles when they move the tour to France? Do they focus on countries with a lot of English-speakers? I know that they'll often translate lyrics and sing them in the language of a country if they're doing, say, Hamilton specifically in Germany. But I would imagine that an interna

Next to close?
 Dec 26 2023, 10:31:48 PM

Could Kimberly and How To Dance be kept alive thanks to small budgets? I don’t think the same could be said for Harmony.

HARMONY On Broadway - Opening Night Reviews
 Nov 14 2023, 09:05:08 AM

Based on Jesse Green’s other reviews, sometimes I wonder: is that a requirement of having the job as the NY Times theater critic, be as cruel as possible because it sells more newspapers? Or is that just Jesse?

HARMONY previews
 Nov 7 2023, 10:24:24 PM

Dang, these grosses are low! I haven’t seen it so I don’t have an opinion on it, but they’d better start pulling in more money fast if they want to keep this going.

Wearing a costume to Wicked?
 Oct 26 2023, 11:15:16 AM

Impeach2017 said: "I wouldn't. Children don't like to be singled out as somehow different in a situation. It might be traumatizing for the child and also uncomfortable for a whole performance."

But it sounds like her son wants to. It also sounds like it was her son's idea.

Wearing a costume to Wicked?
 Oct 26 2023, 11:14:31 AM

I'd say 100% go for it. If it's the day before Halloween and it's Wicked we're talking about here, I wouldn't be surprised if your son isn't the only audience member in costume. wink

Movie Adaptions that Got Stuck Out-of-Town
 Oct 4 2023, 06:49:43 AM

Little Miss Sunshine off-Broadway and off-West End

Who could replace Josh Groban?
 Sep 30 2023, 10:56:35 PM

After seeing him as Javert, I’m throwing his name out there: Will Swenson?

Who could replace Josh Groban?
 Sep 30 2023, 10:55:27 PM

Could Ramin Karimloo do it? Or is he booked to do Chess? Or is his voice type too high?

NYT: The Loss of Subscribers Who Went to Everything
 Aug 30 2023, 08:32:42 PM

It could also be partly because millennials are struggling to afford healthcare, housing, student debt repayment, etc.

SWEENEY TODD (2023) Broadway Revival Cast Recording Thread
 Aug 4 2023, 05:53:03 PM

I don't know anything about making music. I just like Broadway shows. And I'm curious: Josh said that they needed the time to mix the album properly. And I do know that this is one of the best scores of all time. So is it likely that that's actually true and they needed time to perfect the mixing or is it more likely that they were caught up with music distribution rights litigation? I empathize with how difficult Spotify has made life for musicians. This delay feels similar to ho

BAD CINDERELLA On Broadway - Reviews & News Thread
 May 11 2023, 03:08:12 PM

Impeach2017 said: "Too bad. Now I won't have the pleasure of not seeing this."

Haha. Same!

Hercules and Paper Mill
 Mar 3 2023, 09:30:40 AM

I'm seeing Hercules on Saturday. I have a question about the Paper Mill Playhouse that some people here might know. If an actor tends to do New York theater and lives in a place from which they can get into Manhattan (5 boroughs, Westchester or Long Island suburbs if they have kids or the rent is high), and then they get cast in a production at Paper Mill, are they expected to commute to Paper Mill on their own or are they given temporary housing in New Jersey? Just curious.

 Dec 8 2022, 09:17:01 PM

Bill Snibson said: "After this and the Macy's Parade performance I think I have seen all I need to see of "A Beautiful Noise". YIKES!"

Me watching the GMA performance:

Will: Where it began, I can’t begin to know where.

Me: What’s the problem?

Will: Spring became the summer

Me: Ok, the facial expressions are a little weird, but it’s not that bad. What are people compl—

Will: Touching hands

Flying Over Sunset - Previews Thread
 Dec 11 2021, 06:38:46 PM

Sauja said: "You’re forgetting that Nehal Joshi isn’t white.

As to the show, I don’t think it all works, but it’s incredibly ambitious, and so even when it didn’t quite land, I loved watching it try. Give me 100 more like this rather than another Doubtfire any day.

I agree 1000% that original is so much better than a cash grab. But that's also why it felt like such a let down. I was half asleep. lol. I did not

Flying Over Sunset - Previews Thread
 Dec 11 2021, 05:58:29 PM

JaglinSays said: "Are there any actors of color in the production?

The absence of Bipoc characters seems out of step with the times.


1 actor of color out of 15 white actors. The one actor of color, Kanisha Marie Feliciano, replaced the white actor Erika Henningsen who played the role before the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020. I've never seen tokenism that blatant in my life, which is saying something for theater. Normally I'

Flying Over Sunset - Previews Thread
 Dec 11 2021, 05:46:11 PM

I just saw this in its second to last preview. TERRIBLE. I'm actually surprised because I thought that if Broadway would stage a play that was not based on known source material, then it would have to be amazing, like Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, and Hadestown. But nope. No plot. Zero stakes. Some people liked the music and the set design. I disliked both. For $200 and a stage that does productions as lavish as Lincoln Center, there is no reason to use a digital screen for the backdrop. It

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